Damaging Independence

I am pretty much convinced now that the SNP are a real danger to independence and our cause moving forward with their Duke of York strategy to moving the debate forward.

Ian Blackford MP, SNP Westminster Leader, tweeted this the other day in response to the reduction in the number of Scottish MPs at Westminster due to the latest Tory gerrymandering of our electoral system. I found the tweet one of the most depressing tweets I have seen recently from Blackford and it just highlights the total lack of vision, of ideas, of impetuous, and of hope of changing our situation anytime soon, maybe even in my lifetime now as long as we are being led by the likes of Ian Blackford.

Look, I know this blog  has been down this road before in relation to Ian Blackford but something has to give and give soon. ScotNews also posted a video on Twitter from Tommy Sheppard SNP MP from 2015 in Westminster and while I had never seen this before it is one of the most depressing things I have ever heard to be honest and it puts things into context in so many ways for me and confirms the feelings I had 2015/16 leading up to my leaving the SNP as a member.

I followed the debate following the latest Blackford platitude and it makes for depressing viewing it really does and shows the damage that is being done by certain people in the SNP elected ranks, and it is not that it brings anger, it brings resignation to our situation with the SNP, and that for myself if far more dangerous in how we move forward as a movement.

The frustration is building more and more each week now and I can’t help but be concerned that while some people may move to another party like Alba or ISP some we will lose, but the greatest danger every time people like Blackford open their mouths is the lack of hope they appear to be bringing about in the yes community. Look I know I sound like a broken record on this issue recently, I get that, I have said similar before but it really can’t be repeated enough for myself, the SNP are a real barrier to independence with their current lack of strategy and leadership. I totally get why people are walking away like Wings, I get why people are leaving the SNP having had enough now of the Duke of York Party.

I wish I knew what more we can do to highlight that the movement are being taken for fools and I live in hope that when Mike Russell fails to deliver a strategy in November on the way forward that this will open eyes to some in the cult but fear it is all too late in so many ways. I suppose all we can do as far as new media goes is keep going but I can honestly say that some weeks are harder than others and I wish people like Blackford would just shut it and not say a bloody word anymore.

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19 Responses to Damaging Independence

  1. Blackford just makes a complete erse of himself every time he puts out a tweet. Just a windbag, like the rest of them with their manufactured outrage for the benefit of the plebs while knowing full well their salaries are safe.

    • Dave

      I really think he is damaging the cause now, the amount of people I see and speak to who are just so down just now and it is all about the SNP and Blackford/Sturgeon and in the long run due to their inaction it can only make things more difficult. I just wish he would shut his puss now and not say a thing, he is a liability for me as too many of them are.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. larawanda2004 says:

    I can’t agree more with everything you have stated , Fatford has been and still is a total embarrassment, every time he stands up to blah I cringe, I don’t watch any BBC propaganda, he is a goldmine to the Tory’s, a repetitive boring fat fart. No wonder they laugh at him. As for his side kick Sheppard, another one with his nose in the trough. I know I’m deviating here, but have you looked at the size of them? Oswald? If she gets any fatter she wont be able to see out of her eyes they are disappearing under all the fat. They are all feeding their fat faces while children and adults in Scotland starve. A shower of lying selfish egotistical Charlton’s. There got that off my chest. Keep at them Bruce , if you repeat their crap often enough who knows you may actually get through to the ones as you say are impleading the chance of independence the SNP sheep. Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      I just find most of them so depressing now and I really wish Blackford would just shut it I really do, every time he opens his mouth he reduces the yes vote now it is that bad. The unionists have never had it so easy coming up against that bunch at Westminster barring 2 or 3. I have noticed that some appear to have the physique of some who enjoy life more than many in Scotland as you say and we are subsidizing that rather nice lifestyle if they are in fact partaking in it. Something has got to give though and while I live in hope more people will give Alba or ISP a go my fear is a large non voter turn out like 2015 when Sturgeon refused to say the word independence and then you see the Sheppard video and just think bloody hell what are they on.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Stuart MacKay says:

    Even the dimmest of lightbulbs would, by now, realise it was having absolutely no effect. It must be increasingly difficult for Blackford to get out of bed and look in the mirror each morning.

    Bruce, you’re right to revisit this. In fact you should probably do it more often. Sooner or later people must realise that the “Royals” encamped in Holyrood are just like the other ones – and serve only a ceremonial purpose. If anything is going to change, on any subject from hungry children to a working ferry service there will need to be a change of staff. It doesn’t need to be a change in party, though given the time it takes to establish a competent, credible team that gets results I don’t see how it can be otherwise.

