Well I don’t do the Windsor Christmas message, I never have in my 53 years but did see the Nicola Sturgeon one and was not surprised there was no mention of independence at any point. Of course she should thank every worker who has went the extra mile during this never ending Covid pandemic not just health care workers, many have went the extra mile in all sectors not least cleaners and shop workers, volunteers at food banks, the list is long.

Do I expect to see any movement on independence this year, nope. I just no longer trust the SNP or Nicola Sturgeon to do what is right, they can’t govern at all well anymore, how can we expect them to make the right choices on the independence question. We will be playing the waiting game until enough people get annoyed and start to really leave the SNP or force through change in the leadership but even getting rid of Sturgeon would not be enough would it, she has surrounded herself with people less intelligent than herself and all beholden to her for their nice comfy life styles, that will be hard to change.

It is so hard to believe that we are still in the middle of this pandemic and we are still handling it as badly as we appear to be. I was lucky enough to be able to go out on Hogmanay for a couple of hours to a pub with a couple of friends and it was so empty, the impact on hospitality has been a nightmare all over the UK. It was sad in so many ways to see the bar so empty as it just shows how much this pandemic has effected our lives and I have to wonder that we have handled this pandemic so badly has there been an agenda somewhere, has this pandemic been used to drive down job security, wages, have some people taken advantage of this crisis to change our society in more ways than we think. I am not usually a conspiracy theorist but you have to wonder as things are never going back to normal.

I saw a little news on the New Years Honours list thing, I don’t usually pay any attention to it at all. I just don’t care about it, but I know many Scots seem to enjoy an honour or three while I have tended to see it as an English thing to be honest. I did though find the Tony Blair thing with the highest award nothing to be surprised about at all. The fact it came from Betty Windsor didn’t surprise me either, these people look after their own, and sow enough division in the rest of society that we don’t look after our own that much, we are too busy paying the bills and keeping food on the table, they have divided us unlike at any time before. Have we ever lived in a time so divided between the halves and have nots since the industrial age, we have went back in time and if we are not careful the Tories and the in-action of the so called opposition will take us into a new Victorian Age.

Last year as some of you know was not a great end for myself personally in many areas of my life and I decided to be honest about that and blog my journey to a degree. Christmas I was lucky enough to have some of my family around but I won’t pretend that I enjoyed the holidays overall and that I did not have to fake it to a large extent. My daughter has been staying with me and that has been good, I haven’t been by myself and being able to spend time with her, cook, chat, has been good for myself in many many ways but there have been times when I have just felt alone in many ways and not happy with my situation but they say that time is the healer, my journey will continue and I will try the best I can to put one foot in front of the other in the belief that those steps will get lighter as the days go on.

So it will be interesting to see what this year brings, I hope we can see the back of Covid and get some sort of normal back before we face a health crisis in other areas that does collapse the SNHS. I would like to see the back of Nicola Sturgeon and her hangers on, I hope Alba make some in roads on the political front and maybe even some council seats and new members joining. I think Johnson will go and we will end up with someone even more cruel as the PM chosen by the money men and women who run the Tory Party and therefor the country. Either way I will continue to blog and see where that goes and I will try and promote new media when and where I can.



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13 Responses to 2022?

  1. paulineso21@yahoo.co.uk says:

    I wish you health and happiness for the New Year Bruce . The UK is a shambles and l fear it’s going to get a lot worse very soon.

    • Pauline

      Can it get much worse than it is just now. I can’t remember things being as bad, it’s at least as bad as the 80s in so many ways. I think it will get a lot worse as well and live in hope that it will wake people up not least of all Sturgeon and her gender warriors. Hopefully this year will be a better one personally. Today I am decorating, the joys as I hate it lol but it keeps me busy.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. ObairPheallaidh says:

    All the best for 2022

  3. Grumpy’s

    To see the back of Nicola Sturgeon and her hangers-on,
    I hope Alba make some inroads on the political front…
    Johnson will go and we will end up with another moron;
    Money men and women who run the Tory Party won’t!

    © Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


    • Even

      You have to hope that some folk wake up this year and see the light, it can’t get much worse really so fingers crossed we see movement on Indy.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • I see that your ‘keyboarding’ is as faulty as mine is (‘Even’), however, our modern electorate are MODERN and more able than our predecessors were… So, here’s to the future!

  4. nallyanders says:

    Disappointed to see AS won’t be publishing his book after all. We would have seen the back of Sturgeon.
    Hope this year is better one for you Bruce.

    • Nally

      It can only getter better I think personally but time will tell. Pity about the book, must be a reason for it. Maybe he thinks it will all come out anyway and it will at some point, nothing stays hidden forever, it may have to be another country that tells the whole story but someone will I hope.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. benmadigan says:

    Happy new Year GSM – may 2022 bring you everything you want and a fair wind at your back!
    As to why Mr Salmond’s no longer writing a book
    Mr Salmond himself said
    “The Murray case rather indicates why a book, a real book, wouldn’t be possible because it would be hemmed in by legal restrictions which would make it impossible to tell a story,”

    • Ben

      Thanks for that and it makes total sense. The new Scotland is nothing to be proud of at all is it. Hopefully this year we will see some movement or Sturgeon found out by the faithful but I am not hopeful as long as Sturgeon is around all I see is not Indy and more bad government. They look tired now and that is all down down to Sturgeon but all we can do is keep at it as best we can.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. larawanda2004 says:

    Glad to hear you got to the pub for a wee while. Your daughter staying with you can only be an asset. It will get better not today or tomorrow but it will. Just take heart that ” You can fool some of the people” will come to fruition for Sturgeon and Murrell, they will get their just deserts. I can’t wait. Take care thanks for your blogs.

    • Lara

      Yeah it was nice to get out for a couple of hours with some friends. It was a little weird due to the restrictions but nice all the same. Daughter went back to her flat today and it was good spending time with her and having her company. My son came back today as well so I totally appreciate I’m lucky. Sturgeon is close to being found out I think, her time is running out.
      Thanks for commenting.


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