Bits and Pieces Sunday 13th February 2022

Jim Sillars is expressing what many of us feel when he says “NICOLA Sturgeon is hopelessly “ill-prepared” for an independence referendum and shouldn’t even try to have one next year”, is he wrong? Jim describes the SNP/Green Government as dominated by “delusion”, “mediocre”, and suffering from “crass incompetence”. He goes on to say

“Are we to believe this government, a combination of ministerial and civil service mediocrity, which has brought us to a condition of stasis, can produce a White Paper that projects a dynamic, innovative, ambitious, society capable of creating an all-embracing prosperity we have never experienced?  

“Is this lot, who think £700m is a good dividend from wind farm development, who cannot deliver two ferries, don’t know what to do with an airport, and has failed to deliver a good education to every child, be the great engine of change that will sweep us to independence?  I doubt it.”

Jim expresses again what many of us feel, that we have had six wasted years and that the wheest for indy crowd should be ashamed of their blind devotion basically. Jim believes that Westminster will offer devo max in some form with with only monetary policy, defence and foreign affairs staying in London. This cannot and must not be accepted in any shape or form as it’s basically what we have now and while that would keep the SNP in power maybe it would also retain our colonial status.

Apparently all of our problems in the UK, according to former First Minister Labour LORD Jack McConnell  can all be traced back to 2014 and “all the beastliness swirling around the UK Prime Minister can be traced back to the first referendum on Scottish independence. This last decade of political debate, he said, has “been horrific and it has been horrific for a while”. (Kevin McKenna)

Kevin points out that “Scottish Labour Party in particular have failed to produce much beyond the tired old motif of independence being nasty and divisive”. What is the point of the Labour Party full stop, I don’t even write about them all that often because they are so insignificant in Scotland now, they just don’t really matter do they. McConnell rearing his head comes about because he had been appointed to something called Reform Scotland whose goals, as outlined on its fetching website, are: Increasing prosperity; a positive climate for entrepreneurs and innovators; modernisation of public services; widening opportunity for all, as McKenna points out this is what Labour and people like McConnell have been promising for the last 100 years. Apparently Reform Scotland will offer “compassion for those who slip through the cracks”, yeah that will pay the bills, put food on the table, and heat the house. Labour are a joke and not a very funny one, even Jimmy Carr wouldn’t want to be associated with Labour.

What could go wrong? No 10 said he will start the week with a visit to a manufacturing site in Scotland, why is this clown coming to Scotland, what on earth makes him believe for one minute that he is either welcome or can achieve anything. Mr Johnson said: “I’m getting out of London this week and taking a simple message with me – this Government is getting on with the job of uniting and levelling up the country. This man is as deluded as Sturgeon is, I find our politics so deluded and broken now, it’s like they are all on the whacky baccy all the time, everything is just words with little or meaning to any of us who actually live in the real world but at least his visit will bring some kind of disaster with it in some way.


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24 Responses to Bits and Pieces Sunday 13th February 2022

  1. duncanio says:

    Jim SIllars is totally correct regarding the SNP and any ‘Devo-Max’ proposition:

    The SNP: Delusional, Mediocre and Crassly Incompetent – a succinct summary

    Devo-Max – Monetary Policy

    If we only had fiscal policy that would strip us of the ability to issue currency so no “Independence in Europe” is even possible. We would not be able to control money supply (via central bank open market operations) or influence demand for money (via interest rates) so tackling price inflation is out of the question. In turn exchange rate management, and therefore inward investment, import/export policy and balance of payments would be determined from HM Treasury.

    Devo-Max – Foreign Policy

    More military adventures like The Falklands and Iraq would be on the cards. We would be joining in as a country with sabre rattling like is currently on-going as regards Ukraine. (This might please Alyn Smith and Stewart MacDonald, but not the rest of us).

    Devo-Max – Defence

    Nuclear weapons on the Clyde forever more.

    So: NO WAY, JOSE!

    • Duncanio

      Totally agree, devo whatever is a non starter and if the SNP were to embrace anything like that they would be finished with the yes community. It is independence, anything less maintains our colonial status end of. I also like the fact that Sillars is keeping the pressure on the SNP as well and it will be interesting to see if he is correct and I suspect he is. As far as I have heard the SNP are sticking with the Andrew Wilson commission on monitory policy, huge mistake as it was a unionist monitory policy that offers little other failure as well.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    Our politicians are gaslighting us. Plagued with incompetents and charlatans on both sides of the border. I don’t agree with Jim Sillars on everything but he is right here. Many will know he and Margo had a big falling out with Alex Salmond. So I was surprised when I saw Jim as a guest on the Burn’s edition of the Alex Salmond show. I think it is good these two “big beasts” have at least partially reconciled. We need all hands to the pump to rescue Scotland from the struggling to reach mediocre standard nuSNP.

