Comment: Are we walking down a dangerous path?

The world feels like it has gone mad. I am really starting to ask is it just me that is getting frustrated with the beliefs of the politically correct being pushed in our faces more and more every day. I know many people won’t like this short blog post but I don’t really care if they do. I am married to a black woman and all of my 3 children are obviously mixed race so I know a little bit about prejudice and the harm that it can cause, I have even experienced a little for being Scottish when I used to go down to England a bit years ago but I am getting sick to death of getting this politically correct agenda rammed down my throat at every turn these days.

I am also starting to think that it is becoming counter productive as well. I don’t really care if someone is homosexual, black or white, transgender, or where they are from, I really don’t. I am 52 years old with more years behind me than ahead of me, I was brought up to just accept people for who they are . My parents were poor, I was poor, I still am but my parents, my Mum still remains of the same mind, were always of a mind that we had enough problems of our own to worry about things like color or sexuality, she doesn’t agree with women having to potentially give up their safe spaces but as far as the transgender debate goes at 83 she pretty much doesn’t really bother, she will say good luck to them as long as their rights don’t infringe on others rights.

We know that people of colour face discrimination, we know that homosexuals face discrimination, that the transgender community face discrimination, the poor and the most vulnerable face discrimination, we know that, but I just don’t see how changing comics, tv shows, adverts, toilets, show anything other than fear of not being politically correct, of being called out. When I see how far we have come in my lifetime through education and through changing minds it is amazing, and amazing people have carried that baton for all of these groups but we are in danger of losing all of those gains by an increasing fear on the part of our politicians and our institutions for saying or doing the wrong thing.

We have to challenge discrimination in all forms, of course we do, that goes without saying but the methods being used now, in my opinion, are aggressive and instill fear and that in the long run will be counter productive because people will only be pushed so far and then they will not be pushed any further and the education, the hope that we can all live as one community as best we can will be destroyed and the people we need to educate feel that they are under attack, and they will fight back, and all the gains will be lost or be at risk of being lost. When we need to find common ground and understanding we are having certain issue rammed down our throats at every turn to the extent that the rights of the many are being changed without the process involving them in the discussion, without educating and bringing people on board, that for me is a dangerous way to do things.

No doubt someone reading this post will accuse me of white privilege and all that guff, I’ll be accused of being a homophobe, a transphobe, a racist for being willing to express an opinion, fine, I don’t really care if they do or not, my family and friends know me but this path or journey we are on is in danger of being counter productive to the aims of the people who are forcing their agenda onto others with aggression , and fear, to the extent that others are too afraid to express their opinion and that will be bottled up until it spills over and that surely runs the risk of not being a good thing at all.


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26 Responses to Comment: Are we walking down a dangerous path?

  1. lorncal says:

    Grumpy: I didn’t know, or know of, anyone who would deny anyone else their rights or their right to live as they wish in peace – until fairly recently. The rights that the trans lobby seeks are way beyond the reach of others; trans rights to invade women’s spaces and rights are totally incompatible with women’s rights and spaces being protected. They do not want to share: the aim is to force women out and to colonize our spaces and rights and force us out of all public life and back into the home. ‘Trans rights’ are closely allied to men’s rights.

    Trans rights are nothing like gay rights: gay people were being jailed just a few decades ago. Trans people have every right going – and some, and even those are not enough for them. They want everything. Under the trans umbrella, we have body dysphoric people, we have cross-dressers, we have transvestites, we have autogynephiles and other types of paraphilics and fetishists, we have men’s right groups, we have incels, we have people who call themselves queer… Without one real predator setting foot near us, these male people will bring their sexual paraphilias and fetishes into our sex-based spaces. They are men. They are not and never can be women or female, and the trans men can never be male, ever. That is the reality they deny.

