Comment: Covid-19, we have switched off?



Like many people, but certainly not all, I have started to become immune to the Covid-19 daily stats but seeing them today showed me that not only are we still in the midst of a very serious pandemic but that we have switched off from the daily horror that is this infection. In Scotland yesterday there were 2,194 new cases but thankfully no deaths with around 900 people in hospital suffering from Covid-19. To get the information, certainly if you look at BBC Scotland, you have to search as it is no longer front page news, that is where we are at with Covid now. The news has moved on to COP26 and the potential of hundreds of thousands who will descend on Glasgow over the period of the conference next month, the potential for flare ups being high as protesters plan to make their voices heard, but you have to ask yourself the question, why is this conference even taking place when the UK is Covid ground zero pretty much in the whole world right now.

Now while I personally try to maintain social distancing when out and about, still wear a face covering, and hand sanitise, I have pretty much switched off from the Covid crisis now to be honest, and I don’t think I am the only one. The handling of this pandemic in Scotland, and the UK, has been a crime and yet no one has been held to account as of yet for this shambles, a shambles that to date has cost 139,000 lives in the UK alone. Think about that, 139,000 people have died since March 2020 from Covid-19 and yet not one politician or government minister has been held to account for the basically criminal handling of this crisis, no one has felt the need to take responsibility, not in Scotland, and not in the wider UK.

I was chatting to family and friends about it and most have given up now on trying to even keep themselves safe with adhering to the advice. When asking why, people feel beaten down by it all, they feel that the authorities gave up months ago in trying to protect people, and that the handling has been so bad that everything is in a mess now, especially access to vital NHS services and it is hard not to disagree with any of that is it. So as the government are warning of a long winter, a winter of infection, of limited access to NHS services, on top of everything else we are facing right now, it is going to be a long winter, and if we have switched off, a potentially sad one for many families.


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18 Responses to Comment: Covid-19, we have switched off?

  1. David Cameron's Secret Love Child says:

    I was at Hampden for the Scotland Israel match, and they were telling you to wear masks when walking about the stadium. When we are packed in like sardines and all jumping up and down hugging loads of folk when we scored, what hoenst difference does wearing a mask going to the loo or buying a pie do? It is pathetic now and I think a power trip from the First Minister in the name of “safety”.

    We are sleep walking our way in to an authoritarian state in the name of “safety” in so many ways and it is very worrying.

    That said, I do think what has been shown in this is we need a written constiution, and powers of a pandemic should be written in that and only invoked on 2/3 approval of parliament and must be re-approved by 2/3 approval every 6 months. The fact the governments have been using secondary legislation to force some stuff through is a disgrace.

    • DC

      I agree with you regarding the legislation, as far as large crowds etc I think the governments just gave up when they decided there was no more money left and I suspect many of the public gave up a while back due to the poor handling of the whole pandemic but the stats are still frightening, although on a downward curve in Scotland now thankfully.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Wee Chid says:

    As a carer of a 56 year old male relative with COPD I’m having to remain careful. The plan for the winter is to be stocked up on essentials (We’ve been byug a wee bit extra every week) and to virtually hibernate until March. Before Covid he only left his house for medical appointments and since March 2020 he has been permanently housebound with only occasional visits from district nurses for Covid and flu injectionsm plus the odd blood test. Nobody else gets into the house, other than the engineers for annual gas and electrical safety checks. The engineer is always masked and the rooms he has been in are completelycleaned and disinfected before the resident uses them again. Nobody gets into his own room. Shopping gets delivered to outside the front door and is cleaned before it comes into the house,. My own contact with others is minimal with, maybe, a monthly visit, by car, to my sister – who is also carer to a vulnerable person.
    Before Covid I had a couple of casual part time job, for which I’ve had to refuse shifts as both entail dealing with members of the public.
    Every time I read about large gatherings I sigh with the realisation that the time I will personally have to shield increases with the number of positive cases that follow and I now accept that I will probably never get back to working. I’m basically retired – but without the benefit of a state pension which, because of the rise in the pension age has been denied to me until I’m 66 – another three and a bit years to go.
    Looking at other countries I wonder why we have made such an arse of the whole thing and why figures aren;t much lower like they are in other countries – then I look at who our leaders are and it becomes obvious. How the hell did we become such a nation of bloody idiots that we voted for even worse idiots to run things for us?