    • PP

      I think he is right but time will tell as we just do not know for sure what the SNP have or have not done, I suspect it is not a lot as the carrots are important for their individual financial well being at the British table. I have said for a long time that I don’t think that there will be referendum next year and nothing has happened to change my mind at all and you are probably correct that we are being gas lighted by Sturgeon and her incompetents but again we can’t do much more than wait until next year, no referendum then we have got to go after Sturgeon as a movement and work really hard to get Alba in place to take indy forward.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • mooritcheviot says:

      I used to think Jim Sillars was rather a liability. A man with his heart in the right place, but a loose cannon who might let impatience override due democratic process.

      I also disagreed strongly with Margo MacDonald on many subjects, though I always appreciated her refusal to be silenced by social disapproval.

      Anyone who has read The Dream Shall Never Die, will be aware that Alex Salmond never fell out with Margo, and that he and Jim were reconciled at least seven years ago.

      On the matters discussed, I think Jim Sillars is spot on.

      I appreciate what appears to be Alex’s recognition, that Jim’s sincerity has been proven by his behaviour, while Nicola Sturgeon’s sincerity has been put in serious doubt by HER behaviour.

      And I appreciate what appears to be Jim’s recognition, that Alex’s sincerity has likewise been proven by HIS behaviour, whatever Jim’s disagreements may have been, or remain. Indeed Jim Sillars has chosen to join ALBA.

      ‘By their deeds shall ye know them’, as the Bible points out.

      • Moor

        I think he is correct, Sturgeon is a disaster now and is causing more harm to the cause with crap governance and being a crap leader no matter how much the unionist press try to big her up. We need more Sillars than the charlatans we have have right now that is for sure.

        Thanks for commenting.

  3. Derek Cameron says:

    Sillars is correct. SNP fixate on social engineering and empty virtue signalling instead of getting us out of a toxic Union . The party is infested by carpetbaggers and self servers. Content with neoliberal economic policies , pontificating comically on geopolitics sitting behind the Jack they have taken us for granted ( shades of old Labour in Scotland ) and have done nothing to advance the cause since 2014. With all that has happened in UK since then that is unforgiveable. I will never stop believing in independence but
    I am close to stopping believing in the SNP .

    • Derek

      I stopped believing in the SNP a long time ago, I left the party late 15 a few months after Sturgeon took over as it was obvious all was not well. They have sadly become a version of the old Scottish Labour but all we can do is wait until next year and when they don’t deliver the referendum make sure we punish them and get Alba in place to move indy forward.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. nallyanders says:

    Agree with all your points Bruce. Especially that the world of Politics is utterly broken. With Johnston and Biden’s star on the wane, it looks like a massive deflection is currently under way with a presumed war between Ukraine (the West) and Russia. All hyped to the nth degree by the media.
    This is right up there with the manufactured Falklands War when Thatcher chose to sink the Belgrano, even though it was in retreat. Cue much flag waving.
    Entirely evil act but boosted Thatchers ‘popularity’ – apparently everyone loves a ‘strong leader’.
    Maybe explains Sturgeon’s lurch into an authoritarian regime?
    Yes indeed, what is the point of the Labour Party these days? They are simply red Tories. What do they stand for? They used to be strong on worker and Women’s rights but have been completely captured by the Gender woo woo.
    It’s a really bad day when I find myself agreeing with the war criminal Tony Blair.

    • Nally

      Our politics is as broken as it has ever been in my lifetime. There are so few good politicians anymore, Cherry being one of the few. Sturgeon is charlatan, Labour are a joke, Tories the bastards they have always been just thicker than usual and the Liberals and the Greens just don’t matter at all. When Sturgeon fails to hold the referendum next year then Alba is our last hope and we have to make sure that we do all that we can to get them in place to lead, it won’t happen this year for Alba, I don’t see any major in roads but another year gives Alba a chance to find it’s place and have strong policy in most areas while being ready to pick up the pieces for the yes community I hope.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Robert McAllan says:

    A gie dreich synopsis GSM but little that I would disagree with. The idea of Jack McConnell doing anything to improve Scotland’s economy is bizarre given the fact he returned tens of millions Sterling back into Westminster’s coffers under his tenure. Jings surely he is no’ the wan bein’ tutored tae follae clunk fist Broon as oor new Ambassador fur nae chynge!

    Delusion appears to be a prerequisite for political office currently with as yet no sign in Scotland of a serious challenge to Sturgeon and her cult. Surely WE delude ourselves in believing the SNP in its current state is capable of delivering Independence. ALBA NAE SIGN O’ YE, WHY?

