Bits and Pieces – Sunday 27th February 2022

Oh deary me poor Nicola –

faces a growing revolt over plans allow people to self-identify their gender with several of her own backbenchers demanding a free vote on new laws.

allegedly a civil war is brewing in the SNP over the controversial GRA reforms and personally I hope there is. It won’t change Sturgeon’s plans in any shape or form but anything that puts her opinions and leadership under the spotlight is good by me. Seemingly “A large group of nationalist MSPs have considered the potential electoral consequences if the Scottish Government process the legislation that will be opposed by many voters, although most nationalists in the parliament back the legislation and want it passed quickly”.  Being afraid for your job also certainly focusses the mind. I don’t doubt this legislation will pass as Labour and the Liberals also support it but it will open up some voters minds and that might be the start of the end of Sturgeon and her poison, as well as, her incompetence as First Minister.

This nonsense needs to stop –

Scottish university chiefs have been branded “stupid’ after issuing a trigger warning about fishing in one of Ernest Hemingway’s best known novels.

In the latest ‘woke’ campus ruling the University of the Highlands and Islands has handed an alert over The Old Man And The Sea’s “graphic fishing scene.”

Glasgow University not that long ago issued warnings to delicate students about Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. The world has gone mad it really has and this needs to stop. It is getting to the point where you can’t express an opinion on anything for fear of upsetting the little delicate woke flowers throughout Scotland, now while that might keep Nicola ‘Hate Crime’ Sturgeon happy with the all woke agenda, it gets right on my tits, yeah I said tits, sue me.

He won’t of course but he’s not totally wrong –

Douglas Ross has issued a rallying cry to cut the SNP “down to size” in May’s council elections. The Scottish Tory leader blasted Nicola Sturgeon over centralisation, tax rises and frontline service cuts ahead of the poll.

There is too much centralisation in Scotland when there needs to be more decisions taken locally, I have always believed that. Councils need to make decisions based on local circumstances and I include things like education and health in that, and then they can be held to account by the voters. If a local area requires say more opportunities around the trades then local councils should be able to facilitate that, or if it was the sciences facilitate that, with opportunities based on local need. But the Tories, moaning about cuts is too much, they will do little in the May elections thankfully, the SNP will do pretty well and I hope Alba can find some traction in there also, they are our last hope.



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16 Responses to Bits and Pieces – Sunday 27th February 2022

  1. Cubby says:

    “It gets right on my tits” are you about to self ID as a woman Bruce? Will we be calling you Brenda next week?😀

    • Cubby

      Lol I am so sick of all of that crap now. The real killer is it’s not even the transgender community in the main who are the worst, the transgender community in the main are lovely and intelligent, it’s the clowns like Sturgeon who are causing many of the problems they encounter because of their own agenda. Sturgeon will move on to her next cause as soon as she decides what gives her the most publicity.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Black Rab says:


      I remember a late night TV series that listed the worst of Hollywood films, Plan 9 From Outer Space was the winner, but I remember an obscure gender themed movie called………..Glen or Glenda. I really should seek that one out. It could be one of the SNPeez cult movie favourites. Nichola or Nicholas! Hee hee hee. I’m outta here……..I’m away to watch The Godfather before the fuck wits discover that spaghetti doesn’t grow on Sicilian trees.

  2. Black Rab says:

    Self identifying big titted morons warn of reality to be found in literature and film……………….fuck me for a knave…………………The Godfather Trilogy, Jaws and Saving Private Ryan DVDs for sale.

    • BR

      I can get a warning on an old film for racism or something, I can just about get my head around that but a potentially upsetting scene come on, have they watched the Walking Dead, give me a break. The woke flowers are taking over and this cancel culture just gets on my nerves now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. ngataki5 says:

    The downfall of this snake Sturgeon can’t come soon enough as far as I’m concerned. I’m still under shock at what I’ve just heard on the TweetStreet Occupied Scotland Podcast. Scotland’s children are in danger at school with state organized brainwashing, with parents being intentionally left out of the loop. If I had grandkids at school I would be really concerned for their wellbeing. I think this is where her downfall will begin, when parents become aware of this madness.

    • NG

      I think she is near the end of her reign now to be honest, the sad part is we will end up with the likes of Angus Robertson if we are not careful but this a tired Government and a tired FM who left moving on independence too late and have run out of ideas. They really have been shocking for a while now and have been lucky that amazingly the opposition are actually worse than they are and that really does say something and shows the state of politics in Scotland right now but Sturgeon is just poison as far as I am concerned and has been for a long time now.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Cubby says:

      Well Bruce, I always thought the persecution of Salmond was more about making sure Salmond doesn’t come back to prevent Robertson taking over when Sturgeon fails.

      • Cubby

        I agree totally, and to protect certain people in the leadership who he would have turfed if he got the leadership of the party back. Nothing to do with the women, most of them were used it would appear when you take into account the reports by Wings. I just hope one day the truth comes out.

        Thanks for commenting.

  4. twathater says:

    If there is dissension in the ranks it is not because they disagree with the messiah it is because they are panicking at losing their place at the trough , every one of them needs ousted for the damage they have done and are still doing to Scotland and Scots , scum cowards the lot of them

    Please people don’t vote for the Sturgeon Nonces Paedophile party , vote ALBA and ISP and let’s start a resurgence of independence

    • TH

      They have a bit of time before the next Holyrood elections but it is all adding up for them maybe now, no referendum in sight, GRA and the Hate Bill. This is a woke FM with both poison and apparent hate in her for all things AS. She is tired, has been pretty much a disaster as FM leading a Government only in office because the alternatives are even worse but who ran out of ideas pretty much as soon as Sturgeon took over. Scottish politics is a shambles right now, like the UK, and people will eventually get sick of Sturgeon, I just wish they would hurry up as she is poison and will destroy the yes cause if we are not careful, she will take it all down with her for spite. Horrible woman.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. capnandy2 says:

    Pssst. Anyone got any fishing magazines? The dodgy graphic ones with real fish???

  6. nallyanders says:

    Good grief. If the SNP MSP’s are too spineless and feart of upsetting the First Mammy to simply stand up and do the right thing for the women of Scotland, there’s no chance of scrapping with Westminster to get us independence.
    Shame on all of them. Thank god for Alba.

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