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I enjoy Twitter, I appreciate that it is a bit of an echo chamber in many ways but it can be useful, as well as, rubbish and full of conspiracy theory crap but I was having a wee look last night as I was suffering the latest Scottish National Team struggle against the Faroes.

The first thing that caught the eye was the Queen, sorry President Sturgeon, meeting with the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations Amina Mohammed around the up and coming COP26 Conference in Glasgow on Climate Change. Allegedly President Sturgeon has shown great leadership around Climate Change, no she has not, she has failed and when will this First Minister be held to account. Scotland is failing to meet all of it’s targets pretty much, scrapped the idea of a national energy company which has the potential to mitigate climate change while benefitting poor folk, and the President has failed to take advantage of the conference so far to further the cause of Scottish Independence. Failure.

The Health and Science Committee at Westminster released it’s report on the handling of Covid-19 and it was damning. The report identified that many thousands of people died when they didn’t have to, older people were treated as an after thought, billion and billions of pounds were wasted on various systems like track and trace, the scientists were wrong and did not take any lessons from the rest of the world, and that all of the decision making was dysfunctional.

What have we seen so far. Well as Marcus notes no one takes any responsibility at all, no one loses their job for the deaths they caused by their incompetence, no lessons have been learned as we still have one of the highest infection and deaths rates daily now in October from Covid-19, and the NHS can’t cope due to underfunding. But listening to the Lesley Riddoch podcast this morning some people are still promoting that President Sturgeon handled the pandemic well, no she did not in any shape or form, she was able to present her failure better than most and was protected from a compliant media. Scotland has some of the worst Covid-19 outcomes in the world but you would never know unless you have a serious look at the outcomes. There needs to be an enquiry in Scotland, although little has been said about this, and we know that Johnson will delay the UK enquiry as long as he can and will probably call a general election before any report can ever see the light of day while President Sturgeon will delay any enquiry in Scotland as long as she can and will no doubt not be aware, can’t recall, or wasn’t there in the first place.

Where is Boris Johnson as this report comes out, well he is on his 7th holiday coincidently the day before the report, wow what timing, is he jammy or what. We also learn that two-thirds (66%) of people in Scotland trusting the first minister on Covid-19, wow. You just can’t make any of this up can you. We should also be asking where is the Labour Party in all of this, where is Keir Starmer, where are the alternatives and the opposition. Sturgeon is hiding behind her on-going gender war with women and hiding behind fantasist climate claims, Starmer is afraid to say anything to anyone for fear of upsetting his lost Labour voters in the North who have went native Tory and who are not coming back and we know that President Sturgeon avoids personal responsibility at every turn, she wasn’t there, she didn’t know, she is not aware, she is definitely not self aware that is for sure.

I have noticed a ramping up of the anti-Alba mantra from some in the SNP over the last few days. I have had a couple of discussions and I am either a splitter of the yes movement, a Tory, an Alex Salmond cultist but not one of them has been willing to accept that I joined the Alba Party because of people like Alba Party Central, the desire for independence, the rejection of SNP failure, Sturgeon failure, and the actions of her cult. They cannot accept that Alex Salmond played no part in my decision, and they cannot accept that Alba is here to stay no matter how long it takes us to make our breakthrough as far as elections are concerned and it may take a while but we are here to stay. The SNP cultists are getting afraid of what we stand for, who we are, and our arguments for independence.

Finally as is always the case in the UK we reward failure. That total failure and light weight Matt Hancock has been given a job in the UN to help the African Continent recover from Covid-19, are they mad. Not only is this insulting to us as abject failure is rewarded which is always the case in this disgusting United Kingdom and what is it with the UN that it thinks that there is not one single person who is from the African Continent can do a better job from a basis of knowledge and lived experience, no let’s send a no mark from a past colonial power to tell you what to do, how disgusting is that, again you just can’t make it up can you.

join the Alba Party here

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10 Responses to Comment: a bit of a mix

  1. ALSO, further food for thought:…/a-plan-for…/
    As an EX SNP member, I’m now more inclined to follow the above link!

    • Even

      Sadly as long as we rely on Sturgeon and the SNP we will be wedded to the Section 30 gradualist approach that will result in either no referendum or no referendum anytime soon. The only way that changes is if their seats are under threat and we would require people to vote Alba which right now isn’t going to happen. I wish I had the answers and the post you highlight has a lot going for it but right now Sturgeon is protected by her cult and the unionist media.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Stuart MacKay says:

    Marcus Chown has it down right. Politics is just another career where all you have to do is control the message so you stay in power.

    It’s not as much of a mix as it first appears. You should do more of these.

    PS I have no idea if the following is true or not but it does raise some questions over the type of people who populate the UN,

    • Stuart

      There are not enough different voices in politics and by that I mean a cross section of society. We have allowed the parties to become middle class self perpetuating careerists and we are paying for that now with poor policy and poor government. The people we would like to hear have no chance of being selected by any party as they are the wrong kind of people and are mostly voices who won’t get involved. It really is a mess and we end up with a bunch of no hopers or PR clones like Sturgeon. I’ll check out the link thanks.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Geoff Anderson says:

    If you truly want an Independent Scotland you do not branch off into issues such as queer theory.
    You focus on good government for the majority of Scots. You focus on building a fairer society. However the most important job is to prepare the ground for Nationhood.
    A true leader would prepare the Army. They would select the ground for the battle and above all else select when to commence the battle. When to engage!

    What leader insults sections of their Army and excludes them from the discussion. What general would surrender the selection of the battlefield and the timing to the opposing force. What commander would surround themselves with advisors from the opposing Army. The answer is Sturgeon!
    The YES movement, AUOB, ISP, ALBA, Leading Bloggers…in fact any voice not under her direct control ignored. ( Both Votes SNP and a Million wasted votes and a rise in Tory seats a great example of her control obsession and the associated danger)

    I wish people would wake up! It is Sturgeon who is failing to lead not the Troops eager to engage.

    • Geoff

      You are spot on and I would only add that we need those other voices in our Parliament but have a party system so broken that only middle class drones pretty much get selected. It is a total mess and I don’t know how we fix that. Sturgeon I have no time for, I gave her the benefit of the doubt for a while, kept voting SNP but that is all over now. I won’t vote for her hate and weird gender agenda, we won’t move forward with her or her cult and I can’t see any referendum anytime soon. The best I can do is support Alba, keep blogging and help out where I can and keep promoting the alternatives. It’s sad her division has resulted in a lot of steps back wards.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. nallyanders says:

    Quite amused at the news: Blackford apparently appeared, addressed and was ‘Heckled’ at the end of the ‘Yes’ march on the 9th October.
    Looks like people are starting to wake up and getting angry with it.
    Should have brought a bigger carrot.

    • Nally

      Yeah I heard some didn’t make him very welcome and the cult are blaming Alba members without any proof of course. I’m not sure what the SNP expect
      given how let down many people feel right now, I wouldn’t have heckled him but I can understand why some did. Sturgeon has never even attended a March, LGBT and Brexit marches yeah but she won’t go to an Indy one. Says it all really.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. larawanda2004 says:

    Once again Bruce you have shown them for what they are, uncaring careerists. As for Hancock! It compares to giving Himmler the job as a refuge camp cheerleader. Just proves what you say, politics are run by the upper and middle classes. Saor Alba.

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