Bits and Pieces – Sunday

Saving England – Must admit I agree with Carpe Diem, the SNP have been trying for far too long to save England from it’self and it does make you wonder why doesn’t it. If the shoe was on the other foot do we think that England would be doing the same, nope. England made their choice, sadly we have to live with it, I am not interested in protecting English voters or changing their minds like some SNP members, I want to know how Scotland escapes the madness.



 Wishart (Ruth not Comfy Slippers) is calling for unity – maybe she can direct that at people like McDonald and Pete Wishart who are doing everything in their limited power to keep inflaming the war of words on social media with their constant attacks on Alba. Like saving England from it’self you have to ask yourself why, well making sure the English stay strong and elect Tories delays Scottish Independence, constantly attacking Alba shuts down the independence debate, who wants independence and who doesn’t becomes clearer every day.

Poverty is a choice – we can print money when we need it, we can take that printed money and call it a debt to the taxpayer and we can then give that money to our friends while we use the lie to further our agenda of eroding the welfare state and vital public services, which we can then sell off to our mates as well. They really do think we are thick because we are thick, we keep electing these pricks.

This is a bit worrying – It appears that Mike Russel doesn’t know what the SNP currency policy is for an independent Scotland, not a good sign is it at all for the man leading the independence unit and is expected (last September) to have his plan in place for moving to the independence argument. So either Mike was having a bad or is actually not really coming up with any policies or strategies and I go with the latter to be honest. He has been given a task and a horse box while Sturgeon will make all the decisions, decide all of the policy, decide all of the strategy, decide when the referendum legislation will go to parliament, decide when to grovel for a Section 30, and decide when to ask for the next mandate to keep her sycophants in their lap of luxury.

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3 Responses to Bits and Pieces – Sunday

  1. duncanio says:

    I used to rate Ruth Wishart’s opinion but lately she has just become another Nicola/SNP fan.

    On this subject her own piece is simply hypocritical – she call for unity then proceeds to have a go at Alba e.g. “What I didn’t, and don’t get was the ­belief that the best way to address this ­caution was to set up another party and, from its ramparts, chuck boulders at the ranks of fellow independenistas.”

    • Duncanio

      Wishart just part of the Sturgeon cult now. Another party was always going to form with the old guard leaving the SNP in it’s current form and to be honest I just don’t see a lot of personal attacks from Alba members but that could just be me but I do see the SNP being on it since the beginning, they really fear Alba I think. I also think that without Alba there would not even be a debate on indy just now as the SNP are not interested. I suspect that Alba still have a long long way to go before they will get any success as far as elections go, they will need to be patient and allow the SNP to miss the 23 referendum deadline and to implode, I also think that Alex Salmond would be better as President of Alba rather than leader. He will never be allowed to have an elected role again in parliament, not his fault in any shape or form, but Sturgeon and the media have done enough to taint him and that will hold Alba back. Time will tell though I suppose.

      Thanks for commenting.

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