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Social media as we know can be an echo chamber of various views but I as I have noted before I am a bit of a fan of Twitter and last night a few things caught my eye that I thought I would share with you today as they just stood out for a variety of reasons.

This is one of the saddest tweets I have seen recently and it really hit home last night to myself for a lot of reasons. With inflation now at 4.7% most of us are going to start feeling the pinch a bit more. I know that I am starting to feel living costs a lot more the last couple of months to the extent that this month I have noticed that I really need to think my budget through again as I don’t earn a huge amount being a Community Learning and Development Worker who effectively, when I eventually get my pay rise that is 9 months late, it is actually yet another pay cut when you take into effect inflation and price rises. I cannot for the life of me get my head around how people like Mickey and families with children survive on the poverty social security we serve up as protection in the UK, some of the lowest protections in the industrialised world and it is time that every politician who has complained about being in the top 3% of earners in the UK are voted out of office as soon as possible, because you know what, these monsters do deserve to pay like the rest of us.

Some of you will have seen that more of the SNP gender warriors have threatened to leave the party yet again, this time it is in relation to a demand that Nicola Sturgeon throw out the most effective and brightest MP the party has Joanna Cherry, someone who could if she decided challenge Sturgeon for the leadership of the party. Indy Scotland and Robert are so spot on with their tweets, when are the remaining sane members of the SNP going to wake up and realise that their party has been hijacked by an ever increasingly intolerant and prejudiced youth wing of gender warriors, supported by the likes of Sturgeon and Blackman, they are surely but steadily destroying the SNP with their toxic actions and equally toxic debate. Now I am at the point that I don’t care all that much what happens to the SNP (I joined Alba) but sadly we actually need the SNP right now for any chance at independence.




However, as Alex points out, the SNP are now dependent on Westminster short money to survive given the incompetence of the management of the party from the likes of Sturgeon and her (husband) Chief Executive and invisible man Peter Murrell. This is exactly what the establishment have done to protect their positions and precious union, they make it that parties like the SNP and Labour, when achieving a degree of electoral success become so dependent on Westminster to survive, for the individual MPs to live among the 3% top earners and all of their expenses paid to live in London, they effectively are bought and sold for English Gold, but in reality they take our own taxes in Scotland to bribe the very people we elect to remove us from the UK. You just can’t make up how corrupt our system is and how much us Scots are willing to be taken for a bunch of clowns while they laugh at us all the way to the bank.

To finish off, the Tories, as expected, rejected a Labour plan to stop MP’s from taking on consultancy roles with companies that allows them to corrupt the procurement system of awarding contracts in the UK and voted for the government’s plan any outside role, paid or unpaid, should be “within reasonable limits” and not stop MPs fully serving their constituents. The Tories ensuring that their corruption can continue a pace they just have to do it quicker than they are used to to bag the money. This Government are the most corrupt and useless I have seen and why are we not on the streets, why are the Police not arresting these bastards is beyond me. We need out of the UK as soon as possible, if only the SNP weren’t so beholden to these criminals we might actually have a chance.

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13 Responses to Bits and Pieces – Social Media

  1. duncanio says:

    In reference to your second theme, Bruce, on the anti-opinion SNP I couldn’t agree more. I used to think that it was only the British parties, particularly the Tories, who were comprised of fools and knaves. No longer! The SNP seem to have their fair share of both.

    The knaves are generally those near the top echelons of the party i.e. leadership and NEC. There’s been enough written about them so it is the unthinking and blindly loyal brigade that is . A section of these simply will not tolerate any form of questioning or criticism.

    On social media myself the other day I was having an exchange with acquaintances in a convivial manner regarding how to obtain Independence. When I mentioned that statehood would not be restored by fawning over the FM as per the ‘newspaper of Independence’ and that I would not be renewing my subscription to ‘The Nicola’ I was accused by an uninvited and unknown (to me) gate-crasher to the conversation of being a ‘misogynist’. When I pointed out that my (admittedly scathing) reference was having a go at The National’s unquestioning editorial in support of all things advocated by the FM – and not at the FM because of her sex – then I was apparently insulting the newspaper’s readership. When I stated that there were alternative routes to the (clearly failed and repeatedly dismissed) Section 30 ‘request’ worth considering e.g. the SSRG approach I was told that I was essentially a ‘know it all’. I did not engage in any name calling as this serves no purpose but I had clearly touched a very raw nerve or scratched a rice paper thin skin.

    This was not from a child – a full grown 68 year old male adult, as it turns out. So, no excuses for naivete. The whole purpose was to shut the conversation down. There was no argument or reasoned debate just ‘be quiet, I don’t like what you’re saying’.

    Now, there are many decent members of the SNP who are worried about the direction of the party and its de-prioritising of The Cause, but there is little doubt that knaves are in charge who have some willing idiots to act as attack dogs on anything critical of the FM’s approach and those advocating it.

