Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again – I’m not talking about the classic Whitesnake song but snakes do feature in this blog post, the snakes being the leadership of the Scottish National Party, or the new Unionist National Party of Scotland. Blah Blah Blackford, Westminster Leader of the SNP has said that –

A Scottish independence referendum should “take place in a timely manner” but the short-term focus must be on Ukraine, according to the Westminster leader of the SNP, hinting at a delay to plans to stage such a vote next year.

But he cautioned those wanting immediate progress on organising a second vote on independence to be “mindful of where we are” given events elsewhere in the world. 

The world hasn’t stopped has it, we are all getting up in the morning and going to work or doing the things we have to do irrespective of the horrible events in the Ukraine. Most of us can do more than one thing at a time, but NOT the leadership of the SNP, they apparently can’t do more than one thing at a time. You can bet your arse that if the Gender Reform Act was due to be debated today in Holyrood that debate would take place.

There is absolutely no reason what so ever that plans for a second referendum on independence cannot be progressed, that arguments cannot be developed, that evidence can not be in place, that publicity cannot be planned, there is no reason what so ever that work on independence need stop because of the crisis in the Ukraine.

At the beginning of February, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed “preparatory work is under way” to enable a second referendum to be held. However Blah Blah Blackford can only work on one thing at a time when he says that “the only thing I am focusing on today is Ukraine”. How does the man manage to get dressed in the morning, it must be all so confusing for him, you know doing two things at the same time must really tire him out both physically and mentally.

I am so sick of the Unionist Party of Scotland now

How many mandates? How many times are the sheeple willing to be marched up the hill again and again and again? The events in the Ukraine are heartbreaking, none of us with a brain believe that is not the case, but let’s be honest here. The leadership of the SNP will grasp at every opportunity to delay or stop working on independence.

This party are a disgrace to the independence movement, Sturgeon has slowly but surely turned the party into a British Unionist Party with a touch of devolution and I don’t care what anyone says anymore, there is no defending the likes of Sturgeon, Blah Blah Blackford, Russell.

I am not saying we should be on the streets today marching for independence, I am not saying that we should be plastering the planet with independence leaflets and street stalls today, I am not saying that our Westminster elected representatives should not be trying to hold the Russian financially backed Tory Party to account and especially around their miserly response to the refugee crisis currently taking place in the Ukraine but there is no excuse for using this crisis to basically stop all work on restoring Scotland’s sovereignty.

Preparation on the referendum bill does not need to stop, planning for the misguided strategy for independence does not need to stop, it needs to be respectful of what is going on but it does not need to stop. The SNP, like Scottish Labour, have betrayed us all, we should be used to it by now. It appears that every time we elect politicians to GET Scotland out of this awful union we are faced with 1707 all over again, bought and sold for Westminster table scraps of gold.

I am so sick of the Unionist Party of Scotland now, I am so sick of the SNP!

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27 Responses to Here We Go Again

  1. Dave says:

    Be honest though – you must’ve seen it coming. When Covid came along, Sturgeon was on that excuse faster than a a crocodile on a wildebeest. Will the cult wake up though? Doubt it myself.

    • Dave

      Yeah excuse after excuse. I gave up on the SNP a long time ago and haven’t voted for them for a while now. Alba will get my vote as the last hope of being able to do anything about independence, Sturgeon is a joke. Crap First Minister surrounded by yes men even thicker than she is. Sick of the lot of them, just as bad as the quislings from 1707.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Stuart MacKay says:

    Isn’t Blackford just reflecting the “reluctance” of the general population to hold a referendum in the next two years – based on recent polling? This of course raises the chicken and egg question of why the polls are returning numbers like that. One answer is that if the SNP don’t talk independence then it doesn’t get on the radar of most folks.

    The British nationalists must be pissing themselves laughing at how easy it is to ham-string a party who are too timid to do anything unless there is overwhelming support – live by the polls, die by the polls.

    • Stuart

      I’m of a mind that the polls won’t shift until there is a referendum arranged. The polls are pretty set now, people will say they don’t want one right now, which suits Britnat Sturgeon and her other unionists, but set a date and it’s in motion and things start to move. The SNP will delay any referendum and debate as long as they can because they are cowards, would be found out in relation to how little they have done, how light weight they are. Thick as shit is pretty much how I see them as a party now. I despise them as much I do Scottish Labour, they have betrayed us all.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. nallyanders says:

    100% Bruce.
    Sturgeon and the SNP are simply taking the piss. There will only be a referendum when they are sure they’ll lose.
    Meanwhile the scorched earth policy of running Scotland’s economy down to the ground continues.

