The Tide is Turning?

The Tide is Turning – Scottish independence supporters have turned on the SNP after the party’s Commons leader Ian Blackford admitted a referendum might not happen next year.(Express)

Has the tide turned for Britnat SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon? Maybe maybe not but there has certainly been a backlash following SNP Westminster Leader (lol) Blah Blah Blackfords intervention at the weekend implying that there will not be a referendum on Scottish Independence in 2023. Journalist Ruth Wishart, (Nicola’s bestie) said “The ‘timely manner’ for another referendum was the aftermath of the Brexit vote. I got making COVID a priority, but Scotland can do nothing of substance to help Ukraine while subservient to W’minster. And did I miss the public consultation on heads of State @Ianblackford_MP”.

TV presenter Cameron McNeish, “Ach forget it. Doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime. The Ukraine situation could last for years and then I’m sure something else will crop up. The will just isn’t there and I wish @TheSNP would just admit it. “Promise after promise, mandate after mandate. Can’t have a ref because of Brexit. Can’t have a ref because of Covid. Can’t have a ref because of Ukraine. What’s next?”

There has been some backlash on social media from SNP members and supporters, Daniel
@Daniel10106193 @PhantomPower14 If true, and #indyref2 is not announced by 2023, I’m afraid the SNP will suffer at the polls. I like many others vote for them solely for #ScottishIndependence It’s their job to protect us from WM rule. If they can’t deliver. Another pro-indy party will. Let’s hope they deliver.

JustMeEdinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿@justmeedinburghReplying to @PhantomPower14I always thought the sceptics were just being pessimistic. But sure, the SNP are not up for independence.

derek kavanagh If there is the slightest modicum of truth in this story my membership card will be cut up and the DD canceled.

Maybe not but she will use any excuse,  last week SNP members were accused of using the Ukraine crisis as being similar to the fight for Scottish independence, Nicola Sturgeon denied this explicitly but it appears she is happy to use the crisis to delay any action on getting Scotland out of this union.

Scott Egner commented on this blog yesterday “But now really IS the time. An opportunity for no10 to demonstrate to the Russians and the world how consensual democracy works – by consenting to a section 30. How embarrassing would it be when Boris is lecturing us on the importance of sovereignty in Ukraine only to deny it on his own patch?
And if Nicola can’t send a letter to Downing Street requesting a section 30, then it really is time to gather outside Bute House and the ‘scottish’ parliament in peaceful demonstration. How embarrassing would it be for Nicola if she started getting folk arrested after commenting on the very brave protests in Moscow”.

Scott isn’t wrong is he, now is the very time to be demanding a referendum, no matter how much I am now against this strategy. The tide may well be turning a little, it maybe won’t make a difference to unionist Sturgeon but perception is everything in politics some days.

The SNP are a unionist party now end of  I really do hope that the tide is starting to turn. Scotland has suffered poor governance for long enough, Scotland has suffered this union long enough and Scotland has suffered Sturgeon and Blackford long enough, it’s time to make a change of focus.

If Sturgeon doesn’t move on independence in the next few weeks then the fight is not independence, the fight is to remove Sturgeon.

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18 Responses to The Tide is Turning?

  1. Alastair Wright says:

    Last time we had an independence referendum Ukraine was at war, with the same guy too.

  2. duncanio says:

    I did notice quite a change in the comments section of The National – a number of the usual SNP defenders were up in arms over the Blackford’s bullsh!t.

    So maybe, just maybe, the light is getting in.

    Whilst I have thought for some time that “the fight is to remove Sturgeon” I don’t think she will actually be toppled or forced to resign unless the truth about the plot against Salmond is revealed. That needs to be out in the open and somehow the information that is there, if you look, needs to be placed in the public domain.

    Only then can there be a unification of true supporters of the restoration of Scotland’s statehood when, like Bruce after he first had to conquer his enemies within Scotland, can we turn our full attention to dealing with the British in England.

    • Duncanio

      The tide is turning I think, ever so slowly, but it is there. I have heard that the SNP are losing members week on week now. Sturgeon is on borrowed time, she doesn’t deliver her so called referendum next year and it’s over for her I would imagine and it can’t come quick enough. She is not only destroying the indy cause but her record in government is shocking and Scotland is a mess right now. They have been in power far too long and we need to answer the question one way or the other so we can move on.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. panda paws says:

    “I’m afraid the SNP will suffer at the polls. I like many others vote for them solely for #ScottishIndependence”

    Well you certainly wouldn’t be voting for them due to their competence in government since 2014 would you. I wish that people would see through them, however it took decades for people to see through Labour’s lies – home rule and abolish the HoLs.

