Pits and Pieces – Wednesday 29th December

Why Alba?Listen to Through a Scottish Prism and you will find your answer there Why Alba? The reason is simple when you listen to the show and you see tweets like the one from Toni Giugliaano. Alex on the show talks about the importance of being positive in the debates ahead, to be honest I would not expect anything less from Alex Salmond, however Phil Boswell on the Prism talks about Betrayal and that for me hits the nail right on the head. It is very hard to remain positive when it comes to the SNP when they have done nothing in 6 years to further the cause of Scottish Independence and their only real policy, on a platform of abject failure, is to attack Alba and it’s members at every opportunity and that should answer the question why Alba? There are only two parties serious about independence and that is Alba and ISP and it’s Alba for myself because I joined. The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon have different motives and it is about power in a devolved system, ego for Sturgeon and money/lifestyle. The SNP have betrayed us all, Phil is right.

You can’t make it up can youA Scottish government official was cleared of leaking the name of one of Alex Salmond’s accusers by an internal investigation that conducted no interviews with the people most closely linked to the case.(The Times) This is the corruption that lays at the heart of the current SNP Scottish Government, as well as, on the face what appears to be the on-going cover up of the national stain that is the Alex Salmond enquiry, a man let us not forget found innocent of all charges made against him in a court of law.

In written evidence to the Holyrood inquiry, Kevin Pringle, who served as a senior strategist to Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, his successor as first minister; Duncan Hamilton, the former MSP who was Salmond’s lawyer; and Lorraine Kay, a former civil servant, all said Aberdein told them shortly after meeting the official that the name of the complainer had been disclosed to him.

However, in documents released under Freedom of Information laws, the Scottish government admitted it did not speak to Aberdein himself during its internal inquiry or any of the trio. It also confirmed it had not taken evidence from Sturgeon, Salmond or Liz Lloyd, who was Sturgeon’s chief of staff.

There is certainly a determination that we will never get to the truth of what went on in this whole sham if the SNP have their way so ask yourself, who benefits from this continued alleged cover up, it’s not Alex Salmond, it’s Sturgeon/Murrell and certain people they have surrounded themselves with.

Covid 19 – The First Minister is to make an announcement this afternoon to the Scottish Parliament. Now my fear is that we will face more restrictions over New Year, maybe the closure of hospitality for a week or so, but I also fear this is maybe just an announcement for an ego trip for Sturgeon as she has a history of this now doesn’t she. I don’t know where I stand on more restrictions as I just don’t think the message is clear any more or that we get the right information, especially from the English Government acting for the whole UK or from Sturgeon. The handling of this pandemic has been a disgrace from the start and even once we have the various enquiries those responsible for the shambles, namely Johnson and Sturgeon, will be gone and will not be held to account in any way for their incompetence.

My morning walk – As some of you will know through the blog I have not had a great time recently on the personal front, the last few months have been difficult both physically and emotionally, this week I have been fighting off a bad cold which of course I would self-diagnose as the worst kind of man flu ever to have visited Dundee but one thing I have kept going is my morning walk, even on the days when I am seriously not in the mood I have continued to make the effort. I have only missed 3 days since June 1st and today I went out and I am glad I did, I saw some guys fishing down on Riverside and I saw the sun start to come up, some days there is hope.

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Grumpy Scottish Man – Reaching Out

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8 Responses to Pits and Pieces – Wednesday 29th December

  1. larawanda2004 says:

    Good morning Bruce, so glad you went for your walk, it is a great escape like gardening I find both of these activities very therapeutic, they help you escape from your worries for a wee while. If only we could escape from the dictatorship that is Sturgeon. How has Scotland arrived at such a desperate unthinkable destination? A once proud country the envy of many now run by an egotistical corrupt liar. Why has it taken us so long to see through all the promoting of this evil deceitful person. We should have seen it coming during the 2015 elections it as all about Nicola.” I vow to make Scotland stronger in W.M” No mention of I vow to make Scotland an independent country. No red bus for our Nicola just a big helicopter with Nicola splashed across it. Hundreds of thousands of items costing hundreds of thousands of pounds “I wonder where all that money came from?” promoting NICOLA, not independence. What a shower of dumb clucks we were. Every day I hope today will be the downfall of this traitor, but how? I can’t see any end to this snake in the grass venomous vile twisted evil person. Please Alba save us. Make Scotland great again. Thanks for your blog Bruce stay positive take care . Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      It is a lot in the SNP now isn’t it and Phil Boswell is not wrong at all, betrayed all the way by their lack of action and change in priorities. I walk virtually every day, sometimes twice depending on the weather. I do it mostly for health, and sometimes it does help my mental health, and some times not, but that is pretty much life. Today was good, and I missed the heavy rain so can’t complain at all. I will watch the briefing this afternoon just to see if it actually real information or just another ego trip for Sturgeon.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alastair Bryan says:

    History will record Queen covids reign for what it is, deceitful self promotion and betrayal of the Scottish people. She will get a job at the UN and pat on the head from our colonial masters after turning a blind eye to the erosion of Hollyrood and what passes for democracy. In UK, ok .

    • Alastair

      I agree, Sturgeon has betrayed the movement by bottling and missing the best opportunity we have had under the worst English UK Government ever but no doubt she will sail off into the sunset into a cushy job as they all do and never answer for their record. We are just played for mugs when some of these people should be in jail.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Cactus says:

    Happy New Year tae ye man.

    Hey 22!


  4. Cactus says:

    Hey yo, be da bee!

    For the people that are still up…

    Keep dancing.

  5. Cactus says:

    Hey Bruce.

    Today is 2022.

    Love ye dude.

    And with that, let’s just let love be free.

    Scotland is love X.

  6. Cactus says:

    Here we are.

    Hey Scotland… what’re yer hopes, wishes n dreams for tomorrow?

    Keep a walking there dude.

    Walking is good.

    It’s Sunday.

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