Bits and Pieces Friday 7th January 2022

Just some tweets etc that caught the eye today.

Andy Wightman was one of the very few Green MSP’s I had any time for and I was disappointed when he lost his seat after basically being hounded out of the Scottish Greens for their views on the transgender debate, he found the Scottish Greens members “intolerance shown by some party members to an open and mature dialogue” so for Andy to blog that he was in need of paid employment was very brave. It is tough when you are unemployed as I have seen with people I know, but for so called Scottish Green members to ridicule and make fun of him I find disgusting and something that should make the Scottish Green Party ashamed, their silence on the issue tells us everything we need to know about the hijacking of the Scottish Green Party, and the SNP, by the gender warriors.

Nicola Sturgeon in 2017 said “But I am delighted to announce today that by the end of this parliament we will set up a publicly owned, not for profit energy company,” Wonder what happened to that eh as we all face eye watering energy bills this year, we have all seen a big increase the last few months which is set to get even worse from April, we have an energy crisis and if people in work, like myself, are starting to really take notice what is it going to be like for the poorest and most vulnerable. Sturgeon has a lot to answer here, if we had set up a company we may, just may, have been in a position to have a different strategy. I guess we will never know given the Scottish Government betrayed us all on this one.

So Margaret Ferrier is to face trial for breaking Covid rules but it was ok for the Scottish Greens to meet for a drink and Charles Windsor to travel to Scotland after coming down with the same symptoms but hey the Scottish Greens and the Windsors are on the Sturgeon protected list in Scotland, we really do live in an elected dictatorship these days don’t we, Police Scotland, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Courts are now just arms of the state and do it’s bidding. How far we have fallen under Sturgeon, banana republic equivalent all the way.

I have moaned for ages about the closing down of SNHS services during the Covid – 19 pandemic and have noted that we are at risk of both a waiting time bomb and potential privatisation of some services, we are a step closer to that today in the SNHS. This is a policy that pleases the Tories no end as they start to purchase private health care to get waiting lists down, something they have wanted to expand for a long time. Offering those in Scotland who can afford it the chance to go private is the start of that process. I remember a lady I know who paid for a service rather than wait 2 years and she was seen by the same consultant she would have seen on the SNHS and in the same Hospital, the only difference, it cost her £500, we are on a slippery slope that’s for sure. Get the SNHS open for business before more die.

A good question as we face a cost of living crisis. Stonewall have received millions of pounds from the Scottish Government to basically fix the gender debate the way Sturgeon wants while free school meals at the point of need are being cancelled and some children and young people will go hungry. You have got to ask what kind of Scotland are we living in now.

You Alba Yet?







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10 Responses to Bits and Pieces Friday 7th January 2022

  1. Dave says:

    Just how brainwashed do you have to be to still listen to that woman? She should be rigorously interrogated about the missing energy company before these hiked-up prices start to bite us all. Mind you, she’ll probably get anyone who does jailed. That seems to be her modus operandi.

    • Dave

      Totally, how many policies have been dropped after the fanfare announcement and how does she get away with it. We are all in for a world of hurt this year and especially the poorest and most vulnerable.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    Aye, just like you Grumpy, I’m Alba. I was Alba the minute I discovered there was an Alba. I’m proud to own a founding member badge.
    I wan’t a happy chap to say the least when Macaskill started foaming at the mouth about home rule. I was minutes away from cancelling my membership there and then. That left a big question mark about Alba’s political intentions. If Alba screws us over like The New Tartan Bumper Bags of Shite have, what intellect or heart would you need to have to believe anyone else was true? I believe that serious civil disobedience would be the only route to our redemption at that point. As you point out Grumpy, all the No voters chickens are coming home to roost. Unfortunately, the poorest amongst us, who voted Yes in the largest majority will bear the fullest brunt of the coming Westminster rabid capitalist assault on the commodification of the Scottish National Health Service.
    A younger man than me, while we were driving through a suburb of Baillieston, commented that Sturgeon was a rat, for a different reason than we might call her that at the time. How right he was.

    • Rab

      If Alba ever betray my trust then it is over for me, I will stop being a political blogger or have any involvement with parties or politics, it really is last chance saloon for myself now. I am 53 now and I won’t waste my time or be taken for a mug. Thankfully saw through Sturgeon quickly and left the SNP a couple of months after she became leader and I joined Alba not because of AS but because of people like yourself who were joining, real people passionate about indy and willing to do what it takes to achieve it without all of the politically correct bullshit but with political respect for differing opinions. The pain is definitely coming and especially for those elderly no voters who voted for what they thought was their wallet, they are in for a surprise and the SNP Tartan Tories won’t do a thing to help them.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. duncanio says:

    Andy Wightman:

    When he said he left because of the “intolerance shown by some party members to an open and mature dialogue” he couldn’t have been more accurate in describing the Scottish Green Party under Pat and Lorna. I’d witnessed more reasoned and grown-up school debates when I was 14 years old than you see from this crooked crew now.

    Sturgeon Promises:

    All that stuff said at the SNP conferences by The Great Infallible Dear Leader is just to grab the headlines. There is never any follow through (apart from Baby Boxes) on these pledges. As with the not for profit Scottish National Energy Company so with the Scottish National Investment Bank.

    Margaret Ferrier:

    Not in the with the in-crowd so another thrown under a bus. Or train in this case. Added to the growing list of The Discarded: A. Salmond, M. Thomson, M. MacDonald, J. Cherry …

    • Duncanio

      Agree with all you have said, the SNP hang their non favourites out to dry unless you bow at the alter of the Sturgeon like Thomson did and was welcomed back in to the fold but is now too scared to speak but they are all pretty useless now apart from 2 or 3 of them. The Greens are a disgusting party now, I used to give them my second vote but no more, horrible people.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. larawanda2004 says:

    Good morning Bruce Hope you are well. These facts are truly so depressing, When oh when will the Sheeple see what his person has done to our country. It must be affecting some of them if not the majority of them, Brainwashed is an understatement. You surely must have a wee bit of savvy to see what is happening. When it comes to the education system in Scotland this blind following, shows just how bad it’s been for years. They only have wool between their ears. I really fear for our country’s future. Soar Alba.

    • Lara

      Jockholme sydrome all the way and most of them would vote for devo I don’t doubt. The chickens will come home to roost and this year is going to be painful for the poor and vulnerable, mortgage holders when interest rates keep going up to try and keep inflation down which it won’t as it has not reached a ceiling yet and with the USA facing the same we are in serious doo doo. If that doesn’t wake up the sheeple and the brainwashed nothing will and we might as well give up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. ObairPheallaidh says:

    Andy Wghtman should not be struggling for work in a country with a government committed to land reform.

    He did not come up to the mark as a politician. He acted the patsy in the inquiry into the SG handling of the complaints procedure, continues to blame Alec Salmond for his behaviour and shirked opportunities to promote land reform and take on the vested interests of the landed class in favour of taking wee jabs at strawmen instead.

    His time as an MSP was a waste of potential. He was too easy cowed.

    • Obair

      I think he was a bit of a mixed bag as an MSP but the Greens laughing and mocking his situation was disgusting but that is the Greens and the SNP now, they have been infected by hate and need to sort it out as soon as they can before their parties are destroyed by these horrible people.

      Thanks for commenting.

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