Project Hope – You’re Having a Laugh

IT’S time for a “Project Hope” to keep Scotland in the UK, an influential ex-Scotland Office minister says.

Lord Andrew Dunlop says he was “worried” by the “muscular Unionism” adopted by the UK Government after the publication of his Dunlop Review last spring. The grand plans to save the union include Barnett Formula reform and for the second chamber to “strengthen its scrutiny of bills that engage the Sewel convention”, he said the UK Government “ought not to seek to legislate in devolved areas without consent” and a beefed-up role for the Lords should see the Government provide a memo about the devolution implications of relevant bills and putting legislative consent issues under more committee scrutiny. He goes on to say that what we need now is Project Hope. “The theme of our report is how do you build a Union of cooperation and respect? And I think that goes with the grain of public opinion. (The National)

These people have no clue at all about the situation in Scotland. They can tweak all they want and it will never be enough because Westminster will never, ever, give up any real power to any part of the union that weakens their power base in London, and no matter what they offer it will never be enough for most of us in Scotland. It’s about democracy and the fact that here in Scotland we do not live in one in any shape or form do we. To underline the fact that he has no clue he goes on to say “If you look at the places in Scotland that voted yes in 2014, places like Dundee and Glasgow, I don’t think what people were feeling in those cities is very different from what people are feeling in the north of England. Is he off his head, Dundee and Glasgow have more in common with the North of England, what like voting Tory, unbelievable.



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5 Responses to Project Hope – You’re Having a Laugh

  1. panda paws says:

    They just open their mouths and let their bellies rumble. Gaslighting nonsense from the “lord” sic. Sure people in Glasgow and Dundee has things in common with cities in North of England. They also have things in common with people living in the north of Denmark or France or any other country in the world. None of this has any relevance to the overwhelming case for Scottish independence.

    Ps have completed the survey!

    • PP

      Thanks for doing the survey. I’ll let it run to the middle of the week with a few tweets then work on it. Hopefully a few will fill it in so the results are interesting. Project Hope is just more of the buttoned up the back nonsense, they really think we are thick.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Angry Weegie says:

    No matter what they offer, it won’t be delivered unless it can be tweaked for the benefit of the English parliament. No matter what is implemented, Westminster will still call the shots.

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