    If they get their way, female people will be placed in an intolerable situation right across the board – in hospitals, in prisons, in gym and swimming pool changing facilities, in loos, in sports, in short lists, in female-centred jobs looking after traumatized women who have been the victims of rape and sexual assault and domestic abuse. All our spaces will go, and our civil and human rights with them. Anyone who doesn’t see this or who pretends these things will not happen is a fool at best and a mendacious, lying piece of s**t at worst. Those who are pushing this stuff know exactly what is going to happen and they don’t care. Ask the Lib Dems at Westminster how much – or how little – it took to shut their mouths firmly when the corporate donors came along arm-in-arm with Stonewall. There are Russian mafia with more integrity than either Stonewall or our politicians.

    Our children are under such colossal pressure to conform to this lobby’s voracious appetite for distorting reality, for authoritarian and totalitarian control over speech, action and thought. Why? That is what we should be asking: why? What is the agenda? What is the end game? Why do our politicians slaver over these people as if they had brought the Holy Grail and placed it at their feet? You are questioning, Grumpy. Everyone needs to question. Everyone needs to start asking why? Why would grown men, whether they believe they are women or not, want to access female spaces and rights. Why would they want to do that?

    Why would any male want to share a hospital ward with unknown females, sleep with unknown females in close proximity? Why would a sex offender and/or murderer want to be placed in a cell with a vulnerable woman who is there probably for a low-level fiscal crime? Why would any man want to get close in a shower to a teenage or younger girl or take young girls on camping trips where they have to share their tents with males? These aren’t speculations: they have happened and continue to happen now, even before any change in the law to self-ID. The destruction of the family, where any form of gatekeeping by females (or males) of their children, appears to be among the ultimate aims. Why should that be? What kind of male would wish to gain the company of children through breaking down family barriers? Why would anyone, male or female, take delight in a young girls having her breasts removed or a young boy having his testicles and penis removed? No one does anything for nothing: there is always a reason, always a motivation.

    I have heard and read many men state that this has nothing to do with them, that it’s a mere distraction from the greater prize of independence, seemingly blind to the fact that most of the people pushing this stuff in Scotland are not interested in independence at all, even as they sit in government or swim around the big fish in government, in various roles. Even if this stuff goes through, and the SNP government seems to be very determined that it will, they will not deliver independence thereafter. To believe that, to believe that this isn’t the way they hope to finish off independence, is so detached from reality that he or she might as well join Stonewall because he or she (only two sexes) WILL be stonewalled. That much is certain in a very uncertain world.

    • Lorncal

      I don’t disagree with your opinion at all. The politically correct are afraid to even have an honest debate, the courts are infected by the politically correct, the media, all institutions now are and it’s all very depressing because it shuts down debate and it makes people afraid to express their opinion. All the points you raised deserve to be aired and the politicians who make the law need to answer your questions. The trans lobby need to call out the aggressive and violent part of their group as do the politicians but they don’t, they are either complicit or afraid. I am sick of hearing people being afraid to speak, I’m sick of every mixed race advert and super heroes having to be bisexual to suit an agenda, the world has gone mad.

      Thanks for such a brilliant comment.

  2. twathater says:

    I agree with both you and Lorncal and quite honestly any MAN that says this has nothing to do with them is DUMB , I am male 70 years old and sickened by this deviant and perverted lunacy that is constantly being pushed
    When Stu Campbell on WOS first highlighted what was going on I commented my opposition to the whole kit and caboodle , but sorry to say there were many and there still are who want to ignore the whole situation

    About a year before the 21 election I posted a proposal to set up a proforma document that individuals could download from the web , I posted the proposal on different blogs but no one was interested

    My proposal was for the individual to sign that he/she would definitely NOT vote for the SNP unless and until Nicola Sturgeon stated categorically and publicly that the next election would be a plebiscite election whereby if the SNP won the election by seats and votes it would immediately start negotiations for a disbursement of assets as we were declaring independence according to the COR , she also had to state categorically and publicly that she would defer the GRA until independence and hold a referendum to gauge people’s feelings on a vote
    There was very little interest and one blogger actually removed my comment because he felt it was wrong for people to propose denying and threatening the SNP with withholding their vote
    I even contacted Stuart of WOS by email to ask for his help promoting it but no response , and look where we are now with Sturgeon running amok with untrammeled power it could have been so different