    There’s a simple question for anyone in Holyrood. What are you doing to serve the people of Scotland instead of simply serving yourself?

    • Stuart

      You are not wrong, Blackford just depresses me now, nothing on independence apart from platitudes and a shockingly poor record in government now that people should be pressure on esp around food and fuel poverty. I just don’t get why people are not seeing them for what they are now. I have had people say to me what would you prefer Labour in power and I always say the same thing, poor governance is poor governance no matter which party and if the SNP are not going to pursue independence what does it matter what party is in power if the governance is poor either way.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • I.M. Pistov says:

        Yeah I admit I looked at Ian Blackford in a different light when I discovered his previous incarnation as a high heed yin with Deutsche Bank

        • IM

          I just can’t stand the never ending platitudes to be honest, he is a very wealthy man allegedly which shouldn’t matter but it does make you wonder how aware they are of what life is really like for most.

          Thanks for commenting.

  4. Astonished says:

    ” And so say all of us ” . Spot on.

    I suggest that we ask every ALBA/GREEN/SNP councillor , MP and MSP who supports independence to publicly declare that the next westmonster election is a plebiscite. Those who fail to say so publicly we campaign against.
    In the case of known liars like ian (Scotland will not be dragged ….) blackford. I suggest a contract that if they renege then they forfeit a large sum of money.

    The sooner this is done – the better. Johnstone is a monster and a lame duck. I think a westmonster election is sooner than we think.

    Anyway keep fighting the good fight – never forget Bruce and the spider,

    • Astonished

      I agree with you about the next GE, it is going to be held before any Covid enquiry gets to report that is for sure and I also agree that if a candidate isn’t willing to say the next election is a plebiscite if need be then we should campaign against them and put the pressure on as we know a referendum is not happening any time soon. If I were the parties I would make it clear in manifesto’s that without an agreement on where we go then a plebiscite is in every manifesto and we go from there, it is time the unionists learn that we are not messing around but the SNP won’t do it, closet unionists now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Cubby says:

    Bruce I gave up hoping the Sturgeon SNP may just be incompetent or scared I now believe they are doing it on purpose. Look at how so many people are demotivated. It is a deliberate strategy by Sturgeon. Look at how she has got complete control of the SNP.

    • Cubby

      I agree and have never forgotten comfy slippers Wishart saying in 2017 or thereabouts that the strategy was a sustained 60% in the polls for yes, I believe that is their strategy and they are afraid to say. So what they do is have a Duke of York approach to string along the vote to keep in power but all that has done is allowed them to get used to very good lifestyle while millions struggle and go hungry, no movement on indy, poor governance, they are a joke now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. 100%Yes says:

    I honestly believe the only option is to remove the New SNP from government, we are not going to win trying to point out the wrongs and rights of Nicola Sturgeon or the New SNP, look where that’s got Wings over Scotland.
    1 Do not vote for the New SNP at next years council elections, vote for all other Pro-Independence parties
    2 Do not vote for the New SNP at the next Westminster elections

    • 100%YES

      I will vote Alba or ISP depending on who stands in my area but as a member of Alba I would hope that it would be them. I think it is time to fire a shot across the bows of the SNP now, they are not only not pursuing independence they have a worsening record in government, as bad as any of previous unionist ones over the years. If we are not going to be independent, and let’s be honest, it won’t happen under Sturgeon the least I expect is good governance and that is not the SNP year on year since Sturgeon became FM so if they end up losing power I won’t be upset given how I feel about them now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. lorncal says:

    Hi, Bruce, have a piece for you as you requested, and if you are interested. Please use my email address to get back to me in private so I can send it on to you to see if you can use it.

  8. You are right Bruce , it is depressing plodding on and I must admit I personally have been struggling between being exceedingly busy, business wise and drumming up
    The motivation to write blogs saying the same things as I have been saying since early 2015. The SNP under Sturgeon have been a sick joke and Blackford personifies that sick joke. Keep on going Bruce because regardless of how many time you give out the same warnings , you are still right.

    • Bob

      Sometimes is feels like we are flogging a dead horse with some of the cult of Sturgeon but I suppose all we can do is keep going as best we can, it is sad though that when we should be concentrating on making the case for independence and having a go at the Tories and the unionists we are having to try to figure out a way to keep the so called independence party honest. Blogging is a bit easier for me due to my insomnia, from medication I am on, so I wake up at very weird times but wouldn’t recommend it to anyone 🙂

      Thanks for commenting.

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