Cruel Tories to Deluded Tories

The Governor General of Scotland, Scottish Secretary and Tory Alistair Jack MP, has come up with a whopper tonight. In his humble coloniser mantra he has decided that a referendum on Scottish independence can only be held after 25 years have elapsed, 60% support for a referendum sustained over 12 months and,60% support for independence sustained over 12 months. The Governor General goes on to claim that indyref2 should not go ahead because Nicola Sturgeon has “gamed” the electoral system. This is based on the assertion according to the National that was based on the false claim that the pro-Yes Scottish Greens – who have signed up to a co-operation deal with the SNP – did not put up candidates in constituency votes in this years’ Holyrood election.

The Champagne must have been flowing at the Tory Conference if coloniser Jack thinks this bullshit is going to wash. So far this week we have seen the cruel Tories and now we have the deluded democracy denying Tories, how is that no vote looking right now. Basically the Tories are going to cut your poverty benefits until you are no longer healthy enough to campaign for independence and if that doesn’t kill you off they make you wait until you are old and ill either way and you pop your clogs anyway.

We really are seeing the true Tories this week so a question where are all the so called democrats, where is the outrage, where are the international socialists in the Labour Party who should be screaming blue murder at this affront to democracy, they are standing with the Tories, where are the Liberal Democrats who believe in self realisation, they are standing with the Tories, and where is the SNP, they are standing outside with the gender warriors.

If we want our independence we are going to have to take it, the first step in that journey is get behind Alba and ISP, support AUOB, challenge this bullshit and do not allow the SNP and the Greens to play games with our futures, the results will be never ending Tory rule and the end of the independence dream for a long long time. These Tory scumbags will go to any lengths to deny our right to choose and we cannot let them, we have to call them out, we have to shame them if they even understand what that means.

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11 Responses to Cruel Tories to Deluded Tories

  1. duncanio says:

    There is no doubt that from the Andrew “The UK is back in Scotland – Get Used to It” Bowie, to Oliver “Scotland is falling behind the rest of England” Dowden, to Michael “Never!, Never!! Never!!!” Gove to Alister “I make the rules up as I go along” Jack the British are increasingly shrill and confident, cocky even, in their dismissal of this country’s right to self-determination.

    A referendum pre-Independence is now a route that is closed for Scotland. If it were ever “granted” it is not one that we should accept as it would be totally gerrymandered against us.

    No, Independence has to be taken by any means other than those set out by the British.

    • Duncanio

      I agree about the referendum, it wouldn’t be my first choice now as it just won’t be fair if the unionists get their way. I think a plebiscite election is the way forward but we also need to be preparing now. We need public meetings, we need discussion, we need to stop cooperating with Westminster but none of that is happening, why.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. benmadigan says:

    those restrictive conditions are simply Mr Alistair Jack MP’s personal opinion.
    AFAIK they are not law.
    Does anyone know what the actual legal criteria for calling IndyRef2 are?

    • Ben

      No one knows because the SNP acted with the unionists to make sure the Martin Keatings case failed in court. It will end up back in court again if Sturgeon is determined it must be a referendum to settle the question which will be the wrong choice.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. twathater says:

    Bruce I know you and most other bloggers are doing your best but FFS even the most deluded SNP and Sturgeon sycophants and apologists must see that the Sturgeon traitor is sitting back letting these arseholes like jack spout the most undemocratic conditions without telling them to FO and doing SOMETHING (like recalling her MP’s and declaring Indy) oh I forgot there are more pressing issues like GRA and the HCB to work on first

    • TH

      We are all doing our best, when you express an opinion you do as much as any of the bigger bloggers, like you I am just expressing my opinion. I don’t get why so many fail to see through Sturgeon and they are in for a fall in the longer term. All we can do is keep the pressure on and people like Jack help to highlight the lack of action from Sturgeon. I really don’t think we can win a referendum any time soon but we can be publicly preparing for one. We can be having the debates, we can be having public meetings now, we can be refusing to cooperate with Westminster as you suggest but the SNP are doing none of that, why and why aren’t the members not asking the questions, is it a cult after all.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Ian says:

    An independent Scotland also pretty much means an independent England (NI is halfway out already) and that is what the unionists are afraid of. For all their take back control bluster, it’s England’s independence that they want to prevent. I don’t doubt that a detailed report on the economics of an independent England has been done and that they are well aware of the issues facing an independent England. Scotland is simply a resource they need financially and for their delusional international status/prestige. But I don’t see what work has been done by the SNP to prepare for independence or to act like an independent government in waiting. While England (as the UK) is famous for it’s tactic of ‘muddling through’, at the moment and since 2014, Scotland looks like becoming famous for at best, ‘tinkering through’. The longer Scotland remains in the UK, the deeper the hole it will be in and the harder it will be to get out if independence does happen. The rest of the world moves on continually while Scotland remains in a static or going around in circles situation. There’s no point in blaming unionist politicians or other unionist lackeys for doing what is best for their own interests. The matter of independence rests with the Scottish Government. That it hasn’t and shows no sign of happening is their fault, no one else’s. The truthful criticism that Westminster had no realistic plan for Brexit looks like being equally true for the SNP and independence.

    • Ian

      I don’t blame unionists for doing what they are doing, I highlight I hope what they are doing and if I were them I would go for a referendum this year as YES can’t win given the lack of everything from Sturgeon and the SNP as you imply. I also agree that England is afraid of it’s own independence for a lot of different reasons and competing interests. Scotland may well go down in history as the only country (or maybe not a country) that didn’t want it’s own independence and that will be a shame that generations will have to live with. I also agree that the longer we wait on the SNP the harder it gets but I do also think that they are on borrowed time with a lot of people now and members I know have said that no movement before next May and they will not vote SNP in the council elections next year and will either not vote or go Alba but that will be them finished with the SNP so the pressure is building, the issue is I just don’t think Sturgeon cares all that much anyway.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. larawanda2004 says:

    You say it as it is Bruce, you don’t miss them and hit the wall. As for the SNP unionist party, I don’t know what it will take for it’s sheep to see the damage being done to the cause through lack of willingness to promote independence will finally get through to them. Meanwhile the cause is being lost amid totally unacceptable policy’s this government is pushing through without debate.

    • Lara

      I suspect when they are let down before 23 with some movement towards a referendum then some will open their eyes and abandon the SNP at the council elections next year, I have some friends who are members saying that for next year, no movement towards a referendum then they leave the SNP. That is maybe the only thing that will get them moving but then will Sturgeon even care if people leave, I am not so sure, gender is her agenda now and indy way down the list it appears. What a sorry state of affairs and all caused by Sturgeon and her inner cult.

      Thanks for commenting.

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