    Just imagine hundreds of thousands of voters DEMANDING that our politicians do what we DEMAND they do

    • TH

      I won’t pretend to be an expert on anything pretty much but GRA for me is just stupid in so many ways. You don’t end discrimination by discriminating, in this case against women. There needs to be a debate and common ground found. I have no issue with genuine transgender men/women but to remove the word woman, to remove safe spaces (irrespective of what the stats say), of changing the law without any serious or real debate on an issue that divides shows how weak their argument is and how much Sturgeon has lost the plot to the extent her true Tory is coming out. The politically correct mob make me sick, as do those who are going along with this nonsense due to fear of attack, I am sick of all of it now and I have given up on the SNP moving on independence and without Alba, no matter what the cultists try to promote, there wouldn’t even be a discussion about independence right now as Sturgeon is not interested.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. paul says:

    One of the problems is the quicksilver contraction that is ‘trans’.
    You can never know whether they are talking about:
    Transexuals (fully transitioned)
    Transexuals (aspirational)
    Transactivists (professional)
    Transactivists (recreational)

    This vagueness makes it a perfect wedge issue for its lazy,opportunistic proponents and opponents, much to the diminishment of more important concerns, not least of which is female safety and rights.

    • Paul

      For me it is a non issue, what rights don’t the trans community not have right now other than not being able to enter women’s safe spaces until they have actually transitioned and surely at this time when there is still a big divide in the debate that is fine and how it is. I am sick of the whole debate, of Sturgeon and her true Tory coming out, her lack of movement on independence, the politically correct mob and the cultists, as well as, the aggression and threats coming from some in the trans community and their supporters and it all being Alba members fault. You just can’t make up how woke the whole debate has become from the wokies.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • paul says:

        I wasn’t making any case for transwhatever rights at all, I was reflecting on the bad faith rhetoric that surrounds the whole puerile debate, that transwhatever=virtue, even if it is a bear trap best noted ,and avoided, by those who seek material,social improvements rather than decorative ones.

        NUSNP are firmly and incompetently with the latter.

    • lorncal says:

      Above all, it appears to be a drive to destroy the family unit, whatever form it takes, but especially the husband-wife-mum-dad-children unit, but all units are at risk. It is the only thing that makes sense of the trans child phenomenon: that they need this to stick to ‘prove’ that trans is a born thing, not a learned or desired thing.

      Trans people like Dr Debbie Hayton, young Seven Hex and others, those who have no ambitions to invade female spaces and rights, and who understand that they are males, have hinted that this is not the trans that they understand. Stonewall’s umbrella now encompasses heterosexual men with all their accoutrements, who do not dress as women and who would pass as men anywhere, in any situation, yet they insist they are women and demand access to female spaces and rights.

      It might be a men’s rights movement and a men’s sexual rights movement allied, but there is more to this that even that, which is bad enough. It does seem to be being used as the vanguard for something even darker and more dangerous, and the re-subjugation of females in the West (as gatekeepers?) and the destruction of the family (as the most basic building block of society?) appears to be part of the agenda.

      Once, at least a few of our brighter politicians would have sussed that something nefarious was at work, but now? All you seem to need for any kind of position is extreme youth, no experience of anything, a virtue-signalling frame of mind built around a particularly repugnant kind of self-righteousness and narcissism that masquerades as caring about others, but is actually the opposite; or a fawning, compliant, me-ist personality that is happy to endorse authoritarianism at the drop of a gold-plated pension. I have little doubt that there are those in the SNP parliamentary party who are utterly opposed to both the GRA reform and to the foot-dragging on independence, but who will move only when the conditions are right and not before then.

