Bits and Pieces – Saturday

I am going to stick with this format for my blogs just now as I am finding social media more interesting and at this time of year there is just not much going on in some ways, we are stuck in a loop in Scotland where everything revolves around Covid and not a lot else for that matter, it doesn’t have to be that way but it is.

“The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt….freedom of thought becomes impossible” Salman Rushdie.

That is the new SNP right now. This is a party to be obeyed, to be followed, pay your subs and keep your mouth shut. Even the opposition shouldn’t oppose they should just accept and obey, doesn’t matter if it is oppose for oppose sake, it is what they are there for. This obey mantra is dangerous in every way, the shift to the right of the SNP and the Scottish Government are steps in directions that we should not be even considering, the SNP under Sturgeon has become a party I no longer recognise or have any belief in, I do not believe they will deliver independence and we will all pay a very heavy price for that. I do see the SNP as a barrier right now to the cause of independence. How did it come to this and how sad when you think back to the optimism of 2014.

When did the language change and does it make the SNP unionists? Over the last little while the language has changed, we have seen four nation approach being the mantra, UK wide industrial strategy, it’s the UK’s oil, there will be a referendum but not until Covid is gone. The list gets longer by the week and it all adds up to a betrayal that if it happens will go down in history and may even end the independence cause for all time. Can Alba deliver independence, no they are not in power and have a long way to go before they are in that position but Alba can influence the debate and keep the pressure on and we need to do that as best we can, we are in a dangerous place right now in that we can lose it all and that does not bare thinking about to be honest.

Blah Blah Blackford needs to think carefully or he will get what he wished for, or maybe that is the plan all along. Johnson is on his last legs and the Tory defeat in  North Shropshire brings that even closer and his replacement might even be worse, they might actually be a real Tory with an agenda and the will to carry it out. Blackford needs to stop trying to protect England from it’self and start to figure out a way to protect Scotland and get us out of this toxic union.

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6 Responses to Bits and Pieces – Saturday

  1. I’m almost at a loss for new comments regarding this POLITICAL-VERSION of “Groundhog Day”, SO, I repeat here: When one politician is clearly NOT supportive of a former First Minister, then Scotland’s electorate might judge this situation for themselves? My own reactions cannot fit into this small space, however, apart from me leaving that party, I’m now surer than ever
    before that NO political party or politician is more important than Scotland’s own electorate! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Ewen

      The voters ultimately decide the outcome so are the most important. It is all a bit groundhog day, especially when it comes to Ian Blackford, he is just a total embarrassment now and I really wish he would just not say anything and stop playing the British game. They are all too middle class, well educated and useless. We need some folk from the schemes in elected office, people who know how to fight and not take any crap.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Aye, Bruce, And you are absolutely right with your comments! After all, when we feel that the SNP and their clique are “playing the British game”, then it MUST be somehow confusing to the less certain people among our electorate!? Sadly, Ian Blackford, and his like are more elements of the problem than the cure!

  2. nallyanders says:

    Thanks for the commentary Bruce. Interesting stuff.
    Your final sentence re Blackford sums up the SNP presence in Westminster.
    On the one hand we’ve got Neale Hanvey trying to get his ’10 minute’ bill through WM in an attempt to alleviate fuel poverty, on the other we’ve Blowhard spouting the usual hot air.
    He does nothing for Scotland, absolutely nothing.

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