A Couple of Things or Three

I would not normally get too hot and bothered with the continued revelations of the alleged Christmas Parties last year at Number 10 but it is starting to grate a bit now as it emerges there may have been two parties and buffoon Johnson was even at one of them. When you think of the people who died alone, of the relatives who could not comfort loved ones, when you think of the loneliness that many faced as they chose to stay at home last year you can get a bit angry, but the real danger here is you can actually get apathetic. Cocaine found all over Westminster, billions given to Tory donors in dodgy Covid contracts, social security cuts to the poorest and most vulnerable, NHS all over the UK on it’s knees, rising food and energy prices with wage stagnation or unemployment, increased food bank use and homelessness, the list is a long one and is becoming endless.

This Tory Government are full of scumbags, I do not apologise for using that word either, they are scum of the lowest order, and the media who allegedly have covered this up for the past 12 months, as some of them were allegedly at the parties, are complicit in this as well. Not only is it clear that this Tory Government, and their staff, have an attitude of the rules don’t apply to them we can also see that given laws will have been broken the Metropolitan Police are well and truly either afraid or in their pocket with their refusal to investigate this,  Metropolitan Police has said it does not routinely probe “retrospective breaches” of Covid laws amid calls for an investigation of a No 10 Christmas party held during 2020’s restrictions. Every crime committed is a retrospective crime, do they really think people are that thick, obviously they do and we cannot, and we must not allow this story to be buried, or allow Johnson off the hook with this, but then what can we do when the scumbags have an 80 seat majority and the media and Police in their pockets.

The UK truly is a banana republic in every sense now, we are being governed by people with zero morals, little intelligence, or who just don’t give a shit. What will it take for people in England, and many in Scotland, to sit up and take notice of the toilet scum who occupy the seat of power in England and whom have pretty much total control over Scotland when they want it. Before anyone says Scotland has a devolved Government with power, does it really. Scotland has a devolved Government with responsibilities that can be over ruled or over turned at any time by Westminster due to the Sewel Convention and the Internal Markets Bill. The Scottish Government can mitigate, that is all, nothing more nothing less and makes the lack of action on independence by the SNP even more perplexing.

You just can’t make up the hypocrisy of the Scottish Government, and the opposition at Holyrood some days can you, they are fast becoming as big of a joke as the scumbags in Westminster. Sports minister Maree Todd SNP MSP confirmed the government’s position and said it continued to be “deeply concerned” by human rights abuses in China. Mercedes Villalba, Scottish Labour MSP, said that  “Everyone should have freedom of expression without fear of arbitrary punishment,  tell that to Craig Murray or Julian Assange who were/are jailed for reporting the truth of what our so called elected representatives get up to in our name. The USA are boycotting and no doubt others will as well and while China won’t give a crap all that much, if they really felt that strongly they would not send any teams to the Winter Olympics at all, platitudes and hypocrisy abound.

I think if people can work from home this winter then they should to be honest, I like everyone else want to see the end of this Covid-19 nightmare, however we cannot be taking too many risks. I had the booster and the flu vaccine yesterday and today I am not feeling great at all and how I feel has reminded me of what Covid was like when I had it back at the end of January so please don’t take any risks you don’t have to as it really is horrible and it kills. We are going to have to live with Covid-19 in the longer term by the looks of things and people are becoming too complacent to be honest, myself included until a couple of weeks ago when I started to make a real effort to follow the guidelines again, we all need to do our part again, even if the politicians and their staff don’t in too many cases.

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4 Responses to A Couple of Things or Three

  1. Becoming “apathetic” is indeed the main danger. The press aren’t bothered their arse, neither are the TV channels, and as for the SNP… well we get some more hot air from Blah-Blah-Blackford and that’s about it. They’ve been tasked with getting us out of this accursed union, but the short money, salaries, pensions and expenses are too important to them. I’d bet a hell of a lot of Yes voters are just shrugging their shoulders now and trying to get on with their own lives as best they can.

    • Dave

      Totally, it is last chance saloon for myself as I have noted before. I will give it another few years, 5 at most, then it will be over for me. I will be near 60 and then I will take what time I have left for myself and my family, I’ll vote yes and support yes but I will not be active in any great degree. I don’t think people in Scotland are in danger yet of apathy but I do feel they are in England and that means never ending Tory rule and Tory corruption as Labour are a joke of a party. The SNP have missed the opportunity to make real inroads on the questions, that is down to Sturgeon and the sooner she is gone the better before even yes supporters decide enough is enough.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ian says:

    The inaction by the SNP since 2014 has been staggering considering the power they held and the equally staggering and unprecedented level of arrogance/indifference/greed/stupidity of the UK Government since then.

    2014/2015 SNP membership increased from 25,000 to over 100,000
    2015 UK election SNP increase MP’s from 6 to 56 out of total of 59
    2016 UK votes to leave EU, Scotland by a huge majority doesn’t
    2016-2019 – SNP repeatedly states that Scotland will not be taken out of EU against it’s will
    2020 – Scotland taken out of EU
    2015 – 2021 – No real work done to prepare Scotland for independence (banking, currency, ports, energy company etc etc)

    Why most people can’t see that the current SNP, based on their track record, is a dead end and that all that they seek is some more devolution within the UK, is beyond me. It’s their pretence that they want independence that is so sickening. Polls for independence probably have to take into account the evidence that Scotland would be well managed once independent. Personally with the current SNP and their track record of meekness, lack of substance and celebrity leadership, I’d think that independence with them leading it would be a big risk (unimaginable is probably a better way to describe it since independence will never happen with the current SNP, but leaving that aside, who could realistically imagine the current SNP leading an independent country?).

    It has been pointed out that the polls on independence most closely follow dissatisfaction with Westminster rather than anything the Scottish Government have done. Westminster is therefore, as far as polling is concerned, doing all the heavy lifting for the case for independence. Sadly the SNP have proven over the past seven years that they don’t offer a real way to achieve independence, hence the lack of any movement in polling caused by SNP actions. However with a competent and independence focused political party, I suspect that the polls would be close to 70% and the begging letter approach to independence would be shredded once and for all. Not that it’s any consolation but I expect that history will be very damning on this SNP party. I only hope that the Sturgeonist bubble bursts sooner than later. It feels like a lot of people want independence but despair at what the SNP have become. So, for the time being for so many that want independence, it’s despair with the UK Government and with the Scottish Government. What a mess.

    • Ian

      Don’t disagree at all with anything you have said, the SNP are now a bigger problem in Scotland than the unionists to a degree and the Tories will do anything they want to anyone because they are toilet scum and they don’t give a crap. Like the SNP they are guaranteed a win in the next GE so they can implement their disgusting policies which take us a step closer every day to an elected dictatorship and Sturgeon does the same while the greatest danger, esp in England, will be apathy. Banana republic all the way, that is Scotland now.

      Thanks for commenting.

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