    • Wee Chid

      This is where most of us forget isn’t it those who are still very vulnerable and still having to shield and the powers that be have certainly forgotten that as well I suspect. I still am careful to a degree as my Mother is older, as well as, my older brother but it does feel like people have switched off. Even Sturgeon has switched off now that most people don’t watch the briefings, her light has dimmed maybe. The cases are still very high and you have to ask why we are still taking so many risks like COP26, no easy answers for sure but an eye opener all the same. Take care.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • larawanda2004 says:

      You have my sympathy. Remember all the bull from Nikita so compassionate, so caring. People like yourself have been forgotten, its a disgrace and someone should be taken to account, but the government of Scotland now is no better than the W.M shower. People have become complacent , I’ve been behind plenty of shoppers who don’t sanitize their hands or trolleys. I’m afraid it’s the me I myself attitude now and my heart goes out to you and all other careers. You are so right in your last statement, the problem is so many of the idiots still haven’t seen through the condescending crap.

  3. Apparently there were 229,000 new cases worldwide yesterday with 20% of these from the UK. The likes of Spain, France and Italy are now at new infection levels of under 2000 a day so you’ve got to ask just what these loonies “in charge” here have been doing.

    There’s no doubt Johnson will go to the polls before any enquiry into the handling of the crisis so we absolutely MUST declare that as a plebiscite and get away from the madness. That won’t happen though as The Empress will just bleat about getting another mandate for a referendum on the 12th of Never and the cult will stumble blindly along.

    • Dave

      Johnson is definitely going to the polls before any Covid report comes out that is for sure. The levels in the UK are mental just now and from what I can see looking at this again are the warnings are dire for the winter so really how badly have we handled this all over the UK, a total shambles and no one is to take any responsibility for the poor handling of it and in time no doubt brushed under the carpet or the next crisis comes along.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. George Dale says:

    I don’t get to meet that many people, but when I hear “post covid” I am astounded.
    You don’t need the BBC, daily figures are available at:
    I look every day and am horrified. Sturgeon and her dentist friend have gone into hiding and that’s no surprise.
    8,500 dead in Scotland about 2,500 in Denmark, for instance.
    It is utterly sandalous.

    • George

      Thanks for the link and yes, even I was shocked today by the figures and even concerned that many, myself included, have become so complacent with this pandemic and the powers that be seem to have given up. With the warnings regarding the winter we are not out of the woods yet and might even face a 4th wave of this thing if we are not careful.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I feel things are going to get worse , a winter of discontent is ahead . Spending millions on a conference yet folk are struggling to feed , heat and access vital services. A conference ain’t going to change the planet. Maybe if folk had enough money to live off then things would change . Money to buy decent food , decent housing , cars etc . The rich will help us rot into the abyss.

    • Anon

      You are not wrong, priorities are rarely the right ones and especially in the UK now a days for sure. Things may well get a lot worse across the board before they get better.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • says:

        Bruce that was my comment l thought it had disappeared into cyber spaceso l wrote another one similar, sorry about that, Regards Pauline

  6. says:

    Think a lot more have switched off to the depressing news of covid . Folk are just sick fed up , l am for sure . Spending millions on a conference while folk are struggling to meet their daily needs , it’s sickening . A conference ain’t going to change the planet . Maybe if folk had a decent standard of living then they’d be more willing to contribute to saving the planet . The rich will send us into the abyss because they blame the less fortunate everytime .

  7. It is a SCANDAL. The UK Government is ignoring its SUPREME DUTY of protecting The Health of its People – see “Salus Populi Suprema Lex”: Frontiers of Public Health.

    • Neil

      The handling of it certainly has been a scandal with potentially worse to come this winter. I am equally as guilty of Covid fatigue as anyone but the facts are we are still in a very bad place in the UK yet look to have now switched off, scary in many ways.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. capnandy2 says:

    Was chatting with a friend this morning and we were both agreed that the forthcoming COP26 , in Covid terms, is a disaster in the making given the quantity of people, both official and unofficial heading to Glasgow for this. I shall be staying at home for the duration and going nowhere near Glasgow,

    • Capnandy

      Totally get that and I would think many people will be feeling the same if they live around Glasgow. Dundee where I am won’t be effected unless there are some demos I suppose which there might well be but the handling of the pandemic has been a crime and looking at the stats we are no where near out of the woods in the UK in any shape or form.

      Thanks for commenting.

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