So yes, following on from yesterdays blog, the TORIES ARE SCUM.

This is the result of that no vote in 2014. Rishi Sunak sparked fury by dismissing the genuine fears of those who will be hit hardest by the cut to Universal Credit that both himself and Boris Johnson refuse to stop by declaring: “Is the answer to their hopes and dreams just to increase their benefits?” This Tory, the richest man in the Government, married to a billionaire heiress, a man who has just gotten permission to build an indoor swimming pool, gym and tennis court at his house also went on to say “Is the answer to tell a young family, the economic system is rigged against you and the only way you stand a chance is to lean ever more on the state?” I cannot express enough my disgust at these Tories, or the people who vote for them.

Childminder Caroline Rice said: “I don’t know how I will manage with the £20 a week taken away. That’s nearly £90 every payment term. We’ve cut all our outgoings as much as we can and I’ve got to the point where we can’t cut any more. We barely get by every month.

“I need my car for work. I can’t stop paying my rent or stop eating. We’ve already cut our TV licence. The debts that I already have are never going to be paid and it’s just going to grow.”

Sunak just doesn’t get it when he claims that we should be basically thankful for the years and years of austerity and poverty  “we should all be grateful” to the Tories for a decade of “sound management” of the economy. So yes, following on from yesterdays blog, the TORIES ARE SCUM. Millionaire Sunak even had the balls to rub it in all our faces when he told the Tory Conference “Our recovery comes with a cost” as he refused to rule out more tax rises on the poorest and most vulnerable after the hike in National Insurance that comes in next April. That cost is poverty, hunger, homelessness, ill-health, fear, shame. Austerity as we know even brought suicide to some families, is that a cost worth paying when you vote Tory Scum into Government.

I often wonder what type of idiot votes for the Tories, well here is one of them Mark Allenlives in The United Kingdom “Because we aren’t stupid, we understand that it is capitalism that has made the western world so prosperous, we understand that tax reductions for business and industry mean further expansion and more job creation, we understand that increased taxes to pay for yet more socialism is a bad thing, and that the people who will suffer as a result are ourselves and the middle class through job cuts”. This is England and much of the UK today, this is the kind of thinking that the scum bag Tories love, people who actually believe they have a chance to slide up the greasy pole, what an idiot if he can’t see that he is a servant like the ones in the middle ages who are there to be used to further the goals of the wealthy and the established, they let you vote but shit on you all the same.

I just don’t get why some people are so ignorant of what the Tories are, and how some can be so callous as to join in the hatred of the poor and the most vulnerable, who are happy to let children go to bed cold and hungry, let old people die alone in cold houses. Yet the latest voting figures put the Tories on 40%, Labour 37%, Liberal Democrats 10% and the SNP 4%. Have people lost their minds that the worst and most disgusting Tory Government in the history of Tory Governments are still ahead in the polls after all they have done since 2010.

This actually makes me more angry at Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP and their lack of action on preparing and being ready to move on independence for Scotland. I wish I could even point to savvy Scots who are rejecting this nightmare that is this Tory Government yet 47% said they vote no in another referendum, house jocks or jockholme syndrome, it makes no difference, if you vote no you might as well be voting Tory scum bags and you have my contempt. Rishi Sunak is widely regarded as a future PM of the UK, think about that as you prepare for another 20 years of Tory Government in Scotland after 2023 that we will have no doubt rejected again but we will remain in the Tory Union anyway because we are cowards and brainwashed, the UK makes me sick to my stomach and it is the stench of the scum who govern it that makes it so.

You Alba Yet? You can join Alba here



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20 Responses to So yes, following on from yesterdays blog, the TORIES ARE SCUM.

    • Duncan

      I listened to his speech and just thought Bastards. This Tory bunch have really rekindled my hatred for them from the 80s, I despise what Sturgeon has done to the Indy movement but even she is not in their league.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Thank you Bruce.

        The rage felt against NS is perhaps different from that felt towards the British ruling classes and their Tory Party enablers. Despite her manifest abilities as a political operator, NS is up against one of the most powerful ruling elites there is. Her inaction thus invokes both a degree of sympathy and a sense of utter betrayal. The Tories on the other hand are just a bunch of unintelligent, careerist, self-serving scumbags with no conception of real life …. etc etc etc ….

        • Duncan

          I think we all over estimated Nicola Sturgeon, she is polished and smarter than most of those around her but she is a coward and I am not convinced she is 100% indy at all. She comes across more labour to me the more I think about it but I do agree she is up against the most corrupt and self-serving Tories ever who just don’t give a crap what anyone thinks who doesn’t have money and power. It was clear yesterday that they are paving the way for Sunak to replace Johnson sooner rather than later and I actually think he might be worse as he is calculated.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • Dave M says:

            I think the difference with Sturgeon is that she is a performer rather than a political operator. The way she was employed using the referendum in her one-on-one debates with the opposition figures, played to her strengths.

