Bits and Pieces – Thursday 27th January 2022

The First Minster we have –  I was reminded yesterday on social media of that awful video First Minster Nicola Sturgeon made when her young worshippers were leaving the SNP because they did not agree with freedom of speech around the transgender debate, they just could not accept that other people might have a different opinion and they decided to leave the cult and Nicola fearing the worshippers would no longer bow down at her feet made the terrible video, in the video she looks tired and desperate and it really was an embarrassment. This then got me thinking,

The First Minster we should have –  I agree with ScotNews 100% that Joanna Cherry is the First Minister we should have, one that is not only very intelligent and knows how to take Westminster on at their own game but one that could actually take both the SNP and independence forward, someone who could speak to the softs no’s and maybe convince some through common sense and a strong argument. Won’t ever happen, the cult in the SNP NEC hate her and why she remains in the SNP is beyond me, she could lead Alba when Alex Salmond retires, we can only hope.

Socialism for the rich, neoliberalism for the poor –  I have little time for many Labour MPs but one I do have some time for is John Trickett. John here is spelling out exactly an example of

Tory socialism for the wealthy and Tory neoliberalism for the poorest and most vulnerable. As John points out the wealthy have done very well the last couple of years. Not only have the wealthiest seen their coffers grow by at least two trillion, shareholders of energy companies received 200 billion in dividends, water company shareholders saw dividends of 19 billion while the rest of us have a cost of living crisis, energy price hikes that make the eyes water, and increased taxes and cuts to universal credit for the poorest, it’s the Tory way yet Labour Leader Keir Starmer wants to just be like them. The SNP need to be led by the likes of Joanna Cherry and Labour by the likes of John Trickett, our main parties are broken beyond repair.

Johnson will cling on for a bit yet –  I suspect that Boris Johnson will cling on for a bit longer. The man has no moral compass, no relationship with the truth, and a belief that he has the right to rule. Even if the highly awaited report by Sue Gray says he lied he will try and brave it out, a war with Russia would help, but who wants the job of PM right now in the Tory Party when elections are due in May and it doesn’t look good for the Tories so why not wait and let Johnson take the fall for a poor election then act.

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