Hypocrites, Cheats, Scumbags of the finest order

A story that should be front page news but won’t even register in the poor and vulnerable hating UK is the exclusive by Chaminda Jayanetti that Universal Credit sanctions have risen by 14,000 in just 3 months. As Chaminda points out  Sanctions rose from 1,696 in May this year to 8,687 in June and 15,929 in July, the most recent month for which data has been published. This amounts to a near-tenfold rise in three months.

STV News had the snivelling Tory Branch Manager Douglas Ross on tonight who was given the opportunity to say he has done nothing wrong holding down 3 jobs earning a small fortune while UC Claimants  facing “sanctions, along with the withdrawal of the £20 per week uplift payments, will leave many individuals and families without the means to feed themselves and their families. We also know that One child every second will be affected by the widely opposed cut to Universal Credit (UC) on average over the months ahead.

The worrying increase in sanctions against people claiming Universal Credit comes against a backdrop of MPs earning millions through second jobs

Chaminda points out that nearly all sanctions now relate to ‘work-focused interviews’, which are meetings between claimants and job centre staff that are supposed to help people find work or training. If a claimant misses an interview, they can be sanctioned. Virtually no sanctions are now caused by other factors, such as the claimant’s ‘availability for work’, the rules of job centre employment programmes, or the reason a claimant left their previous job. Who can do a job that allows you to sit with people who are vulnerable, whom you know that your decision could make them homeless, make them starve, deprive children of food and still make that decision, who no matter how desperate for work, can sit and do that, I don’t care what your situation I could never ever do that. 

DWP have said that “People will only be sanctioned if they fail to meet commitments “, let’s have the lying, cheating, stealing, scumbag Tories face a similar regime. The UK is a disgusting cesspit of corruption and yet people vote Tory, people want to remain in the union, the SNP sit on their hands. If stories like these don’t make you want independence and as soon as possible then nothing ever will. What a disgusting shithole the UK is.



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12 Responses to Hypocrites, Cheats, Scumbags of the finest order

  1. Not to worry, there’s a million leaflets getting delivered to households across Scotland with L Ron Sturgeon’s mugshot front and centre. That should do the trick.

  2. ngataki5 says:

    Hear, hear, you’ve said it all. I can’t argue with disgusting shithole.

  3. Black Rab says:

    Scotland has been a shitehole of a country to live and work in for a long time. I have often said to people, whenever do you meet anyone in Scotland from any of the Nordic countries who live and work here? I have had many Scandinavian friends, (fellow students) who, one by one, have had to leave Scotland because they couldn’t find suitable employment opportunities and pay. Every one of my Swedish, Norwegian and Danish friends have gone and I miss them. They only found low pay and misery in what Scotland had, and increasingly still has, to offer. We are left to endure what they were able to walk away from. Courtesy of a national passport of a country of a Nordic nation.
    What kind of people take jobs in job Centres were they have the job of sanctioning people. The pay is poorly, they could choose any factory job for similar pay. I couldn’t do it either Grumpy. Imagine, taking away what already is a pittance. A pittance that you have paid for through national insurance and yet they claim you have commitments to meet to get your miserly allowance. It’s a breach of what we think of as human rights. Condemning people to hunger and possible homelessness. Our fellow compatriots who suffer this are all innocent, all of them, and their children too. What kind of people are we developing in this country if they see that as a job that doesn’t affect their sense of morality. They ought to be walking out onto the street and refusing to starve people, instead of being neo bureaucratic nazis, which they are. The DWP can take what they think of as commitments and they can shove them up the collective arses of the politicians and the people who vote for them, who are wholly responsible for visiting these horrors on innocent people. Damn them all to a private hell.

    • BR

      You can certainly see that things are getting worse year on year now sadly. It is easy to see that local councils are starting to struggle, poor policy is not helping and the millions wasted on persecutions of people the SNP appear to not like. I could never do a job that heaped misery on the poorest and most vulnerable, I just could not do it but I know people who work for the benefits agency, and some really do try to help, at the end of the day they fear for their mortgages, their bills and they do what they are told. That is what happens when you live in a low wage, low union membership, and a country that uses unemployment as a policy choice on top of being a cruel government and system with a very weak opposition. It is all so sad and doesn’t have to be this way if people would just wake up and grow a pair.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. larawanda2004 says:

    Good morning Bruce, Hypocrites is too good a word for them too polite. They are the scum of the earth and Sturgeon is the biggest and worst of them all. Being pleased to welcome an ex Tory minister of the WAP is enough to make you puke. This person knows no shame. The SNP propaganda so called ” news sheet” is being hailed by the sheep, when oh when will this misguided flock of not even sheep, idiots. see they are being conned by an expert. Johnson is a pussy cat compared to this evil F.M. Where is the money? Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      I haven’t seen the so called indy paper yet as I was loath if I was buying a National to get one and I totally agree accepting this guy as permanent secretary is a total slight to everyone he has harmed through his role in UC.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Cubby says:

      The 8 page news sheet is pathetic. A few articles written by newspaper columnists style.

      It is just another sop to the Sturgeon believers to keep them on board a bit longer.

      • Cubby

        I will have a wee search online today and see if I can get a skiffy at one as I am not buying the National that is for sure but I wasn’t hopeful last week I heard about it. If there is no other YES orgs involved in this paper then it is just an SNP/Green fanzine that most people won’t see let alone read, just another march them up the hill tool from Sturgeon.

        Thanks for commenting.

  5. Brenda Steele says:

    Mr Marks joins the Scottish Government from the UK Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) where he was director general for work and health services.
    This appointment has been made by the UK Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case, with the agreement of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.


    • Brenda

      You just can’t make it up any more can you, Sturgeon has lost the plot and I can’t help but start to believe she actually is the closet unionist that many believe her to be.

      Thanks for commenting.

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