I have been finding it more difficult to motivate myself to stay up to date this last couple of weeks due to both personal issues that I am dealing with and the simple fact that I totally agree with Alba Party Leader Alex Salmond when he says that “ Despite national independence for Scotland being more important now than ever, especially if we want to ensure that we choose the policies to recover from Covid, there is no sign of any urgency at all on the constitutional question.” Alex goes on to say that “Scotland’s independence is bigger than any one party, this was a key lesson we learned in 2014,” he said.“The prospectus for an independent Scotland should be formed from the input of those of all parties and none. However, it is incumbent on the party of government to lead the charge and get on with the job.”

He is of course 100% correct but it will fall on deaf ears, like it has for Angus McNeil SNP MP yet again. Nicla is more interested in destroying the Oil and Gas sector this week while having no economic case on how to replace it going forward. The SNP at their now customary online conference next month, that amazingly coincides with the Alba National Council meeting, wow, how can that happen two times in a row, will debate “Conference acknowledges that Scotland has always been a trading nation and conference agrees that an independent Scotland will seek to re-join the EU, the largest free trade block in the world, in order to access free markets and increase trade with our nearest neighbours,” it says. “Conference also agrees the Scottish Government and UK Government should strive to reach an agreement which will allow for seamless trade between Scotland and the rest of the UK. No debate on how to actually achieve independence but let’s pretend we have done and jump ahead and debate something that the English Government will never debate in a million years unless Scotland is actually independent. 

So with the personal issues I am dealing with right now, and the fact that Sturgeon just gets more disappointing and depressing each day, to say I feel dejected right now is an understatement indeed. The only hope for the independence movement is for someone to find some way of getting Nicola Sturgeon and the current SNP leadership gone from the debate because again I agree with Alex Salmond who “has raised doubts over whether the Scottish Government can meet its timetable to deliver a second independence referendum by 2023”. Of course they can’t as the English Government won’t give them permission and my belief is that that is what Sturgeon is depending on going forward, I just do not believe for one minute that the Scottish Government will either seriously seek to hold or will hold a referendum before the end of 2023 and feel that until she is gone we will be in a perpetual groundhog day as far as independence is concerned.

This will however give Alba and ISP time to continue to build a stronger foundation going forward which they do require if they are to be in a position to pick up the aftermath of Sturgeons anti independence scorched earth policy.  For myself, I will hopefully find the time to support my membership of the Alba Party leading up to next years council elections but I also suspect that I will not be blogging anything like I have been this last few months. I have things I need to sort out but I also do not want to be repeating myself on a daily basis regarding Sturgeon’s unionism and SNP incompetence.

The day after the referendum in 2014 was the lowest I felt prior to the last few weeks where I have just felt dejected, so while I am not giving up I am slowing down like some of the other bloggers and output will decrease a little. I think in some ways it is time to stand back and allow Sturgeon to dig that hole deeper that will eventually bury her and have the energy to help pick up the pieces rather than allow her to take us all down with her. Sturgeon, the team around her, and her cult have taken us to the edge of an abyss with her gender agenda, the eradication of women as a species, the end of free speech, her incompetent Government and her total lack of anything approaching independence.

However, we will like a phoenix rise from the ashes if we don’t let her take us down with her, we will live to fight another day and come back stronger with the Alba Party, ISP, and the wider YES Community but we will need the energy to do it and right now I just don’t want to spend any more energy on Sturgeon and the SNP, they are a lost cause and it is time to let them dig that hole to the bottom and fall into it. We can then fill it in and move on. So while I will be around I just won’t be as much, like Yours for Scotland, I am going to work on other things for a little while and only blog either about Something Different or when I really have something I want to say.


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19 Responses to Dejected

  1. ObairPheallaidh says:

    Good man Bruce. You have my respect for the way you help maintain the cause of Independence in an absolutely dire time for Scotland. Things will break in our favour.

