Fear or Theatre?

Is it all Theatre? –  I’ve been following the response online from unionists regarding the Scottish Government’s announcement that independence referendum preparation’s can now begin again as the pandemic appears to start to ease. Boris Johnson has called on Nicola Sturgeon’s government to abandon independence referendum plans and instead “focus and energy on recovering from the effects of the pandemic”.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said on Monday: “People in Scotland rightly expect focus of both their governments and energy to be squarely on recovering from the effects of the pandemic and working together to achieve that.”

Is this a little bit of fear setting in or is this just theatre from both sides to be seen to be doing something. I have read people on both sides demand a delay, and I have seen some comments from both sides saying bring it on.

Alex-Cole Hamilton (who), well the leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrat’s has said that “Nicola Sturgeon will introduce legislation to the Scottish Parliament in “a matter of weeks” that will pave the way for a divisive second referendum on breaking up the UK. I’m sorry, come again?

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross said: “Nicola Sturgeon likes to talk up her ‘cautious’ approach – except when it comes to another divisive referendum. It’s reckless to charge ahead with her plan to split up Scotland when there’s an economic crisis to tackle.”

Labour’s Michael Marra accused the Government of having “no plan” to deal with the fallout of the pandemic. He added: “The impact on education of the pandemic is only beginning to be understood and the government have no plan to deal with any of the fallout. There is no sign of the infrastructure to cope with new waves or variants. The pandemic crisis has not ended. Far from it.”

The Com Res Poll this month asked On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would vote in a referendum on Scottish independence? (Scottish views) 73% indicated that they would definitely vote in another referendum. They also asked Do you or do you not think there should be another Scottish independence referendum? 46% for, 47% against, and 6% Don’t Knows so the yoons are slightly more right when they say that Scots don’t want another (divisive) referendum to be held, this actually shocks me given the state of the UK right now, cowards as I have noted before.

I just can’t help think this is all theatre and that none of them are serious about holding another referendum any time soon, the question needs to be asked if we are to move forward, and recover from Covid, as they all claim but just don’t expect it any time soon.



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9 Responses to Fear or Theatre?

  1. Black Rab says:

    I think you are right Grumpy. It’s a phoney war, but then again, what would you expect from phoney politicians, a phoney media, phoney child abusing ex-majestic monarchs and phoney Scottish people living in a phoney england in a phoney united kingdom.
    We are now expected to start the healing process from Covid. What with? Many many people are in deep financial holes with nothing to dig themselves out with? The english and Scottish phonies have presided over a medical emergency which has only affected 1% of the population and turned it into a social crisis North and south of the border. The english phoney parliament which is the parliament of the english ruling classes and the phoney parliament of sturgeon are oblivious to their combined actions which have caused untold economic damage by disregarding their responsibility for their actions. Now, they want the phoney healing to begin. Expect phoney bail out grants, phoney sound bites, phoney recovery programmes, phoney sturgeon healing sermons etc.
    We’re witnessing a Theatre of the Absurd, and it’s phoney business as usual.
    The war will come Grumpy. The war will come. Nothing as phoney as this shite show lasts too long. Absurdity will collapse under it’s own phoney weight.

    • BR

      They certainly don’t live in the same reality that I do that is for sure. I see the difference in cost of living now and if they don’t do something about it they are in civil unrest. But I agree with you , I think a lot of it is just theatre for the blind, none of them are serious, just playing the game that keeps them comfy while the rest of us go cold.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Angry Weegie says:

    It may be possible that some of the no referendum voters are independence supporters who don’t think a referendum is the way to go.

    • AW

      Never considered that actually, good call. I did the survey as I get them and I think I may have said no actually as a plebiscite is the only way ahead now.

      Thanks for that.

    • Count me in here.

      A referendum, unless it is entirely controlled by the Scottish people (not necessarily The Scottish Parliament), will be manipulated by Unionism and the departments of black arts.

      Also, I take Mr Bell’s argument very seriously here. The question should not be “would you like Scotland to be independent?” but “DO YOU WANT TO DISSOLVE THE UNION?”

      • Duncan

        We are running out of time and I am going to blog about that later, just working on it now. I think what we are seeing is pure theatre and it can’t be anymore. Have a look at the blog later, I would def be interested in what you think of it.

        Thanks for commenting.

        • Just out of interest, I have a friend in Crimea who believes there will be no war, unless it is invented by the powers that be. She is ethnically Russian and is happy to be living in a Russian controlled/annexed area.

  3. ObairPheallaidh says:


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