    • Nally

      They are and they are cowards. There is no reason to be stopping anything, it is any excuse with the SNP unionist party now and I have had enough of all of them to be honest. They are a total joke of a party, Scottish Labour all the way. Sturgeon is the worst First Minister we have had and her governance has been shocking overall, total shambles.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. duncanio says:

    Never mind grumpy you sound angry Bruce.

    And rightly so.

    The spokesbelchers for the SNP are so full of sh!t.

    The Ukraine conflict, Covid and Brexit have all been used as fig leaves to cover their modesty. None of these things should have been used to delay, deflect and distract from the core goal of restoring Scottish statehood. That is, not merely holding a referendum but achieving actual Independence.

    The pandemic itself was a perfect time to prepare arguments and campaign … online. Everybody was doing nothing else for 18 months but look at the Interent. Campaigning in this way was in no way a threat

    The horrible Ukraine conflict has been in full swing for a fortnight or more now … but it didn’t stop Shona Robison – the FM’s self-proclaimed best pal – from introducing the GRA reform bill last Thursday (with all its lies and falsehoods).

    But you’re right: this bunch of deceivers and fraudsters can’t walk and break wind at the same time.

    • Duncanio

      Grumpy yes, angry no, I don’t really get angry at the unionist SNP now. I have accepted they are now a British Party in all but name and have betrayed us all as far as independence goes, they are no different from the quislings of 1707. They will have more civil servants working on the next excuse than they will indy, Blackford is just the worst and Sturgeon a charlatan in all but name, a horrible vindictive woman and the worst FM we have had to date.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. larawanda2004 says:

    All so true Bruce, Same old song different lyrics. These morons have no conscience, how they can stand there and spout out lie after lie with a straight face is an art they have perfected over the years, yes years when you come to think of it, we have been hearing the lies for years. Took some of us a while for the penny to drop, but when it did , it came down like a ton of bricks. I ask again when will the sheep take their heads out of the the Black sheep’s droppings and finally see through this shower of charlatans? Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      You do have to wonder how long it will take for the sheeple, it has to be denial and fear that the SNP really are a British Tory Light Party now and that they are not going to deliver, they just bury their heads in the sand and hope for the best. It is so depressing isn’t it, I am not even angry just resigned to the fact that unless we get Alba and ISP in a place of influence it is all over.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. 100%Yes says:

    The Ukrainians are fighting for their Independence and in this process losing their homes, families and ultimately their lives, and Scotland’s elected politicians can’t bare to even countenance lose their salaries. I’ll be out this week walking the streets and chapping doors for the Alba Party this is where my loyalty is and where Scotland’s hope lays.

    • 100%YES

      You’re not wrong at all, they like the scraps off the British table a little too much, enough to betray us all and why they were elected. The SNP are now giving a good impression of a BritNat Party because Sturgeon has turned them into one with an adde MeeToo. You can’t make it up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. I think they should be issuing Scottish Passports valid from the Day of Independence and for 10 years from that date. Please state your family or territorial tartan for your cover colour.

  8. George Dale says:

    Why did your heart not break when Ukrainian fascists and Nazis were murdering thousands of Russian-speakers in the east. Why do you deplore the attacks on these digusting scum?

    I’ve been following this story for several years. Why is everyone now so worked up? Do you believe the lies you are being told?

    • George

      You really need to change the record, if you want to support Putin you are free to do so but as I have given you a platform please take your Putin support somewhere else, this blog article is about independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. lorncal says:

    We’re being played again, grumpy. We know it and they know we know it – and they don’t give a flying whatsit. They need to be booed out on their lardy a***s. Sorry about the language, but I’m past caring about pointless niceties. I’m not a lady and have never claimed to be so. These people are toxic to the Scottish bodies politic, social, economic, legal, public.

