Bits and Pieces – Friday 4th March 2022

Anyone surprised –  The Tories are dragging their heels and are doing as little as they can get away with for as long as they can as far as sanctions go for the Russians that support Putin. They have seized nothing so far, always some excuse that continue to not be reported by our media. The Tories are riddled with dirty money allegedly and will continue to do as little as they can for fear of upsetting their Russian supporters. I wouldn’t be surprised if some in the Tory Party secretly support Putin, just look at some of the Russian like legislation that has passed in the the UK, and in Scotland, not difficult to see the right have captured at least two of our political parties, the Tories and the SNP.

Profits Over People – So British Gas make £118 MILLION in Profit, a rise of 44%, and they deem £2 MILLION enough to help the poorest and most vulnerable when they raise prices in April to eye watering levels, you can’t make it up in this country at all can you. The level of profiteering across the board is disgusting.

40 million people could be hit by fuel poverty this year alone in the UK 24.6% of all house holds in Scotland are classed as being in extreme fuel poverty, imagine if members of the SNP voted and passed a motion to set up a National Energy Company, oh they did with 98.8% in favour, imagine if Sturgeon and the elected SNP MSPs went along with it, they didn’t, 100% voted against setting one up. That’s your unionist Tory Britnat SNP folks.

Cowards and zero opposition –  Latest betting has blunder bawbag Boris Johnson surviving as Prime Minister until the next GE, as I said I thought he would, and latest betting has the Tories back in the lead in the polls by the end of March. This just shows how F useless Labour, the Liberals and the SNP are as opposition parties. How the worst Tory Government in living memory, presiding over the worst cost of living crisis in recent memory, putting through policies that are racist, curb our freedoms, make us poorer, and for many hungrier, and they are still in power and look like remaining in power for years to come. No independence strategy in sight and no action on the case for independence, Sturgeon is a unionist surrounded by unionists happy to support Tory unionists.

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4 Responses to Bits and Pieces – Friday 4th March 2022

  1. heathermclean19 says:

    54% increase – try more than 100% increase! I was paying £180 to Orbit and was £380+ in credit – was moved over to Scottish Power who increased it to £220 and I’m still £172 in credit for one of the coldest months of the year. Just had an email to tell me my new tariff will be £557.43 a month!
    I’m just about to get my state pension in April, having been cheated out of 6 years worth of pension as a WASPI woman and this monthly fuel bill will totally negate my state pension!
    How the hell is anyone supposed to live? It’s absolutely appalling and what is the priority of our Scottish Government, who incidentally had the powers to mitigate the WASPI womens plight, but Shirley Anne Somerville found it too difficult and sent the powers back to Westminster.
    The priority for our Scottish Government is gender identity, not the 1 in 4 children living in poverty, not the working poor who are faced with increased food and energy bills and will have added expenses of getting to and from their poorly paid jobs because the Greens want to charge for workplace parking, while at the same time our public transport system is totally inadequate and bus fares do mount up too!
    We are being governed by totally incompetent idiots who don’t do joined up thinking and haven’t the intelligence to follow through the consequences of their stupid policies!
    I am furious – if you’re furious too please vote Alba in May!

    • Heather

      I think by the summer we will see the tipping point down south as they are far more prone to taking to the streets than we are. Alba will certainly be getting my vote as they did the last year. Sturgeon is useless and has turned the SNP into a unionist party now filled with the dregs that infected Labour. You couldn’t make it up and things are going to get a hell of a lot worse. I do pay as you go and I dreading what I’ll be paying come April it will be eye watering.

      Thanks for commenting.


    DON’T PAY THAT PRICE. They are at it. Daughter just got her quarterly bill in and it is 3x normal. I noticed it is estimated..yet she has smart meter? no kids both out working full time. Something STINKS here. Was in credit now that credit matches her new bill?? They tried to raise my DD from £97 to £250. i told them I’ll pay same as last supplier £ I see i am in credit?

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