Guest Post: The Second Sex By Panda Paws

On 3 March 2022 the Scottish government produced a bill which when (not if) passed effectively wipes out women as a discrete category in law. Any person over 16 can change their legal sex after 3 months without any medical or psychological assessment whatsoever. Of course no-one can ever change their actual sex, even if they have full reassignment surgery (which about 95% of trans identified males actually don’t). If you are a woman who objects to male bodied people in areas where your safety, privacy and dignity are imperative, I hope you don’t end up in jail by complaining about it. Thanks Hate Crime Act 2021 which protects a man in a dress but not a woman in the same dress. In that jail you may be sharing your cell and certainly your spaces with one of the 12 convicted rapists/sex offenders currently housed in Scotland’s female prison estate.

In Scotland people who are sixteen are not considered adult enough to learn to drive not serve on a jury but apparently you are mature enough to make such an enormous decision. Women have been betrayed by the so called “feminist to her fingertips”. More like fraud to her fingertips. 3 March 2022 is also the day that the independence dream formally died. All the other parties bar the Tories will vote for this legislation but it will be the SNP that will be forever tainted by this and hopefully their Green little helpers too. This SNP leadership (sic) has no intention of ever delivering independence anyway but they relied on the indy carrot to be elected.

What can we do? Precious little. However women who care about their rights need to stand up and be counted. And men who care about the women and girls in their lives need to join us. One immediate action is to request a paper copy of the census. Do not complete the online version. Under the section – religion/belief use the exact words

“believer in biology”.

(See For Women Scotland twitter and website for updated information as to how we can register our protests particularly in the census.)

Secondly under no circumstances vote for the Green Party or the SNP in the May council elections. Only vote for Alba and/or the ISP or any local independent candidate you have trust in. The council elections are Single Transferable Vote so if you are lucky enough to have both Alba and ISP candidates in your ward you can vote for them both, ranking them first and second according to your preference.

It is rumoured that there may be up to 10 SNP MSPs who will not vote for self id which this bill is. I hope they have courage and fight for their convictions. It may mean that they will be expelled from the party. They could then sit either as independents or join another pro indy party. Let’s give any MSP brave enough to defy the First Sinister – sorry minister – our support either publicly or privately. They will need it. She/her does not take kindly to opposition.

For me 3 March 2022 is a dark day as a woman and an equally dark day as an independence supporter. The dream didn’t die, it was murdered.

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5 Responses to Guest Post: The Second Sex By Panda Paws

  1. duncanio says:

    “Women have been betrayed by the so called “feminist to her fingertips”. More like fraud to her fingertips.”

    Harsh but very fair assessment PP.

    As for your voting proposal that has always been my intention since last May’s debacle.

    It probably won’t matter for me in any case – I live in Edinburgh South i.e. Ian Murray country or, as I prefer to call it, The Heart of Darkness – but the SNP will now fall off my preference list altogether. (I will even rank – the correct term in this context I believe – the Libs, Lab and Tories; that’s how far the SNP have fallen in my opinion).

    • panda paws says:

      Well as you put it pithily elsewhere

      “This is isn’t just bad law. It is mad law.”

      I would caution against ranking the unionist parties. Apart from the Tories they are all onboard with self id especially the LibDems. I suppose it’s a matter of how quickly you boke in the “vote till you boke” strategy.

  2. On 3 March 2022, I feel that the Scottish government’s producing bills that are too strange and/or extreme to be expressed or described in words!? While I want to see Scotland being independent AGAIN, I don’t like what’s happening to Scotland’s politics? I’ve ended my long-time membership of the SNP and joined the Alba party… Saor Alba/Free Scotland!

    f ineffable

    • panda paws says:

      It’s so extreme I wonder if they did it deliberately so that if they make a few meaningless concessions, eg. raise the age to 18 again they can claim they listened.

      Personally I’m against any reform other than abolition. The GRA was brought in because of the tiny number of married transsexuals. It was designed to stop same sex marriage – see Hansard. Since same sex marriage is now rightly legal, there is no need for such legal fictions anymore.

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