    • Lorncal

      It’s how we get rid of Sturgeon and her unionist leadership that is the problem if the members are happy for her to fill the NEC with her gender warriors. The best we can do is try to get Alba and ISP a foot hold in the elections and build again. The 1707 quislings have a hold of the SNP now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  10. Tony Little says:

    Unless we’ve suddenly become Independent, the Foreign policy of the UK is RESERVED to Westminster. So there is NOTHING that the Scottish Government has to say in respect of this conflict. Get on with the Day Job SNP. Stop finding excuses to delay. We are governerned by a mad set of chancers in London – it’s Time To Leave!

    • Tony

      Totally agree, there is little Blah Blah Blackford can do, he can make his opinion heard, lobby, complain and then get on with the job he was elected to do but they don’t want indepdence, they are happy to live off the scraps off the British Table just as the quislings did in 1707.

      Thanks for commenting.

  11. Scott Egner says:

    It was all so obvious wasn’t it. Another excuse – and when that runs it’s course there will be another in it’s wake.
    But now really IS the time. An opportunity for no10 to demonstrate to the Russians and the world how consensual democracy works – by consenting to a section 30. How embarrassing would it be when Boris is lecturing us on the importance of sovereignty in Ukraine only to deny it on his own patch?
    And if Nicola can’t send a letter to Downing Street requesting a section 30, then it really is time to gather outside Bute House and the ‘scottish’ parliament in peaceful demonstration. How embarrassing would it be for Nicola if she started getting folk arrested after commenting on the very brave protests in Moscow.
    Now is the right time to break away from a corrupt money laundering corruptocracy in London absolutely awash with Russian dirty money. Some of the protagonists of better together were recipients of the oligarchic wealth and yet papers like the herald with it’s demented russiaphobe claimed that indyref was in part a Russian project.
    Now is the right time to walk away from a London Government incredibly soft on Russian sanctions and unwelcoming to Ukrainian (and other) refugees.

    Now really is the time.

    • Scott

      That is a brilliant point and had not considered that and you are definitely on to what the strategy should be but it won’t happen as Sturgeon is a unionist by her lack of action. The SNP have betrayed us all in my opinion but what can we do, they ignore their own members and conference votes. It’s time people moved on from the SNP and went to Alba or ISP.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Scott Egner says:

        Indeed, the YES movement needs to show the SNP that we lend them our vote and that is all. Meantime, I believe we need to turn our attention to Bute house rather than a parliament 400 miles away. NS has had an easy ride since our anger has always been directed at Westminster but I think that needs to change. Ivan McKee meekly stated that the Scottish people were sovereign in his interview with john drummond, then went on to say that Boris will change his mind about a s30. He completely contradicted himself. I don’t feel the majority of SNP parliamentarians even entertain the thought that we are sovereign.

        The SNP in WM and the Scottish govt are really just a colonial administration. A migration of votes away from the SNP (I won’t be voting for them) will likely dilute the number of ‘pro indy’ seats in a FPTP vote in a WM General election – this of course will be seized upon by the colonial media. This is why the YES movement should also focus on other means of making our voices count such as the digital covenant and being able to reach out to international organisations. A crappy voting system must not signal the end of the road.

        • Scott

          Agree with everything you have said. I think the tide is very slowly turning now, ever so tiny, but there is movement within the sheeple and Blackford will regret opening his mouth. I have heard that the SNP are losing members week on week now, don’t know if they are going to Alba/ISP but I suspect some will be. Sturgeon is running out of time and once she goes the shambles and weakness of the SNP will be there for all to see, just so f annoying we will have to take a few steps back to move forward again and that is totally down to the betrayal of Sturgeon and her poor MeeToo leadership.

          Thanks for commenting.

  12. Alastair Bryan says:

    While the Ukrainians fight for their independence and spill there bood in its pursuit, our SNP sell us out to their Westminster paymasters. 7 years mandate after mandate , promise after promise . I am in no doubt Sturgeon is s UK state plant. There is no reasonable reason to delay a referendum. Covid didint stop Brexit, or the American Elections or UK parliamentary elections. Why should a war in Ukraine.
    We need this dud leader and her cabal removed ASAP. Personally I will be voting for Alba.
    Alba needs to stand against the SNP in plebiscite election.

    • Alastair

      Totally agree, I don’t get Sturgeon at all she is either a coward or a plant as you say. We have been betrayed that is for sure and hopefully people will wake up soon and understand they have to move on from the SNP and look to Alba or ISP.

      Thanks for commenting.

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