If only the SNP were obsessed with independence and services

If only the Scottish Government and the SNP were as obsessed with independence and services, fighting poverty, funding local government properly, sorting out the mess that is the Scottish NHS, fixing education, improving the economy, you know that long list of really really important things that effect the majority of people in Scotland. No, what do we get from Sturgeon, we get her gender warriors using the party and the government to promote their gender ideology that the majority of people are just not interested in. We learn through a freedom of information request that The Scottish government is planning to put tampons and sanitary towels in male toilets in case they are required by transgender civil servants, and all of this is in a bid to climb the Stonewalls controversial Workplace Equality Index (WEI). Stonewall also requested ministers to remove ‘gendered’ words from official policies as part of its advice on becoming more LGBT friendly. The Scottish government’s WEI ranking fell to 127 in 2020, from 72 in 2019.

The freedom of information request also noted that civil servants could use the title ‘Mx’ on the government’s computer systems and staff directory, instead of Mr, Mrs or Ms.  The revelation comes a month after it emerged the Scottish civil service agreed to delete the word ‘mother’ from its maternity leave policy after pressure from Stonewall. Documents released under Freedom of Information laws uncovered how Leslie Evans, the permanent secretary, agreed to make the change in a bid to climb the lobby group’s controversial Workplace Equality Index (WEI). The legend that is the competent and brilliant Lesley Evans, a woman who is protected by Nicola Sturgeon while being a serial disaster in her role in the Scottish Government.

We know from a poll by Scot Goes Pop that only 20% of people in Scotland support self ID, so it is fair to say that right now, in Covid-19 pandemic Scotland, a Scotland facing ever worsening access to public health, to economic security and rising prices increasing poverty , that the Scottish Government should be focussing on, I’m sorry, the real and important issues right now. That is not to say that protections for transgender people are not important, they are, but not at the cost of good governance and the crisis we are facing right now in Scotland across the board in all of our services and day to day living.

SNP MSP’s need to focus on the issues that effect the majority right now and not trying to figure out ways to get people booted out of the SNP who may hold a different view to themselves, that is not a progressive inclusive party in any shape or form. The Scot Goes Pop poll also found by asking the following question that

Some people believe that biological sex cannot be changed, and that individuals who change their legal gender from male to female should not have unrestricted access to female-only spaces such as changing rooms, toilets, hospital wards and women’s refuges.  How do you think society should treat these beliefs?

These beliefs should not be tolerated because they are bigoted or transphobic: 20%

These beliefs should be respected as a legitimate part of democratic debate: 53%

Don’t Know / Prefer not to answer: 27%

So to sadly paraphrase Ruth Davidson, Nicola Sturgeon GET ON WITH THE DAY JOB!


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10 Responses to If only the SNP were obsessed with independence and services

  1. larawanda2004 says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll ay it again. Its the white jacket and padded cell time. This government under Sturgeon is not a joke any more its a disaster for Scotland. She needs to be seen by a psychiatrist, she has lot her marbles. That’s me being kind to her in the hope that she hasn’t a clue as to the damage she has inflected on Scotland. Great article again Bruce but will the sheep accept the facts? I hae ma doots. Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      The record in government gets worse year on year, public services and councils at breaking point, independence no where to be seen, MSPs attacking their own MPs and others wanting to throw members out of the party for holding an opinion they don’t like and all under Sturgeon’s watch. She has become a disaster for Scotland and the country is a mess and her saying at least it’s not as bad as England is no consolation. She has to go and as soon as possible in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Ian says:

    The pressures on the SNP’s inactivity on the central issues of independence are becoming centre stage. On one hand there is the complete lack of any significant actions by the SNP on independence over the past seven years, compared with very significant and specific actions being promoted by various groups. To take just two huge examples –

    1. The dead end SNP Section 30 vs the SSRG plan for independence
    2. The SNP’s ‘independence’ plan to continue to use of the UK £ for an unknown period of time vs establishing a Scottish Currency immediately on becoming independent (being headlined by Alba at their National Assembly on Nov 20th on Economic Policy & a Scottish Currency (with SNP Dr Tim Rideout being one of the key speakers).

    The SNP leadership’s ‘s biggest weakness is that they haven’t over the past seven years, addressed the serious matters that lie at the heart of independence, the economic or financial issues, preferring instead to rely on meaningless soundbites (UK can’t ignore Scotland’s democratic right of a S30, Scotland will not be taken out of the EU, etc). The SNP have managed to avoid addressing the serious matters of independence for far too long, but the real world consequences of that are becoming increasingly clearer as each day passes. Sooner or later, substance always matters more than style and the SNP’s juvenile celebrity style under Sturgeon is proving to be utterly useless in the real world.

    The time for allowing the SNP’s inactivity on independence to continue has clearly passed and fortunately there are plenty of others with the seriousness and ability that is so badly needed right now, such as the SSRG and Alba, to drive the case for independence. That is such a breath of fresh air after the increasingly stale and deceitful position of the SNP since 2014. As seems to be becoming a slogan, it’s time for the adults to take over.

    • Ian

      If it wasn’t for the Alba Party we wouldn’t even be having any discussion at all. Sturgeon is in no rush at all and I really believe they will drag this out for as long as they can to remain in power and get to the comfy slippers Wishart magical 60% in the polls which will never happen without an actual referendum taking place with a date. I also think that she has lost the plot with the whole gender thing and Stonewall but I also suspect, if the rumours are true, that that is her real priority and always has been. She is a disaster and the state of Scotland and all of our services show that, they were in decline before Covid as she is all presentation and not as smart as she and others believe her to be, she is as bad as McConnell and the other failures we have had as FMs, you are so correct though, it is time for the adults to take over.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Actually, any job would do! Sturgeon has forgotten why she’s in ScotGov. She’s squirrelled herself comfortably behind STONEWALL. We have to get her out. Scotland needs ALBA.

  4. Electorate

    “The Scottish government is planning to put tampons and sanitary towels in male toilets in case they are required by transgender civil servants”… With the greatest of respect, please consider what the elected Scottish government is saying to Scotland’s electorate?

    Perhaps, this behaviour suits some of us? It doesn’t suit everyone and it is NOT honourable politics – in fact, it’s more like a dictatorship and will not be acceptable! I’m an ex-SNP member and like many others, I will only vote for politicians who really and truly deserve my/our votes!

    Ewen A. Morrison 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


    • Ewen

      Like you I have always taken my vote seriously, sadly too many still don’t, but I will not vote SNP ever again and that is down to Sturgeon all of the way and her gender politics, doctorial control of the party and the country, as well as, her shocking record in Government.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Black Rab says:

    Your right Grumpy. Sturgeons treachery is a despicable crime. She still floats from one podium to another with taking selfies in between and she looks as if she’s enjoying every minute of it. She appears not to care about being locked out of Glasgow COP26 and hiding the Scottish Saltires away. What so called leader of a country would do that and be magnanimous about it. She makes me sick. I wish people would stop thinking that she should do something positive regarding Independence. She isn’t concerned. Something has changed her political outlook. I think she got too close. She got scared. It’s imperative that she be removed from office as soon as possible.

    • BR

      You are not wrong in anything you have said, I just want her to go before Scotland is an even bigger state. I don’t even care about the gender stuff all that much but I do care about the state of our services and the rising levels of poverty and cost of living crisis but that won’t effect the Murrells and all their hangers on will it, as disgusting as Scottish Labour ever were in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting.

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