    • Obair

      I think they will in the end also but it will have to get worse before it gets better as long as Sturgeon is in control of the process sadly. I am at the stage though I just can’t be bothered with the SNP any more, we are going to have to let them bury themselves and make sure we have the energy as a movement to pick up the pieces and do the best we can with what we find once they have conducted their ground zero approach to independence.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. twathater says:

    I agree with all the things you say Bruce and at 70 yrs of age it is very doubtful if I will see indy , Alex Salmond after his trial stated that he had info that he was withholding but it would be released later , he also stated that he was taking legal action against the liars , he also challenged police Scotland to properly investigate the HR illegal leaker , he stated all these actions were being pursued why have non of them seen the light of day and why are the cases against Evans and Lloyd taking so long , any of the above could possibly see the sturrells in jail along with their corrupt lying accomplices so why is Alex failing to act There is also the investigation into the MISSING ref funds with police Scotland dragging their heels , IMO what it looks like is the establishment will never ALLOW independence they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk , meanwhile Scotland’s people continue to suffer

    • TH

      I think the civil trial against Evans is on the long list of trials that are awaiting in Scotland so who knows when that will take place, not anytime soon would be my guess and no doubt they will do everything they can to get out of it. The information that AS has I don’t think will ever see the light of day with the Courts protecting the accusers and going after anyone who wants to try to promote the actual truth of what went on. What the Court did was plain wrong, there is no way that the testimony and identity of accusers should be protected after they have been found by a jury to have not been believable yet the accused gets to be accused their whole lives, that is not right in any shape or form. That is not justice. I am at the point now where I am bored with writing about the SNP and their cult, I really think it is time to sit back and let them bury themselves with their incompetence, lies, policies, gender agenda etc and rest up so we are ready to pick up the pieces and get moving as soon as the sheep see them for what they are. I am just not spending much more energy on them anymore. I will still blog when I feel like it and will certainly do Something Different more but I am will not be looking at the SNP, they are just not worth it anymore. So I plan to do some other things, read more, learn more, keep my hand in but do less for a while and re-charge the batteries and deal with some personal stuff etc.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. duncanio says:

    Take care of yourself Bruce and don’t let the b@st@arts grind ye down.

    • Duncanio

      I will still blog just not as much and not about the SNP, I have pretty much had it with them now and I am happy to let them stew in their own crap until they bury themselves. I think we just have to let them destroy themselves and re-charge our own batteries so we are ready to get moving when we are picking up the pieces of the mess they leave behind.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Take care of you and yours first, that’s the important thing. Not like there’s going to be a referendum any time soon to blog about.

    The amount of delusion out there is incredible. The number of SNPites who truly believe that their wee tartan superhero is going to lead them to the land of milk and honey makes me despair. When she fails to deliver “because of Covid” they’ll all just fall in line behind her as well. Honestly, Jim Jones and L Ron Hubbard had nothing on that woman. Truly depressing.

    • Dave

      I agree that is why I have had it with blogging about them anymore, I am happy to let them drown in their own crap, which they will as it is just a matter of time. I want to re-charge my batteries and be ready to go when we have to pick up the pieces and as you say nothing is going to happen soon wither way. I will still blog but just not as much and it won’t be about the SNP, I will keep an eye on the unionists and will do Something Different but the SNP can go do one now. I also have some personal stuff to sort out that needs attention and I want that out of the way before Christmas but to be honest I am just dejected with the state of affairs right now and with Sturgeon so a step back will just allow me to re-focus and have a break.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Stuart MacKay says:

    Bruce, the one thing that comes through in all your posts is determination. You’re like a mighty ocean, with wave after wave washing away the sandstone cliffs of denial 😉

    • Stuart

      Just going to ease off for a bit, I have become bored blogging about the SNP and will let them drown in their own crap which they will, it is just a matter of time. I have some personal stuff to sort out before the end of the year and will get that done but while I will still blog, will do Something Different, I just won’t be blogging as much and won’t be spending any time on the SNP anymore, they are no longer worth it to be honest, they are digging a hole and I am happy to let them. I think we need to re-charge our batteries for picking up the mess they leave so we are ready to move when that happens. I will keep an eye on the unionists and blog about them if I feel like it but the SNP are a lost cause now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. I am in a very similar position; getting very bored with groundhog day and slowing down the progression of terminal disease as much as possible.

    The SNP seems sometimes to mimic old school Scottish Labour, when it could stand a donkey with a red rosette and expect to be elected. At other times it appears to aspire to be a kind of Scottish establishment party, very much like the Tory Party in England. Only the terminally deluded believe that it has any real desire to confront the British state and bring about actual Scottish independence.