    • Duncanio

      I rarely get into debates now with any SNP member to be honest, they are so wedded to the party that they have closed down a lot of their thinking processes. I think when it all comes crashing down they are the ones who take it the hardest and we will risk losing them to politics and that is down to Sturgeon but I just can’t take any of them seriously anymore. I know people out there like Lesley Riddoch think Sturgeon is playing a blinder in some areas like making herself and Scotland more known to the wider world by playing the game but at the end of the day that won’t restore Scotland’s independence, we only get that back when we take it back and not ask bloody permission.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. lorncal says:

    I’m not exactly a fan of Debate Night on BBS Scotland – too douce and establishment for my liking – but this issue certainly brought out the rage, suppressed most of the time, of the wee man and woman. What really gets to me is that so many of these sharks in the Tory party, in particular, but Labour, Lib Dems and others, are never very far behind, actually voted with such glee to remove money from the very poorest, with little in the way of opposition. It is the corruption coupled to vicious and punitive actions that make some, too many, Tories stand out as, quite often, reflective of genuine psychopathy. The chance to do harm to the powerless seems too good an opportunity to pass up for too many of them. Then, there are the other reasons for entering politics: the virtue-signalling grossness that can lead to equally bad outcomes for those who have the least power. It is not always money alone that prompts real wickedness, but also the ability to give people a good kicking from behind a political smokescreen of pious, vacuous sanctimony that hides the true nature of the political beast. We should be looking very closely at what actually prompts some people to take up the political cudgel.

    • lorncal says:

      Och, BBC, not BBS. Sorry. Freudian slip, maybe.

    • Lorncal

      I agree, I think they should all hang their heads in shame, saying I voted against punishing the poor is no defence at all. I hate that people live in poverty to the extent they do in this country and most of us are a couple of monthly pays away from it while politicians in all parties play games, it makes me sick to my stomach to be honesty and I hate it. I know what poverty feels like, it amazes me how my parents kept us fed in the 80’s but I also remember what unemployment did to my Dad, a man who had fought in the war for the duration thrown on the scrap heap by Thatcher and 7 years unemployed, he was never the same after that. They all disgust me on this issue, they could make life easier across the board by making the right choices but they don’t and total idiots keep voting the Tories in while the rest of the parties sit on their hands but in a lifestyle we can only dream of.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. capnandy2 says:

    Here’s a prediction. Sturgeon at some time in the near future will move on to a good, very well paid, job in some international organisation or think tank. All that networking at COP26 will ease the way.
    Hence the present lies being told about Joanna Cherry. They simply don’t want her going for the leadership job.
    Well that’s my theory.

    • Capnandy

      I think she goes before the next Holyrood election after she has failed to deliver a referendum but will wait for another GE victory and mandate and go while she thinks she has a legacy.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • scrandoonyeah says:

      I have been saying that since well before the May election. She will be gone in the next year. I think Ms Cherry knows this and will challenge for the leadership unless she gets ousted beforehand. I don’t think this will happen though.

      In the 14th century we had ‘Robert The Bruce’ a true warrior
      What have we got today

      ‘Sturgeon The Selfie’ a coward, a liar and betrayer of the Scottish people.

      • Scran

        I think Joanna Cherry could win a leadership bid but I don’t think it will happen. Sturgeon is around for another 2 years at least and Joanna Cherry probably gone by then. Robertson is in line for the leadership from what members I know say and they think it will stitched up that way. I just wish she was gone, her record as FM is one of the worst and she has to go.

        Thanks for commenting.

  4. larawanda2004 says:

    Another great eye opener Bruce. If only the blind could see. How much longer can the Sturgeon flock be in denial, they are the people preventing Independence. They go on Facbook rant and rave defending N.S. decrying Alba with what I can only describe as venomous hate, just like their leader and when you give them facts which they know are true, the only answer they can come up with is a stupid emoji. That’s the rate of intelligence we are dealing with. Thick as mince and twice as dense. Keep on at them Bruce. Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      They are afraid in many cases to see what they know to be true, they have so much faith in Sturgeon and the SNP that when it all comes crashing down we might lose them to politics altogether and thus any future vote but you can’t convince them with facts and I have no idea what will any more.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Black Rab says:

    Over 300 years without review of the political system has allowed this island to let the ruling classes who sit in the commons and lords and their paymasters to increase the already intolerable corruption, immorality and decrepitness that has saturated the minds and souls of the peoples of the nations of the UK. The UK disguised as the ruling class, is incapable of changing. There is no problem. Their system lives on lies and corruption. It tells lies about the lies that it told, over and over. It always has. No problem.
    Their time is coming. The corruption is increasing. Thats a sure sign they know that. we cannot just watch them collapse. Scotland must deliver the killing stroke. The SNP are not part of Scotland, they have gone. Sturgeon has left the building. Maybe she was never here.

    Your day is coming Grumpy, along with all the other good people on here. Scotland’s day is coming. I will enjoy England’s collapse.

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