      • Lorncal

        The politicians are cowards, all of them. If it were me I vote against end of. Transgender people have all the rights they need under the equality act and do not have the right to access female only spaces unless they have transitioned end of and of the politicians and the courts back this garbage their will be a price to pay and it could be Indy but I hope it just means women will support Alba but this re writing of gender to make woman a dirty word is a disgrace and it should make us all think about this woke group of people who way too much influence esp over sturgeon.

        Thanks for commenting.

  4. duncanio says:

    Amen to that Bruce.

    We are indeed on a dangerous road. It is one thing to say that transgender/transsexual, bisexual and homosexual is normal it is another to say that it is the norm. The former implies acceptance and inclusiveness which is as it should be in a tolerant, well adjusted society. But the typical sexual orientation is hetrosexual – I should not have to justify that as it is born out by facts, figures and everyday experience.

    As you say, politicians, businessmen, employers and people in general are feart to say the “wrong thing” for fear of retribution in the form, at least, of verbal abuse.

    This level of reverse intolerance does lead to warped societies and, ultimately, totalitarianism.

    There is a need – nay, a duty – to call it out. Well done.

    • Duncanio

      I genuinely don’t care what a person is, I really don’t. It is not for me to judge but the debate is toxic and you don’t end discrimination by discriminating against the majority or by telling people their beliefs are this or that because they don’t chime with their beliefs, the intolerance is frightening. This small group of people, and not all, use threats and fear to get their message across and people like Sturgeon the Tory think that is ok and remain silent while she also does nothing for independence while it is all Alba members fault. You just can’t make it up anymore.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. When they start bringing out emojis to depict pregnant men you know you’re way through the looking glass.

    I myself have been denounced as a transphobic bigot for stating that only women, aka adult human females, can get pregnant, give birth and subsequently breastfeed. Apparently lots of men have done so. Who knew eh? Way past time that this utter insanity was called out for what it is. A bigot I may be, but I’m happy to be one that understands basic biology.

    • Dave

      Been called a few things myself recently but this is all just going too far now for myself and people need to get a grip. It was national girls day yesterday and every important woman the world over used the hashtag, guess who didn’t add to that, yes the Tory herself Sturgeon. She is one of the main reasons for all of this divide in Scotland and is a real part of the aggression and threats that women receive in my opinion for not calling it out for what it is. If only she was as passionate about independence, but saying that, we have all seen the true Tory in Sturgeon now and only the cultists can’t see her for what she is and the politically correct companies etc, they are just cowards.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • lorncal says:

      What most peope can’t get their heads round, Dave is that, while it’s one thing to claim you are in the wrong body, it’s quite another to then go on to use that body’s biological functions to conceive, give birth and breastfeed as a male. If femaleness is abhorrent to you because you are really a male trapped in the female body, you would want to father children, not mother them. This c**p is so removed from sanity and reality that it really is making itself appear more and more delusional as time goes on. Saw a video of a young couple, MtF and FtM who had a baby. Yes, a real, live child. The biological father, in full make-up and regalia, was lying in bed with the baby in ‘her’ arms, bewailing the fact that the authorities would not allow ‘her’ to register as the ‘mother’ when ‘she’ was actually the biological father, and would not allow the biological ‘mother’, complete with beard, to register as the ‘father’ because he was the biological ‘mother’. That poor, poor child. My heart bled for it, and the thought of its likely life still haunts me.

  6. Paul says:

    I’m split on this.

    I remember a time when this would have been a curiosity, one of those stories on the news they stick at the end for entertainment value.

    The desired effect works be to make it entirely unsurprising or controversial, and it was working. Now though, it’s effects are all negative.

    That’s what this stupid and ridiculous Queer/trans ideology has done. This shouldnt invoke negative feelings, it shouldn’t invoke any feelings at all.

    It’s something that shouldn’t need to be done in the first place, because it shouldn’t be thought of as abnormal.

    This is what negatively affects young people. Stonewall and it’s profiteering is harming young people, and so are all those awful, virtue signalling, bearded gays.

    There’s no pot of gold of gold at the end of their rainbow, just tyranny and threats.

