At last a real assessment of the current SNP

“What’s puzzling about the UK Government’s implacable refusal to entertain a second independence referendum is that they might never have a better chance of winning it. Though the stakes would be high, the rewards for this most English of Prime Ministers would be great: the right to be described in eternity as the latter-day Lord Nelson who stepped up to save the United Kingdom in its hour of need”.

In the latest Kevin McKenna article what he said above is something I have been saying in this blog for a long time now and as Kevin also says “In 2021, the SNP are wretchedly ill-equipped to fight another referendum. This year sees the party fighting losing battles in every sector that matters in Scotland”. He is not wrong at all is he. It is one of the most depressing things that some of us have identified for the last few years and only now


are others starting to wake up to the truth that is the current state of preparation for any future debate on Scottish independence. The simple reality is we are further away from deciding our own future than we have been since 2014 and while people like comfy slippers Wishart continue to have a go at Alba and SNP MPs like Kirsty Blackman go searching for their own trans cult like the First Minister while having a go at fellow, and more effective, SNP MP’s like Joanna Cherry none of them have a focus for independence or maybe even any desire.

Kevin McKenna goes on to point out that the prevailing opinion is that the Covid Recovery Plan has neither detail nor ambition. Not only do they feel that it isn’t fit for purpose” but that Humza Yousaf, the Health Minister, simply isn’t up to the task”. Humza Yousaf is a serial failure in every post he has held, if you want to delay a referendum for the next 10 years or until we are past Covid-19 then Yousaf is your man, guaranteed to make a total arse of it. “The office of Lord Advocate, the highest public law authority in Scotland has become a pantomime joke” and in relation to the Alex Salmond enquiry McKenna says it is “inescapable fact that a black ops operation was effectively being run from the office of his successor”. Yet no one has been held to account for the failings in these areas, many costing millions and millions of pounds, money that could have been used to mitigate at least some of the on-going attacks by the Tories on the poorest and most vulnerable in Scotland.

McKenna finishes by pointing out that

“Perhaps most damaging to the cause of independence is that a state of vicious and poisonous civil war is now openly raging within the SNP. This has been caused by a party leadership who have managed to achieve what would have been considered impossible a few years ago: the alienation and marginalisation of feminist activists who choose to believe in the scientific truth that a trans woman isn’t a woman.

Many have been so sickened by the hate campaign being waged against them from inside the party that they would find it impossible to campaign on the same side as Nicola Sturgeon in a second independence referendum. Several of them have told me that they would actually feel safer within the UK than in an independent Scotland run by their aggressors”.

All of the things that Kevin is saying new media have been saying for a long time now, you only have to read the blogs or watch the Prism to see that those in new media who take the most grief are the ones who are talking the most truth. This is a damning picture of the SNP right now, a picture of failure as a Government, as a Party, of leadership, bereft of talent and ability. So if I were the Tories, as I have said a few times, I would call a referendum now and put the whole issue to bed for a long time, but given Johnson is a coward we have a little time to prepare, if you haven’t already you have time to think about joining the Alba Party as the only vehicle that will put any pressure on the SNP to actually get moving, and the more people who either defect to Alba or join Alba that pressure will build and we might actually move forward.



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7 Responses to At last a real assessment of the current SNP

  1. twathater says:

    Bruce I have never been a member of any political party and I don’t want to be because eventually they all become liars and troughers , BUT if the ALBA party were to publicly and vociferously DECLARE that every forthcoming election that they participate in the FIRST policy and promise is that when elected to Government the first thing they will do is declare the TOU dissolved due to the numerous breaches by the WM (english) government , I would then join them

    • TH

      It’s not for everyone. I never get too active as I tend to want to see who are genuine and who are playing the power games because there are always those who are. Alba so far is being set up with members having more power than all the other parties. The NEC is impressive so far with people like James Kelly, Barrhead Boy etc and an even female male split, none of those on it are fools and won’t be dictated to but like everything time will tell. I’ve only managed one meeting so far due to work but do hope to attend more in future and will offer my opinions where appropriate but Alba is new and it will take time to establish, I am not even expecting any breakthrough in the council elections next year, it is about getting the foundations right and building momentum. The party will grow when more leave the SNP and they have done well forcing the SNP to at least speak about independence by just existing so far but small steps and realistic goals should be the way forward as they are up against the establishment but so far so good. I think a plebiscite could become policy as it appears a lot of members support it and members so far decide all policy but not everyone should join, people like your self can hold it to account from outside and that is a good thing too and I suppose in many ways is what GSM blog is about.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Great to see the emergence of truth. Thank you, Bruce.

  3. katielass04 says:

    Perhaps now Kevin has written his piece, SNP fans will stop with the ‘ALBA is divisive & it’s all their fault’ nonsense and face up to the fact there will be NO indy with Sturgeon, that she has done NO work for it, and doesn’t intend to. They can’t keep their heads in the sand forever, they can’t keep blaming ALBA for forming to give ‘politically homeless’ voters a party to work with.

    Perhaps seeing Kevin write the truth, it’ll give them cause to stop & re-assess and realise ALBA are trying hard to pick up all the SNP’s dropped balls. (In light of their GRA policies, am I still allowed to use that word? Who know… *sigh*) I hae m’ doots, but… well… wha kens…

    • Katie

      I totally agree. They have blamed Alba members for too much. I also hope the article opens some eyes but I have already seen that some SNP members are attacking him and calling him a unionist and worse. I don’t get it at all, the only thing I didn’t agree with was his saying AS should apologise to the accusers who a jury found had not told the truth, AS was found innocent. But SNP members need to see that the current SNP leadership have done nothing to promote independence and the only reason they are even talking about it is because of Alba.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • katielass04 says:

        Yes, agreed, Bruce. I don’t think McKenna even had the right to suggest Salmond apologise. Why would an innocent man do that? But however, SNP fans know McKenna isn’t averse to telling it how it is. So if he’s saying something, it must be closer to the truth than not. Hopefully, it’ll cause a few diehard SNP people to stop & think. But like you, I’m not going to hold my breath.

        Though on saying that, it’s just occurred to me – I’m not seeing as many pushing SNP/Sturgeon though, as I once did. I’m seeing thousands of their BOT accounts, but SNP fans… not so much. You still encounter some real corkers, LOL! But…tbh, I think I’m seeing a slow down in them. Or they’ve all blocked me, which is quite possible! 😉

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