    I don’t want a referendum in 2023 anyway. With the current compromised leadership, there isn’t a hope in hell of Yes winning.

    • PP

      I don’t think the SNP will get anything like the time British Labour got. Sturgeon doesn’t deliver at the very latest next year she is over and the SNP will be over. I think people have had enough in many cases and most lend their votes to the SNP and as you said their governance is poor to shocking and the state of Scotland can’t be ignored much longer.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Dave says:

    Let’s see Alba make the next WM GE a plebiscite and watch the New SNP fight against it. That should open a few eyes although there’ll still be a hard core of disciples who’d find an excuse for The Sturgeonator booting the sh*t out of a guide dog puppy on live TV.

    Do you really want a referendum with this shower of intellectual lightweights and nobodies “fighting” our corner in the full knowledge that the gravy train is in danger of being derailed? I don’t. That really would be it for several lifetimes.

    • Dave

      I think Alba will do that or the members will pass a motion at conference to that effect and the SNP would never go for it, according to the likes of Wishart it is not democratic lol. I would rather not have a referendum as we will lose to be honest and that would also suit the leadership of the SNP who are now mainly unionists.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. 100%Yes says:

    Lisley Riddock
    Val Mcdermid
    The National
    The SNP Membership
    The Leadership in the SNP
    I don’t listen to any of the above, why would I, they have all been proven wrong time and time again.
    I’m sure people on here can add to the list.
    I think its unthinkable to use the war in Ukraine to deny the Scots a simple Ref when its been promised year after year and would be conducted in peace, it shows the SNP and Blackford has no shame.
    The simple truth is the New SNP has no legal means to hold a REF without the UK consent (Gold Standard) and are not prepared to take an alternative route like the Alba Party is, Sturgeon was on SKY in Jan 2022 saying she would introduce the Bill on a Ref in a couple of weeks its now March and still no bill, says it all really.
    The Yes movement has went from being positive to completely negative under Sturgeon leadership with no direction in which to travel and you still have the glaikit agreeing that any Ref should wait until the war in Ukraine is finished.

    • 100%

      I don’t read WGD, VM, but I do listen to some of the others to keep up to date and it is all so depressing. Independence only happens if we take it not by agreement with the most deceitful political system known to the world. Alba / ISP are our best hope but I just don’t expect to see indy in my life time anymore and a referendum is not happening unless it is a fixed one by Westminster so it ain’t happening. I just want to expose the SNP for what they are now and hammer them at every opportunity for their betrayal of us all.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • twathater says:

      YES100% you are so bang on , I went on to indycar Gordon yesterday first time for a while and believe it or he was tepidly , tentatively outing the failed promises , even then there were still numties pushing the secret moves shit , and softly softly shit , i replied with reality but these apologists won’t listen

      • 100%Yes says:

        twathater, your right. Hence I never ever go onto his youtube. For me Independence should have happened yesterday under Sturgeon leadership and for anyone saying wait until the Sky stays blue isn’t for Independence no matter who they are.

  6. 100%Yes says:

    Here’s one for everyone, if Sturgeon or the SNP were genuine about a Ref then why haven’t the SNP leadership challenged the UKG and its PM on saying no to a Ref in 8yrs and they haven’t, says it all really.

  7. Lanark says:

    There will always be an excuse. Whether it is the pandemic, the recovery from the pandemic (that could be any non specific period of time), Ukraine or a new Disney release at the cinema.

    As long as the present leadership remain, the cause is lost.

  8. ngataki5 says:

    You are right Bruce, there is a chink of light, miniscule as it is. I have become quite despondent lately about my chances of seeing an independent Scotland. Being over 70 I’ve thought that the only chance of seeing it again was being poured out of an urn into my favourite loch. What makes it more frustrating is not being able to set foot back in Scotland to take part in any action as I’m married to an undesirable European, as I think I’ve mentioned before.
    I have always thought that within the SNP there were folk there who could be relied on to take control of the party like J. Cherry, A. Neil or P. Whitfield, but listening today to the Lesley Riddoch interview with Phillipa Whitfield defending the whole Westminster charade and reluctance to get started on an Indy campaign, gave me grave doubts. And of course there was no mention of GRA which I would have thought deserved a mention from a medical expert.
    What a bunch of traitors ,the lot of them.

    • NG

      I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, it’s usually my Wednesday morning walk listen and I do have a lot of time for Lesley Riddoch even though I don’t always agree with her. Like you I no longer expect to see Indy in my lifetime and have decided that I don’t care what people think I will challenge the SNP at every turn as what Sturgeon had done in creative basically a Britnat Party is a shameful betrayal of independence and of Scotland. I have no faith in any of them anymore to be honest.

      Thanks for commenting.


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