Bits and Pieces – Sunday 6th February 2022

What a pillock – Gerry Hassan, someone I have never taken to at all as a writer, or as a person, who is also allegedly from Dundee made a total arse of himself last night with that Facebook message. He then went on to make a crass statement about one of Dundee’s better and more popular hotels. Calling the Invercarse a cheap hotel just shows that he is neither funny or aware, thankfully a member of Dundee Alba pointed that out to the clown. I don’t get people who publicly run down their own city, the place they were born, you can’t get more BritNat than that.

A new Victorian Age – The more I read about the potential for levels of hardship not seen in this country since the Victorian Age the more I wonder how much it will take for people to go over the edge. The impact of the cost of living crisis is going to be horrific for millions of people and while I have heard people say that “well England voted Tory” the impact on the poorest and the most vulnerable is just too horrible to think about, it is going to impact children and young people the hardest, so you can’t help but wonder where the tipping point is. We are in for a painful few years and having a Tory Government imposed on us just makes that worse.




They are all at it – The wokerati are at it it appears in the USA with the whole alleged trans gender indoctrination of children and young people within schools debate where it appears teachers are

no longer trusted to be professional and will have to be watched and weeded out if they don’t fall into line with this gender agenda. I actually find this frightening to say the least. So called politicians and leaders of the left are embracing the tactics of the far right to force their agenda against the wishes of the majority of people and keeping things hidden from parents regarding their own children who could be as young as 4 years old. While I am all for the confidentiality of children and young people this has to be agreed with parents in the first instance, not imposed, as parents have a role in the safety of their own children too so irrespective of where you stand on the issue of self-ID this approach should frighten us all because what will they do next.

Who Cares? – Well apparently 61% of people in the UK believe that the UK should continue to have a monarchy, but this falls to 49% in Scotland according to YouGov last year. This is also down from 65% on the previous year, 53% in Scotland. Conservative voters remain the most fervent monarchists on 86%. In 2018 In geographical terms, support for the monarchy was noticeably lower in Scotland than in the rest of UK. Even here, however, the majority of people (53%) still support the UK having a monarchy, compared to 36% who oppose.

In terms of issues, the largest differences between those who want a Royal family and those who don’t include monarchists being more likely to support the UK having nuclear weapons (65% to 34%), being more likely to oppose Scottish independence (60% to 36%), and being more likely to support tightening immigration restrictions (81% to 54%). (YouGov) Basically if your a monarchist you are more likely to support what many of us would view are right wing policies and the idea of Britishness. Personally I think the whole thing is about privilege and the established order, it’s about who gets to stay on top and who doesn’t, it’s about keeping the majority of us down and in our place.

This should be condemned – I am surprised the much vaunted £200 discount on energy bills which is in fact a loan has not been condemned more in the media and by Labour.

  • All households would receive £200 off their energy bills in October – but then pay the discount back by £40 a year over five years from 2023.

I cannot believe that people still fall for this Tory shit like they are thankful for it. MPs charge YOU for £3,500 energy bills at second homes – as millions of Brits face paying thousands more themselves, when will we wake up to the nightmare that is the UK. Sunak can shove his loan.


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