    • Paul

      I agree, the gender warriors have made this a bigger issue than it need be and they have weaponised something that need not be an issue at all. Society changes as it goes and opinions change as things become normal or you see that the facts have changed so you change your mind based on what you learn. To use aggression, threats, and force your views on others will only lead to a spill over at some point as people are pushed to the brink and refuse to move anymore. Sturgeon for me has made the situation much worse in Scotland with her approach to the debate and her total disregard for anything that is not her opinion, she is more Tory than the Tories now and the damage she is doing to Scotland will take a long long time to fix, the sooner she is gone the better.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Wee Chid says:

    Agree with you 100%. Fed up with the idea of “wearing your sexuality on your sleeve”. It’s such a boring issue, other people’s sex lives. I don’t care what folk do as long as it’s between consenting adults and is causing no harm. I don’t want it shoved in my face, I won’t change my use of the English language, as I learned it, and I won’t deny science.
    I would have thought that the LGBQT+++++++++, whatever, would have enough creatives to invent their own comic heroes and their own culture but that wouldn’t pander to their desire to force everyone else to become involved in their fantasy. It’s a power kick, a turn on for them and I won’t play their silly little games.
    I fear for the silent majority of gay people who are going to suffer a terrible backlash because of the narcissism of the, middle class, middle aged, overprivileged AGP males who are behind this shite.
    This movement is causing the mutilation and sterilisation of children who, during the angst of puberty are having their confusion regarding their sexuality made worse by people willing to affirm that they might be “born in the wrong body”. Nobody would ever affirm to an anorexic that, yes they are fat and hand them a low calorie starvation diet sheet so why affirm the idea that someone is the opposite sex because the “feel like they are”. It is completely immoral and just scientifically wrong.
    It is also stripping women of their hard won legal rights – rights that once lost will be difficult, if not impossible to get back. FFS we are not even allowed to call ourselves women any longer and appear to have lost our “privilege” of being the sole bearers of a cervix. (No David Lammy, trans identified males cannot “grow one” with a combination of drugs and surgery and trans identified females are women – so yes, they will have one – but they aren’t men).
    If some man feels he wants to dress differently let him go ahead – many pop stars have done it in the past without having to pretend to be the opposite sex or to demand the right to invade women’s safe spaces, but they need to understand that sex is immutable – it cannot be changed and no matter how much someone adheres in dress and behaviour to a particular stereotype. their sex does not change.
    You are right, Grumpy. We are walking down a very dark place. It is one of the reasons I could not bring myself to vote for the SNP in the last Scottish election, despite being a lifelong independence supporter because independence under these conditions would be a very frightening thing.
    I’m just glad that more eyes are beginning to open.

    • Wee Chid

      Agree, people can be whatever they want to be as long as it doesn’t hurt others or infringe on the rights of others. I find the whole politically correct part of it all nonsense now and the vocal trans lobby aggressive and none of that is good, it shows a weak argument and division by fear that gives the impression that Sturgeon supports it by her silence when her focus should be on Indy. I also await her Covid excuses to start soon as we get nearer an enquiry, I wonder how much she will try to blame others and keep hiding behind her gender warriors.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        There is another point, though, Wee chid/grumpy: how can it possibly be healthy to validate this stuff? We are going to create a large minority of very delusional people whom even the most dedicated psychologists and psychiatrists will not be able to help. When trans women, so-called, such as India Willoughby are given air time to promote absolutely insane ideas, such as the one about MtF trans having a cervix, it goes way beyond pandering into the realm of quite another universe.

        The children who are mutilated by surgery and ruined by hormones will not have a second life to fall back on. This s***e will eventually pass, but a massive legal battle for compensation lies ahead. Will Nicola/Lorna/Patrick put their hands in their own pockets to meet the costs of legal claims? I believe that they should. If these people believe wholeheartedly that all this stuff is kosher, then let them put it all in writing that they will compensate, personally, for their decisions which may later prove to be wrong (and they will be) in light of the fact that they have been alerted by sane people to the fact that that is the situation, and subsequently ignored all advice.

