Nicola a wee Update – Time is Not On YOUR Side at All



The Poverty in Scotland 2021 Report is something that should shame every single politician in Scotland, and in the UK, but some more than others. Poverty is increasing in Scotland and has been since at least 2010 reaching the same levels as 20 years ago. In 2017–20, almost one in four children (240,000) in Scotland were living in poverty, children, single parents, the unemployed, and those from ethnic minority families at most at risk. (JRF)

As the UK Government controls around 85% of social security spending in
Scotland and is almost entirely responsible for working-age benefits this overall inadequacy falls at the UK Government’s door. The most immediate example of this is the proposed cut to Universal Credit (UC) and Working Tax Credits (WTC) which will affect around 450,000 families in Scotland, reducing their income by just over £1,000 a year. This will be the largest overnight cut to the basic rate of social security since World War II and will push tens of thousands of people, including children, into poverty (JRF).

As with the rest of the UK, the social security system in Scotland is inadequate to keep families from poverty unless you come from a certain family who live in London where the Tory mantra of Leveling Up means different things to different people, especially the Tories, the Queen is going to get some protection from the Taxpayer to cover her Covid-19 loses, as she should of course being better than the rest of us, being above the rest of us, more worthy than hungry children and starving adults.

‘Losing 20% of your pay is bad, yes… imagine you were facing that, but with absolutely no food in the cupboard.’ (Alex, remote and rural Scotland). I wonder how this Tory would cope if we reduced MP’s salaries by 20% because £82,000 would be a lottery win for most people in Scotland but not a Tory MP, or any MP for that matter, maybe the Windsors, the Tories, and Nicola Sturgeon should reflect on this according to National Records of Scotland (2021) people in our most deprived communities are:


• 18 times more likely to have a drug-related death
• more than four times more likely to have an alcohol related death and
• the rate of deaths by suicide is three times the rate in the least deprived areas
• COVID-19 death rates are more than double those in the least deprived areas.

Most astonishingly the difference in ‘healthy life expectancy’ is best captured by the relatively cold statistical language in which it was most recently presented.
‘Males born in the most deprived areas can expect about 25 fewer years in good health than males born in the least deprived areas. The gap is over 21 years for females.’ (National Records of Scotland, 2021)

Nicola Sturgeon brags she’s got ‘time’ on her side for Scottish independence

In his latest Alba Party update,  Alba Party Leader Alex Salmond said “The people that are losing their £20 [Universal Credit uplift], do they have time on their side? 

Rising heating and food prices, VAT back to 20% from 5%, petrol prices increasing which will get passed on to the consumer, cut to Universal Credit of £80 per month for the most vulnerable, the soon to arrive increase in NI contributions, which is yet another tax on the poor. With public sector pay offers this year meaning public sector workers will be effectively experiencing real-terms pay cuts (as their wages will be stable while the cost of living increases because of inflation) we are facing a potential late 1970’s Winter of Discontent as public sector workers are voting for strike action, I know I indicated my support for strike action in the latest Unite Union ballot.

So when you read the very sobering Poverty in Scotland 2021 Report my message to Nicola Sturgeon is NO YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME ON YOUR SIDE. You have until May next year and the council elections and if voters in Scotland, especially the SNP cult members, have any brains they will send a very clear message to the First Minister, deliver or we will replace you with politicians who will.

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9 Responses to Nicola a wee Update – Time is Not On YOUR Side at All

  1. duncanio says:

    A powerful piece Bruce.

    Boris Johnson and his British Government are hypocritical and complacent … they’re almost as bad as Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government.

    • Duncanio

      I know I covered poverty recently but thought with the report coming out and this weeks revelations it was worth highlighting yet again how broken the UK and how desperate our situation is. Sturgeon is out of time and if people don’t start to get that message across and soon we might as well all give up as Scotland will deserve everything it gets from the Tories.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. lorncal says:

    Grumpy: this all feels very much like a re-run of the 70s right enough. According to Edwina Currie, any old job is better than none if you’re one of the hoi polloi. When was the last time she scrubbed a lavvy, apart from her own? Your timing is spot on. Great piece.

    • Lorncal

      My Mum was saying the same thing, she feels like the UK just is in decline, it looks crap, nobody happy, rising bills, empty shelves all similar to 79 with a terrible government and Scotland being an after thought but too many Scots on their knees, just heartbreaking.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. larawanda2004 says:

    Sturgeon is as selfish uncaring egotistical as her side kick Johnson. All about me. What about the people she is supposed to represent? All the crap condescending bull she spouts I hate this woman for what she has done to Scotland and her people. We will be FREE Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      I certainly don’t think she can accept challenge and I do despise her lack of action and the state of Scotland right now, her failures could kill off independence for years if we continue to allow her to get away with it. We need to see movement now as it will take a couple of years at least to get to a vote so let’s get moving and be ready but it won’t happen, she is afraid or is just happy to live a comfy life at our expense.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. I.M. Pistov says:

    We really are approaching the point of no return. I quite recently suggested in jest that the whole of the UK, not just Scotland, was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or Post Thatcher Stress Disorder).
    One of the symptoms of PTSD as any psychoanalyst can endorse is ‘Poor Decision Making’.
    I’m not jesting anymore the mood of the nation grows ever bleaker by the day.

    • IMP

      I think it is a bit of both in some ways. Some people are really disheartened while many who joined Alba have a renewed optimism following a really good conference and strong NEC with members involved in all decision making. I’m in the middle, we need to keep the pressure on Sturgeon as best we can but depressing we have to do that with the so called Independence Party.

      Thanks for commenting.

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