Bits and Pieces – Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Scottish News – ON the day that it has been confirmed that the UK did not waste just over £3 Billion Pounds on PPE it was in fact £10 Billion Pounds the so called Scottish Newspapers go with the

the story that Raith Rovers have signed David Goodwillie for the club. David Goodwillie was convicted in a private prosecution 10 years ago for rape and was ordered to pay the victim £100,000. Now this is a controversial signing for the club, there are views on all sides, what he was convicted of was disgusting and can never be down played but I do have to wonder that not one front page mentions the corruption and uselessness of this Tory Government, it is the talk of all of the radio shows this morning, just not for viewers in Scotland. This is deliberate and all intended to keep Scots ignorant of the nature of the union.

This is a crime – The level of waste, ineptitude, incompetence, corruption of this Tory Government is staggering. Since the Tories came into power in 2010 the poorest and most vulnerable in our society have been targeted for cuts and persecution, Victorian sanctions and the money allegedly saved is not a patch on the money wasted, stolen, given to Tory friends on PPE. That no one is in jail or facing jail should tell us all that we need to know. Cabinet minister Michael Gove has been defending the government’s record on PPE purchases,  “always lessons to be learnt” about procurement – and the government is bringing forward a bill to make sure money is spent more efficiently in future.

What? This has been a crime, and 50% of Scots want to stay a part of this shit show.

Get ready – Shoppers have been hit by the highest price rises in nearly 10 years after shop inflation almost doubled over the past month, new data suggests. Shop price inflation jumped from 0.8% in December to 1.5% in January, the BRC-Nielsen IQ price index indicated. Wholesale gas prices have risen to unprecedented levels. At the end of December, they hit a new record of 450p per therm, which experts think could take average annual gas bills to about £2,000 next year.(BBC) I will say it again, this is an opportunity for the SNP to hammer home the need for independence, the need for Scotland to have a vote, a plebiscite, or just leave this so called union. 

It was a stunt – and not good enough but hey let’s make a headline out of it, let’s get blah blah Blackford on all the tv news shows, reclining like Reece-Mogg does, let’s get the sheeple to think we are actually doing something at Westminster to fight for Scotland. As Barrhead Boy (The dream will never die) @Scotpol1314 says on Twitter “I am sick & tired of hearing what SNP can’t do I want to hear what they intend to do & when.Every day we spend inside this union our people are suffering unless of course,they are on the payroll of the English Parliament or its offshoot in Edin.those folk are safe from the hurt. He’s not wrong is he, stunts and platitudes do nothing to save Scotland but they do keep the SNP very comfy while the rest of us get worse off by the day.


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4 Responses to Bits and Pieces – Wednesday 2nd February 2022

  1. George Dale says:

    You forgot to mention that Srurgeon has an article in The Guaqrdian about Russian aggression! Nothing about the injustices in Scotland.

    • George

      Yeah I saw it but just couldn’t be bothered having a think about what she was saying, she plays the British game better than Johnson does and I just can’t read or listen to her now at all.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. says:

    And there was the muppet Johnson giving the Ukraine 80 million in aid while our own folk starve , freeze and die of illness and poverty . We live in a fekn Sham of a Country , sorry for swearing but oh l get so bloody angry .

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