    It truly is shite being Scottish right now. I have nothing more to say than I already have said over and over again. It makes no difference. The shiteness of being Scottish is nevertheless experienced daily by many. So if anybody here has anything to write about this, get in touch and I will publish it at my blog.

  7. I.M. Pistov says:

    Bruce.. My last hope for Scotland is to take the view that events of today bear close comparison to the Billy Graham crusades of the late 50s/early 60’s.
    Then as now anyone who dared question the cult worship were classed as evil, misguided or stupid. Then as now people who voiced opposition were subject to legal action.
    I know the late Kenneth Roy provoked mixed feelings amongst many but, to me, he hit the nail on the head with this article

    I believe that it was the death of Winston Churchill that proved the catalyst that shocked the country back to it’s senses and whilst I would not wish harm on anyone, my last vestige of hope lies on the eventual death of the current monarch providing similar shock waves and restore things back to their rightful place.

    Yeah I know probably wishful thinking or misguided optimism but I’ll continue to carry that last hope.

    • IM

      Certainly many of us are needing some hope just now and I know you wouldn’t wish the death of anyone, let alone the head of state, but I know what you mean. Scotland needs a focus on independence and England needs to re-focus on what is right and proper than the nightmare they have subjected themselves, and us, to the last few years. The Tories are a nightmare, the SNP infected by gender warriors, and Labour, well where are Labour, no where to be seen. I can’t think of a time when all the various parts of the UK were in such a state.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. lorncal says:

    Like you, grumpy, I veer between total despair and hope. Maybe, just maybe, we needed a Nicola Sturgeon to come along and force us to re-evaluate our future. Out of the ashes might well come the answer, but, maybe the citadel has to fall first. The parallels with turn-of-the-20th-century Ireland are stark. The same old, same old is not going to work any longer. Alec Salmond needs to provide a whole new approach, and go back to the old SNP principle of a plebiscitary election. We also need the UN countries on our side – or, at least, most of them. There are a few people on the ALBA side who would make excellent, if informal, ambassadors. If we can’t do it this way, independence will be abandoned for some years and re-emerge as a militant brand because there will be no other direction to go in. That is what happens when people are thwarted once too often. Those who do the thwarting never appear to learn that lesson. I, too, fear I will not live to see independence and I fear that I will live long enough to see aggression against females (natal ones) reach proportions that will become unsustainable in a civilized society. Something will give eventually, grumpy, that is the one thing I am sure of, reading the runes.

    • Lorncal

      I just feel dejected with Sturgeon and the SNP just now. Their lack of action and her recent comments just show they have no clue what they are and on top of that they are a crap government. They are not fighting back about the insult that is COP26 so I have pretty much had enough of them now. I am just not going to blog about them anymore unless it is urgent, they are not worth it and I’ve wasted enough energy so time to re-charge a little, have a look at the unionists and deal with some other stuff.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        Yes, just sent off an email to my MSP saying much the same thing, grumpy. The sense of betrayal is total now. I just wish the pretence would stop, but I fear that mendacity is their watchword.

  9. Ian says:

    I’ve often wondered why, when the McCrone Report was exposed and the clear fact that successive UK Governments had lied for 30 years about how much oil wealth was really in the North Sea (while pissing away the revenues), that this wasn’t enough to convince most people of the need to get away from the UK. Over all the years since and with all the added reasons for independence that have subsequently happened, for me it still always comes back to the McCrone Report as the fundamental reason for Scotland becoming independent. If your ‘own’ Governments lie and steals in such a massive way, what other reason for independence would be needed. The initial anger on finding out about the report only became stronger as the consequences of this fraud became over time ever clearer, with Norway providing all the real world comparative evidence of what could have been. I’ll never understand why this wasn’t enough to create a huge (75%) groundswell of support to dump the UK. It seemed likely to be the obvious follow on from the 75% vote in 1997. Yet here we still are in the most dishonest, backward and inbred shambles of a union imaginable. Dejected and baffled.

    • Ian

      Some are of the British generation I suppose and too many others suffer from jockholme syndrome in the extreme, and of course we have more than our fair share of quislings don’t we even to this day. I just feel really dejected with the SNP and their lack of action on Indy and their really poor governance which makes independence tougher to win, it’s a sad state of affairs.

      Thanks for commenting.

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