            Looking at her record in office, she definitely isn’t a policy woman; she doesn’t do detail (you only need to read the GRA proposals and ‘hate crimes’ bill to understand that ‘her’ government doesn’t really seem to understand detail or depth of purpose), and she really doesn’t like being challenged. She reminds me of Tony Blair in that she tries desperately to make all the right noises to all the right people, but the truth is that it’s impossible to face in all directions at once.

            She stupidly exposed herself by deploying ‘her’ pronouns during the election campaign, and subsequently put herself on a collision course with 52% of the population. It may be a while before we know how many women had to hold their nose to vote SNP. I certainly couldn’t vote for them. I voted Labour on the strength of our local candidate, and Alba on the list. But Sturgeon’s response to a protest by hundreds of women outside of OUR parliament? Ban protests. (OK, I know the request to the Parliament came from the Corporate Body/Presiding Officer, but it wouldn’t make sense for that to have happened without representations from other quarters.)

            We are very quickly sliding into authoritarianism, which is the polar opposite of the social democratic vision of an independent Scotland floated in 2014. That we are doing that under the SNP is utterly astonishing, although I am reminded of my view of the SNP I held when I was a very young adult. I remember telling someone that they would “have us goose stepping down Princes Street”. I wasn’t really being serious during that conversation, but the memory of it chills me now, because of the SNP’s queer theory-fuelled youth wing and the cheerleading MPs such as Kirsty Blackman. I have read Nineteen Eighty-Four more times than I care to remember, and I don’t want to live in a Scotland where dissent is forbidden and simple words such as ‘woman’ have no inherent meaning.

            The context in Scotland now seems to mirror that in England. Right-wing governments, clothed in apparent respectability, with a docile electorate and useless opposition. I feel like one of the animals looking through the farmhouse kitchen window, unable to distinguish human from pig. I feel utterly depressed for what Scotland’s future is going to look like. We need to act NOW.

            • Dave

              Totally agree, Sturgeon is paranoid and afraid of challenge, and she is all show for me. The Scottish Governments record since she replaced Salmond is pretty poor overall and getting worse. She hates to be challenged, we have seen that time and time again and she is lucky Annabel Goldie decided to take the Queens shilling as I think she would have done well against Sturgeon and Baillie has shown you can get under her skin and put her on the back foot and defensive, the SNP benefit from a very weak opposition, a compliant media, and enough voters who feel they have no choice but vote SNP, that is why she fears Alba so much and will continue to muck rate the party as much as she can for as long as she can but that will run out eventually as more and more people vote Alba in time which I suspect they will and we will have at least 3 independence parties. I would like ISP to join with Alba personally as ISP have been impressive as well. I think Sturgeons time is coming to an end, she certainly won’t stand in 2025 if there has been no referendum that is for sure and especially after the Tories have won again. Interesting times in the medium term that is for sure.

              Thanks for commenting.

  1. says:

    I always said if it’s a No vote in 2014 all you will get is a flag (UJ) and tory rule for years . Canny eat a flag but maybe house jocks would think that a staple British diet . Scum indeed .

    • Pauline

      I was the same and it is why I struggle to be nice and polite to no voters and I am not the one to try and be patient and convince them of the YES cause, if they can’t see it for what it is they have no hope and they can shove it, I have no time for them and they are as Tory as the Tories. So I don’t try to persuade them, it is just not my role but I don’t abuse them if I do engage with them, I just don’t give then much time.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Black Rab says:

    I can’t wait for the day when Government, the monarchy, the military, schools and education are all privatised. They wouldn’t be able to raise a f*****g penny between them to support any of these institutions as they are all useless and don’t support meaningful life. Sunak gets paid via the public purse, but castigates people on the bottom of that rung. The english love these people. Why? The stupid dopes line up daily to pay 90p to read the tabloid and broadsheet pish. They love it. So do Scottish dopes.

  3. Black Rab says:

    That’s one of your best posts yet Grumpy. I been shrugging my shoulders all my political life. What the f**k is going on in peoples heads. F**t if I know. Chomsky said that people think that one day they will all be billionaires. That people vote for where they want to be, and not where they are. People admire people that have wealth.
    I say, bring on unbridled capitalism. Rub their noses in it. People will be screaming blue murder within minutes, and then demand justice. Let them have cake……….with f****g marzipan removal not an option.

    • Rab

      Chomsky said that people think that one day they will all be billionaires. That people vote for where they want to be, and not where they are. Brilliant, I had never heard that saying before and it is so true. yeah the stupid and unthinking in Scotland better get ready for the onslaught as the Tories are in for the next 20 years and those bloody no voters will deserve all they get, the sad thing is the rest of us with an open mind and a bit of ambition don’t.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. duncanio says:

    Those that vote for the Tories in this country are Scottish Conservative and Unionist Mugs (SCUM).

    Those that are members of the Tory party in this country are a right bunch of Conservative and UNionists in Scotland (please form your own appropriate acronym).

    Spleen vented.

  5. The post is a lot of words for “Sturgeon is a failure”. Beats me how Yes support isn’t at 80%+.

  6. Anonymous says:

    where’s my freebie from the government? yeh, exactly, I worked hard and got a job and pay for nonsense in tax.

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