        Same goes for independence, for wasting years, for wasting all advice and members’ money when they have no intention, and never did, of taking us to independence by any means, let alone a referendum. Until politicians are held to account, nothing is going to change. We can all make mistakes, god knows, but, when you overturn reality – quite deliberately – in both GRA reform and in independence, then you have abandoned your legal duty of care and should pay the price as private individuals and not leave it to the taxpayer to pick up the bills. The taxpayers have been issuing the warning for years now and they haven’t bothered to listen because they are pushing their own agenda.


    I agree with pretty much everything you say. I can never take stuff like this seriously although I am probably meant to.
    My take is this, The man of steel is a crime fighter first and foremost who doesn’t have any real human relationship unless you are talking about his other self “Clark Kent” who has been seeing Lois Lane who is obsessed with Superman. She is the only person in the whole wide world that doesn’t realise that behind those spectacles and shy soft-spoken voice lurks a super-being from another planet only intent on keeping his city clean and the people of his city can rest easy. He has no time for romance in a nutshell. P.S. Unless you have heard the joke about Superman, Spiderman, Catwoman, and The Invisible Man.

    • Allan

      Yeah heard the joke lol. I just wish they would stop ramming the politically correct bullshit down our throats, it’s like all adverts have to have all races now or sexualities to include everyone, total nonsense.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. lorncal says:

    I think, to an extent, this is how it has to be done, grumpy, but I do see what you mean. My husband and I were watching the TV the other night and this largely pointless advert came on of a small boy dressed in his mum’s high heels, necklace and dress and make-up going around smashing things while his Earth-bound mum and sister looked on agape. His father was not present, which told a whole story on its own. The advert seemed to be at pains to state: let people be who they are. The boy was probably about 8-10.

    The human brain does not fully develop till the age of around 25, especially in males, when the synapses fully connect. The total ignorance of so many human beings to their own biology is quite incredible. Are they claiming that the human brain is fully developed at 8-10 years of age and, therefore, children are just mini adults? Are they really claiming that? It has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with social engineering and deliberate upheaval in order to achieve an aim.

    Whatever that aim is, it has everything to do with capitalism and making money and nothing to do with making people’s lives better because it always has to do with capitalism and making money. Always. And, of course, some medical people and scientists who display an alarming disconnect with real human beings. Corporations and politicians will try to make it relatively painless so that we don’t resist too early and spoil their plans, but if we do resist, they will find a way to enforce their agenda, no matter who gets hurt, no matter how many slip into dire poverty along the way, no matter how many are mutilated for life or mentally destroyed.

    Since the mid 20th century, human ‘development’, so-called, has been accelerating faster than the human brain can ever hope to process the process, and it has been more than every other millennium put together, according to many social scientists. Why? What is the point of all this social engineering? Are all these people unwitting proponents of a drive they do not even realize motivates them unconsciously, let alone understand?

    I am certainly not having a go at all men or collaborationist females just for the sake of it, but have any of them ever wondered why it has become imperative that females be taken out of the equation right across the world: there has never been a worse time in modern history for females, when the rights they have managed to accumulate are being take away faster than we can actually process the process? What threat do females pose to the world order that they must be pushed back in their box and kept metaphorically in chains everywhere?

    When females do break out again or if they do manage to resist successfully, will the world order change forever in a new direction that we simply do not foresee yet? I don’t know, but I do wonder whether it has become necessary: if MOTHER Nature is not fighting back in a way that will cause confrontation of a kind we haven’t ever seen before, but which has become necessary for our species’ survival because, at the end of the day, that is really all that matters, isn’t it, which is why we have biology and evolution?

    • Lorncal

      Thanks for such a brilliant reply. I have seen the add, John Lewis I think, someone posted it as they thought it was a nonsense and I totally agree. This rewriting of nature is getting too much now.

      On another note if you wanted to ever do a guest post on the blog you are more than welcome and I would be happy to post it and approve comments etc.

      Thanks for commenting.

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