Bits and Pieces – Thursday 13th January 2022

What’s the point – It makes no difference if Johnson resigns, is forced out, is thrown to the wolves , not one iota to Scotland. Cath is spot on, why is blah blah Blackford even bothering anymore when this is basically an English matter as we don’t matter when it comes to the machinations of the English Government.

It is time to focus on independence and getting out, the inbred fighting of the Tories is just a distraction and demonstrates even more that the SNP have moved into Westminster. Chris is also right that we could be taking more advantage of the corruption of the Tories, we should be doing everything we can to disrupt that dump, walk out, clap, do something SNP but get back in the independence game for once.

What are we going to do about it? Nothing that is what we are going to do about it. So the PPE contracts were unlawful, are the Police investigating the individual Tory Ministers approving the contracts or are they under arrest, nope. Are the Police investigating these contracts as a potential crime, nope. Has there ever been an English Government that has held the four nations in such contempt, even Thatcher wasn’t as brazen as this lot and yet far too many in England, and some in Scotland, still make excuses for this corruption, we really are losing our excuse for a democracy by the day and descending into a form of apathy that is really scary, so many people don’t care now, 1984 book written all over it.

He won’t face a court room – Andrew Windsor will do a deal and Mummy dear will pay. Even if he was told to appear in Court the English Government and the USA would make a deal or the English would just refuse to hand him over, end of. This family can pretty much do what they want and they will be protected by the English state. Maybe they should have tried to take him to Court in Scotland, given how our legal system works now they might have had a better chance of getting him but he will do a deal or he will somehow get away with nothing more than being put out to pasture. It is one law for the Windsors and one for the rest of us and this non entity will be allowed to retire into embarrassment, and life his life of luxury.

More platitudes – I have so had enough of the SNP MPs and their grand statements now. Independence is just a word to them, I wonder if they have like a rule which says they have to mention it so many times a day in a public setting so the sheeple think they are still serious about it.







They even do a quick video to tell Boris to go, all designed to keep the sheeple happy while doing sweet f all about getting Scotland out of this nightmare. The SNP are so boring now that they are pretty much just the establishment like the unionist parties.

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12 Responses to Bits and Pieces – Thursday 13th January 2022

  1. Black Rab says:

    The Big Bumper Tartan Bags of Shite have always shown signs of being charlatans. Sturgeon doesn’t impress me one little bit. No guts, no intellect, no vision. What a dull witted self-absorbed mortifying dud she turned out to be. A perfect example of a modern politician. A perfect example, I believe, of what a modern Scotland does not want.
    Your right when you suggest that they should be walking out of Westminster. That’s the least they could do. I find it hard to say anything about them. It’s difficult and pointless to even move my jaw to register my sorrow over the pitiful state of what regards itself of the political class, worse, a Scottish National Party. We know what they are. We know that we must place our hopes in Alba. We also have to hope that the rest of Scotland wakes up to their charade. I hate the word hope, there are too many hope merchants. The world is drowning in a tsunami of hope. There is no shortage of hope. You might imagine there was a shortage of the stuff as Sturgeon suggests.
    Somethings got to give Grumpy.

    • BR

      You’re not wrong. Sturgeon is exactly what we used to accuse Scottish Labour politicians of being, party drones who have come through the system and Sturgeon is exactly that in every way. As poor a First Minister that we have ever had and a bunch of cowards at Westminster. I don’t blame those bloggers who have taken a step back due to feeling like they are repeating themselves every day, I am getting to the same point now, it’s just the same old crap from the SNP and the yoons on a daily basis. I am going to keep going, even at the risk of boring myself to death having to repeat the same failure all of the time and as you say living in (hope) that something changes and moves forward, I don’t hold out much though to be fair. But yeah surely something has got to give soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Dave M says:

        It’d be good if someone asked Sturgeon, “What do you stand for?” in an interview. She wouldn’t be able to answer the question.

      • Black Rab says:

        Barrack O’BamaPot was a top hope merchant, nothing came out of his gob other than urging people to have hope. I never get it, why should you be hoping for anything when you live in a country of plenty. No need to hope, everything’s here. We put it in place.
        Sturgeon is in the hope club too. They attempt to impress upon people that all is lost, and hope is all we have left. I’m hoping she disappears before too long. I’m a hope merchant too. I’m hoping that wee mini moose, who mimics O’BamaPot, will soon disappear and that we make sure we are vigilant against her and her kind again. Sturgeon and her ilk give people bad and shattered dreams. I think theres a song title in there somewhere.

        • BR

          Hope is all we have right now and I suppose it is what keeps going on this task, I met with one of the old guard from the SNP for a coffee a while back, a campaigner for over 50 years and no longer in the SNP and he noted we were the future, we had a lot to offer, those that write the blogs and those that contribute through their comments and their actions. I think he was saying it always gets passed on to the next lot to keep going, Sturgeon is just another obstacle on the journey we have taken on.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. George Dale says:

    I think this article says it all very well.

  3. Lanark says:

    It doesn’t matter how bad Boris or any Unionist politicians are, if the SNP aren’t prepared to do anything (and they aren’t), then it’s down into the mire we go.

    Alex Salmond routed Labour once, will he be able to do it again and rout the New Labour/SNP?

    • Lanark

      We need Alba to survive in the medium term and it is not easy for new parties but I think Alba will, the party won’t win many council seats, if any, but once the SNP have failed in 23 then the party will grow to make real inroads leading up to 26 I think. We just have to make sure it survives the onslaught from all sides that it experience in the next year at least.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. larawanda2004 says:

    You are so right the same plattitudes , Shepperd loves the sound of his own voice all that pontificating and basicly saying eff all.They all must have the same “speech writer” and I use the words lightly.No doubt our illustrious leader will go on T.V. and put on her I am truly aghast at all the impropriites Johnson is guilty of. Pot Kettle. As for randy,no way will he be extradited to the U.S. Now if your name is Assange thats a different kettle of fish. No bother. Keep at them Bruce.

    • Lara

      I used to like Shepperd but they all bore me now, even Cherry, MacNeil, and Whitford. They all just just play the game, some maybe from a slightly different angle, but the same game. Those SNP MPs who profess to be serious about independence need to put their actions where their mouths are and join Alba and build towards 26 as we won’t be having any referendum before then for sure so they should make a move but they won’t so I will take very little of anything that they say seriously anymore.

      Thanks for commenting.

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