Bits and Pieces: Sunday 23rd January 2022

They think we are buttoned up the back –  Blah Blah is at it again I see. You have to wonder if he actually thinks before he tweets as Craig Dempsey rightfully pointed out on twitter and points out the hypocrisy of Blah Blah when it comes to the SNP and any kind of transparency. The SNP don’t know the meaning of the word at all do they.









More from Blah Blah –  It’s not that long ago that SNP members voted for Scotland to have it’s own currency, in fact it was just at the conference in 2019 when “In a narrow victory for the grassroots, the party conference agreed by 52 votes to amend part of a wide-ranging economic blueprint, created by the party’s sustainable growth commission, to allow for a new currency to be fast-tracked and “ready for introduction as soon as practicable after Independence Day”. However the SNP via Blah Blah Blackford have confirmed that they will stick with the British pound, the English pound, the Westminster pound, the devolution pound, definitely got to wonder how long it will take for SNP members to actually understand that like Scotland to England, the members of the SNP are just a cash cow for the party, give us your money and shut it.

Yes and Yes –  I agree that the option to work at home should remain on a voluntary basis between employee and employer. It is not for everyone I know that, I find that having a balance suits me down to the ground. I think it helps my mental health, and I also accept that it cuts down my car use and that is good as well. If this was to become policy it may hurt the City Centre Cafe’s etc but the world has changed and to be honest if it cuts down on waste I am all for that as well so I hope this does become a new norm for those that want to take advantage of it.

The Herald on Sunday leads with a story about the ScotWind offshore windfarm deals announced by the Scottish government last week. A think-tank says that the failure to create a state-owned energy company could lose the nation between £3.5bn and £5.5bn a year. Common Weal calls is “arguably the greatest economic failure of the last decade.”

We are Scotland so I suspect that all of this is true and the chances are we will lose even more money as we just like to be ripped off when it comes to our natural resources. The SNP may well just go down in history, along with the Labour Party, who sold us down the river and kept one of the potentially rich countries of the world in poverty and allowed Tories to get rich off Scotland’s resources, this is a crime and if it happens, just another Sturgeon legacy.



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12 Responses to Bits and Pieces: Sunday 23rd January 2022

  1. duncanio says:

    Government Transparency

    I see no difference between those ruining/running the UK and those ruining/running Scotland. Both should be answerable in court for their various behaviours.


    What a plank Blackford is. The stated SNP position on Europe is to get back into the EU. A country cannot enter the trading bloc without first having control over its own currency. I’ve even heard Blackford explain this to Kay Burley on Sky News!


    Hot Air Renewables. Or HAR.

    That’s what you get when you mix an SNP/Scottish Government pledge on harnessing this country’s bounty of wind energy with the reality of what they actually deliver.

    Robin McAlpine (see )and Craig Dalzell (—instead/) have completely debunked the supposed fantastic deal of selling off our wind-based renewable industry for the foreseeable future to foreign owned companies.

    2 out of the top 4 contracts were awarded to BP and Shell. Big Oil in other words. The silence from Pat and Lorna is deafening. More hypocrites.

    • Duncanio

      When I saw the currency issue and Blackfords statement I just thought is he really that thick or is a unionist in disguise. Do people like blah blah know the damage they do to the cause of independence by demonstrating how much they hold is in contempt. The renewables sell off is just a disgrace and a betrayal in every way to Scotland.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Robert McAllan says:

    Aye GSM, the Skye Crofter is well embedded in the world of corporate banking and investment and will continue to uphold the right of B of E to maintain a stranglehold on our assets. The SNP require a root and branch redd oot at the tap o’ the bing afore much chynges onytime soon.

    Common Weal are correct inasmuch as it is an economic failure however I would contend the political failure is of a greater magnitude to the fortunes of a future Independent Scotland.

    • Robert

      I think we have been totally betrayed by the SNP like we were in the 70s by Labour and we have been exploited and robbed yet again by the oil companies. Can you imagine the Norwegians accepting a state of affairs like this.
      I’m starting the think that people like Blackford are unionists in disguise I really am, every time he opens his mouth he sets us back.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. lorncal says:

    Grumpy: Ever since the Wilson 10-year economic plan was announced, it has been evident that the SNP is wedded to market economics, tallying with Westminster and Washington. Firstly, independence will not change that mindset if a different economic approach is not adopted – one that puts Scotland first. The failure to act on our being dragged by the hair out of the EU was yet another signal that the SNP would remain wedded to the idea of a UK internal market, meaning that they never had the slightest intention of keeping any of their promises. Now, the announcement that a referendum will be sought, and legislation introduced to Hoyrood, is just another false promise. Even if we get a referendum; even if we win, we are still wedded to the market economy and will have little room to manoeuvre. We have been sold out.

    Every comment, that I have made for a week, on every blog, has disappeared even though I have checked the dashboard and seen them in situ. Very innocuous comments have disappeared. Please let me know if I am being blocked – as a matter of courtesy. Thank you.

    • Lorncal

      I don’t block any comments and rarely moderate either so it should appear on GSM. The SNP are neo cons aren’t they, they really are the Tartan Tories now and you look at the sell off of our natural resources to see who the SNP support and it’s not the people of Scotland that is for sure. The we have Blackford in the currency, is he really that thick, apparently so by the looks.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Black Rab says:

    I’ve just listened to a Prism Show over on Yours For Scotland. David Henry of the Scottish Sovereignty Research Group, was suggesting that the SNP and the Greens are out of their depth when it comes to making deals with energy companies, and the reason why they have blundered so badly in selling off the wind generated energy so cheaply. I imagine that the SSRG and bloggers are afraid of attracting legal constraint that they are afraid to accuse the Scottish Government of being not just incompetent, but of being in the pockets of oil corporations. No one can be that incompetent. No one would think that the figures involved are anywhere near what they should be. I don’t understand the sums involved, the figures involved wouldn’t build too many cheap community centres or any other crap infrastructure. A year of Lotto rollover figures would bust the figures the SNP have have tabled. The so called energy giants have just went home with a swag bag of Scottish renewable energy provision at car boot Hollyrood prices.
    Any new ideas on how to get Sturgeon the fuck out of business?

    • BR

      I heard it and as far as I know the Crown Estates / Westminster were also involved but it is a shit show and we have been ripped off again and even if we become independent that resource is now basically lost for 30 years. Why the SNP allowed the process to go ahead that way just seems to demonstrate incompetence of the highest order, it is a disgrace if you ask me but why was I not surprsied.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Alastair Bryan says:

    I think this is darker than we think, Sturgeon is doing all that she can to derail the independence movement, clearly those in the SNP have no courage or power to overthrow her. The way they can get rid of her is for the MSPs and MPs to defect to Alba on mass, make her irrelevant. Independence requies control of our monetary system we need to throw away the yoke of colonialism once and for all no half way house for England to milk us

  6. larawanda2004 says:

    Thanks for your blog Bruce I’m afraid I’ve reached the stage I can’t take any more of the betrayal Scotland has thrust upon her by this band of crooks and liars. There is no hope. Not one of these MSP’s will stand up and be counted and rid us of this corrupt F.M. and her cohorts. I weep for Scotland and her people.

    • Lara

      Same but what can we do other than keep going for now. I’ll give it another few years but if there is no movement then I will probably take a back seat, voting will be all I do a few years from now. 53 now so I’ll give to 55 and if no ref at least I think that will be it for me. I’ll enjoy what time I have left as I will be well scunnered by then I think.

      Thanks for commenting.

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