    • Robert

      If Scottish Labour were smart, which they are not, they would come out for independence and that would put the SNP under real pressure as I still think that Labour is the natural home for a lot of people and the SNP/Sturgeon Conservative attitudes are really showing now, tartan Tories since Sturgeon took over with a smidgeon incompetent left of centre policy. Labour are a joke for sure, they are not relevant anymore so we have to put our hope in Alba I guess once the SNP let everyone down next year, we need to make sure Alba are in a good enough place to pick up the pieces.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. I agree with everything Jim Sillars says, I will add there is one common denominator to the lack lustre performance of the SNP over the past 6 year that is the Supreme leader Nicola and her pals, exlabour Yahoo’s who have destroyed the SNP from the inside. She needs to go along with her mafia of the mediocre for things to progress. The Nicola cult must me ousted.The SNP needs to do this for the party to get back on track. We had enough of Sturgoens Stalinist plots against those who truly seek independence. We all need to unite but the current leader can only destroy.

    • Alasdair

      Sturgeon is not as smart as she thinks she is or as smart as the cult believe her to be. Her incompetent government and failures in every area demonstrate that so in that sense Jim Sillars in 100% correct and I don’t think that there will be a referendum next year and I have been saying that months if not longer. I have given up on the SNP and believe that we need to make sure that Alba are in a good place to pick up the pieces next year to take indy forward.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. lorncal says:

    Even if they do bring in a referendum, even if they do keep their promise, I, for one, have no confidence in their ability to negotiate independence if a YES vote was returned. In fact, I would have to say that this would be my biggest worry. They do not appear to have anyone of sufficient calibre to negotiate with England (and it will be England, not rUK). We need expert realists and pragmatists, hard-nosed and unyielding except when absolutely necessary. Does that sound at all like this lot? Nah! Giving in to the trans lobby and sinking the NHS seems to be their level. They are also essentially an unfettered capitalist party, totally alien now to Scotland, as became Labour before them, and the Greens are… well, enough said. 1707 was a hard lesson, but we have learned nothing. Nothing. We would be taken to the cleaners all over again, and, this time, we won’t recover. No, the SNP leadership and acolytes must go. They are not the ones to bring us to independence.

    • Lorncal

      We have learned nothing and no I would not trust the SNP to negotiate anything either, I would live in hope that they would identify people from outside who would take the lead for Scotland. But I don’t see a referendum next year or even 24. I think events will give Sturgeon all the excuse she needs not to hold one or there will be a court case that will say the SNP can’t hold a referendum and is Scots and the SNP will need to make a very serious decision.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        No, I don’t believe there will be a referendum either. Some excuse will be found. I do think, though, that something is going to blow soon, in Scotland, and it will bring the house down. It always happens when elites settle in and become too complacent, and it will reverberate throughout the UK. The Tories and all the other Unionists were well warned, but they believed they could just go on and on shafting the people.

  8. twathater says:

    A couple of things Bruce why do Scots representatives always talk about THE COUNTRY I am sick of it , the uk is NOT a country , england Scotland and Wales are countries NOT the uk , english and unionist MP’s and MSP’s do it to maintain the illusion , Scots MP’s and MSP’s should be highlighting the LIES they are spouting , it is the same with the butchers apron go anywhere abroad where brit nats hang out and the place is festooned with butchers aprons , 99% of them are english so why do they NOT fly the english St George flag are they ashamed of their flag or their country or as usual do they think the uk is england

    With reference to the Joke McConnell appointment who appoints these quislings and are they being paid and how much , these parasites always find some quango to suck from , his wife another parasite has something to do with culture in Glasgow , but I hate to say it Jack and Bridget no matter how many times you polish it a turd is still a turd

    • TH

      The whole country thing is all about union isn’t it, Britain/UK means England as it has done since 1707 and middle class Scots in the main have done well out of it. That’s the real issue, we are a nation of selfish cowards in far too many cases. No secret why it was Dundee and basically Glasgow that were yes as the people in those Cities have nothing to lose, esp Dundee which I’m my whole lifetime loving mostly in Dundee has never had a boom time just a hard time.

      McConnell I despise because these people are the modern quisling. Not traitors per say because they see themselves as British but they are quislings to their fellow Scots who continue to fight for something better.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. lorncal says:

    Yes, indeed, TH and grumpy: it is the Scottish middle-class that is our real problem, from their despicable me-ism towards people who are struggling to their pampered offspring’s despicable betrayal of the female half of the population. It will be when their pips start to squeak that we will all be expected to jump and save from their own despicable selfishness and lack of foresight. Not that either Jack McConnell or anyone like him will have their pips squeaking any time soon.

  10. Jan Cowan says:

    I don’t want a Scotland ruled by Sturgeon &Co. so hope she IS kidding about a referendum. My ideal is that the few wise SNP politicians get together, see the back of her then join forces with Alba and have us sailing into the port of SCOTTISH record time. SOON!

    • Jan

      I think she plays a game, she could have acted years ago, at the very least to prepare the ground but nothing but failure and I am just waiting to see when they atart rolling back on the 23 commitment, war or a general election maybe.

      Thanks for commenting.

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