Bits and Pieces – Sunday 30th January 2022

Comfy Slippers is back – SNP Unionist MP Pete Wishart is at it again. It appears that after 20 years of achieving nothing for Scotland at

Westminster he hasn’t even learned how politics works at all. It’s people like Wishart, who appear more concerned with their own financial well-being, that suck the life out of the independence movement. Neil Hanvey, Alba MP, kindly points out to comfy slippers how democracy works but will he hear, will he listen, no I don’t think so.

Andy Wightman Political Literacy – writing in the National talks about how tough the next year is going to be at Holyrood and the things that he does not miss now that is he is no longer an MSP. One of the things he talks about, and something I have banged on about for ages, “Even in full-time parliamentary affairs, people would often have a very poor understanding of how parliament really works. That worried me.” The levels of political literacy with young people and the population at large is embarrassing in Scotland and in the UK and a huge part of the reason why politics in Scotland are so broken, part of the reason why we lost in 2014 also. Not enough people take an interest in our politics, it is why it is so bad and why we end up with career devolution politicians like the vast majority of the current bunch in the SNP. Just think how different it could be if people actually took an interest and engaged their brain.

He goes on to say “It’s the constitutional question – it has polarised politics and until that has been resolved, there isn’t going to be much scope for people thinking freely about where their vote goes.” I also agree with that a great deal, until the independence question is resolved Scotland will not be able to move forward, no matter how many unionists say it was answered in 2014 it wasn’t, but it does need answering and soon.

Hypocrisy writ large – I am no fan in any shape or form of Nicola Sturgeon but the hypocrisy of the this Tory supporting rag is unreal, yet no doubt the unlinking unionists in Scotland, mainly the older people you see at the store buying this toilet paper, will buy into every word.  According to the Mail Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of overseeing an ‘obscene waste of public money’ after it emerged a team of 11 Holyrood civil servants are working on her new blueprint for Scottish independence. Wow, how many hundreds of billions have the scumbag Tories wasted and funnelled into their friends bank accounts in illegal contracts as the High Courts found by way of PPE give a ways. Is it any wonder that political literacy is so bad in Scotland when this bullshit is what passes for journalistic balance.

You YES Yet? – If not then you need to seriously look at your moral compass. The National Nicola sturgeon fanzine goes with the on-going Boris Johnson party gate issue demanding that the Sue Grey report into the Downing Street Parties be released in full, of course it will yeah. The Sunday Mail goes with a young mother who is £17 a month away from basically being out on the streets. If these headlines don’t make you at least consider that Scotland would be better off on it’s own than being stuck in this dysfunctional disunited kingdom then I guess nothing ever will and you need to seriously look at that moral compass you might have.

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3 Responses to Bits and Pieces – Sunday 30th January 2022

  1. Black Rab says:

    My life experience tells me that many people do not have a housing for a moral compass to be installed. Retro fitting programmes to install moral compasses wouldn’t work on Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and SNP voters due to long term oxidational damage to neck bolts.

    • BR

      Lol, you might be onto something there. It has always annoys me when I hear people complain and then they say they can’t vote or vote for a party because their family did and then they wonder why our politics are so crap.

      Thanks for commenting.

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