Is the Pronoun List That Long

that the delayed Scottish census is now going to cost £117 million pounds when it is eventually held next year.

The census should have been held last year, and was in fact held in all other parts of the UK, but the SNP decided to delay the Scottish one under the guise of Covid – 19 but it doesn’t take a genius to suspect that this delay was more about including all so called genders in the census, you know the ones covered by law and I really do wonder how long the pronoun pages will be.

But seriously what is it with this SNP Government and wasting our money. The census will now cost an additional £21.6 million pounds, seemingly the additional costs are due to the delay, really. The census is a multi page document we all fill in and return, I assume it is then scanned into a computer system and at some point you can analyse the results.  How in hell can that cost £117 million pounds? Stephen Boyle, Auditor General for Scotland, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic significantly impacted NRS’s plans for running Scotland’s census, resulting in ministers’ decision to delay by a year. 

Do we have magic Covid – 19 in Scotland as it didn’t delay the census in any other part of the UK. We are told that “The census programme began to face challenges in 2018. NRS took steps to strengthen the programme and is now in a better position to deliver the census successfully in March 2022.  For £117 million pounds I think the tax payer is entitled to know what these challenges are in a bit more detail. When you add the various malicious prosecutions from the Scottish Government, the compensation that has been paid out and now this the SNP Scottish Government can’t be far off of a Billion Pounds in lost money, our money, if it were anyone other than Sturgeon the media would be all over this, is protecting their precious union a license to waste billions, in Scotland it appears the answer to that question is yes.

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19 Responses to Is the Pronoun List That Long

  1. Alastair Bryan says:

    Wait till we see the level of migration from England and the effect this has on any future referendum. The covid Queen will be found out along with her Union loving colonial administration.

    • Alastair

      Yeah I wonder what excuse she will use to delay the results to after as many mandate elections as she can.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Clootie says:

      That is exactly why it was delayed. Over half a million people moving from England to Scotland. The vast majority retirees selling up a semi in the South and buying a large detached house in Scotland and putting money in the bank. The added bonus being the better Health and Welfare service. The vast majority are NO voters. Look at any rural village and it’s Union Flags everywhere now.
      The are British and will vote to keep it that way.

      Sturgeon had to keep that hidden last year.

  2. larawanda2004 says:

    Hello Bruce, It’s just so unbelievable the amount of money Sturgeon has blown, and still the sheep cant see past her. Our only hope is one the countries that attended the GOP will offer her a job as a toilet cleaner and get her to hell out of Scotland before matters get any worse if possible under her leadership. Millions of pounds just seem to slip off the tongue no bother while children starve, but it’s all Johson’s fault. Thanks for your blog. Take care stay safe. We will be free.
    Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      I had to read the article twice and when I added up all the prosecutions etc and compensation awarded to people I thought wow it is not far from a billion pounds and they call Johnson incompetent. You’re spot on, how many kids could that have lifted out of poverty. You just can’t make it up can you.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. benmadigan says:

    Gender choice and pronouns are excluded from the census. The delayed Scottish census may be another ruse to try and insert requests for this type of info. In fact the cited report below stated “This decision will have implications for future data collection including the planned guidance for the Scottish census in 2022”.
    The Campaign Group Fair Play for Women won its campaign to have guidance from the Office for National Statistics about the “sex” question in the 2021 Census permanently withdrawn.
    Jason Coppel QC argued that the sex question in the Census is “a straightforward binary question, not a choice” at the initial hearing on 9 March. He argued that the ONS had a duty to collect accurate data about biological sex.
    The High Court ruled that “What is your sex” means sex “as recorded on a birth certificate or Gender Recognition Certificate”.

    • Ben

      That is good to know, I was just being sarcastic I was more alarmed about the amount of money in mistakes this government has made in the last 5 years, can’t be far off a billion now in wasted money due to malicious prosecutions, compensation, and mistakes.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. benmadigan says:

    sorry 2nd sentence not finished. Please change to:
    “The delay in the Scottish census may be due to finding a ruse to try and insert requests for this type of info or needing time to remove those that had been inserted”

  5. epicyclo says:

    £117 million of about 6 million people. That’s approx £20 per head.
    Effing ridiculous.

  6. twathater says:

    The elephant in the room is england managed to conduct and complete their census with something like 55 million citizens YET Scotland with 5 million citizens couldn’t or wouldn’t conduct theirs , if Sturgeon wasn’t the unionists favourite quisling I am sure the unionist parties collectively and the unionist MSM would be ripping her to shreds over this complete FIASCO

    • Twathater

      She has presided over the waste of hundreds of millions of pounds and yet not held to account and still followed by the sheep. She is FM of a government that has failed at every level and not held to account. This is not about independence or a dislike of Sturgeon herself, it’s about our money and governance and she is an abject failure in every way. The census being just another failure in a long line of failures.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Brenda Steele says:

    If they get the gender question back in then I would suggest a civil disobedience campaign to return it blank, indicating that it will only filled in when the sex question is binary and required.

    • Brenda

      It will be interesting to see the census but the money being wasted in Scotland since Sturgeon and her cabal have had absolute power is frightening. Former Labour FM had to resign for £30,000 rent, she has nearly cost Scotland a billion and is still in place, you can’t make it up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. duncanio says:

    “Do we have magic Covid – 19 in Scotland as it didn’t delay the census in any other part of the UK.”

    We must – I think it’s called the “Scottish variant”. You know the one that also infects and kills during

    a) Independence referendum campaigns but not during election campaigns
    b) SNP in-person conferences but not during COP in-person conferences

  9. Jan Cowan says:

    Don’t forget we live in a virtual colony. Time to cast out the UKGOV lovers who have taken over the Scottish Parliament and reinstate politicians who can be trusted to progress the needs of the Scottish people.

    • Jan

      I agree and hope that Alba can make even a little breakthrough because you just know that if the SNP select any new candidates in future they will be part of the cabal won’t they. We desperately need politicians who actually want independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

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