A Rotten Carrot

Allegedly the SNP at Westminster are about to up the independence anti by moving to a “new phase of independence campaigning” according to a leaked email to MPs. This according to Ian Blackford will allow the SNP to hold ” the UK Government to account”, that doesn’t up anything. Stewart Hosie MP is to take over as coordinator for campaigning for independence, well hud me back. This is to take place when they all return in October, apparently “these changes will collectively enhance our ability to hold the UK Government to account and prepare for us the tasks ahead in the drive to win the arguments for independence” according to Blackford. It does beg the question, what have they been doing up to now? This just feels like a mouldy carrot for the faithful, something to drag out until Boris Johnson announces another general election in 2023 and therefor any referendum planning goes on hold yet again.

According to a report in The Times yesterday, which is well connected to the Conservative hierarchy, Downing Street is worried that by mentioning independence the Tories are simply playing into the hands of the SNP by reminding the electorate of Scotland that the Conservatives are anti-democratic hypocritical authoritarians. So I didn’t get all excited yesterday like Wee Ginger Dug in light of the latest Conservative efforts not to mention another independence referendum, like Ian Blackford, it all just feels like a game of spin from either half of the non-debate.

We really are being played by all sides just now aren’t we, Pamela Nash from Scotland in Union did cheer me up though with the most stupid statement, I know and this alongside Ian Blackford, when she said that “Constituents don’t sent their MPs to Parliament to campaign for their pet projects”, she does know that these MPs are supposed to be fighting for Scottish Independence, well allegedly anyway. So please forgive me for being cynical but this is all so underwhelming to say the least. I guess we just have to watch this space.


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16 Responses to A Rotten Carrot

  1. 100%Yes says:

    The way the New SNP treated AUOB by putting the march on the out skirts of Edinburgh so that no one in Edinburgh could see them March was truly a Unionist act by a New SNP run Edinburgh council.

    Then you have Sturgeon sending out emails asking everyone to convince another 5 people to the Yes side and then she telling everyone their keyboard warriors and cybernats

    You have Sturgeon protesting in London for a peoples vote and then telling everyone in Scotland to protest against the power grab against our parliament then the New SNP write to the Priti Patel
    asking for permission to block protesting outside the Scottish parliament.

    I can’t bare to listen to anymore stupidity from a narrow minded and self-inward party like the New SNP what ever they say it goes in one ear and out the other.

    To be honest I don’t know what my looking forward to the most the New SNP being out of power and government or an Independence referendum, I know which will come first the New SNP demise and i’ll drink to that.

    • 100%YES

      Yeah, I just feel like we are being taken for mugs now by these people similar to what Scottish Labour did for years. I appreciate that we are going to have to wait and see what happens and if nothing happens then hopefully the cult will awaken and there will be a back lash but it is all a bit depressing right now and I don’t blame some people for saying I am having a break and will come back when there is something to come back for. I totally get that, but like you if the SNP don’t change then I just want them gone as it will be about Government and their record the last 5 years has overall been crap.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    The National and its columnists like WGD must be getting paid a fair old whack to push this guff as some kind of signal of progress on Independence and panic among the British.

    • Duncanio

      Was never a fan of WGD and tend to just have a look at his column for a laugh now to be honest, I have never really liked his style of writing but that is just me he is very popular but the house crowd funder was a bit of weird one and that people donated even weirder. Like the WoS retirement thing, not for me. Wings was brilliant but also got paid for his work, like my job in the community, when young people thank me I always say that I get paid to do this, it’s my job.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Ian says:

    “enhance our ability to hold the UK Government to account” – SNP

    I thought the SNP were only in Westminster to provide some light relief, sort of a ‘happy 15 minutes’, for their Masters and to be a complete embarassment the for people in Scotland. With over £1 million a year in Short money that the SNP get from being there, as well as individual MP salaries and expenses, it must be the easiest money the SNP can get and the cushiest number in Westminster. No expectations of them at all. None. So their presence at Westminster is, from an independence view – pointless.

    Since at least the 1970’s the UK election has also become pointless in Scotland. How Scotland votes in a UK election makes no difference to the outcome, Tory or Tory Lite. There is one exception though. Voting SNP at a UK election allows the SNP to keep getting very significant financial support from the UK and cushy light entertainment jobs for the SNP boys and girls.

    It’s sad to be looking a couple of years ahead, but that’s the hand the SNP have played. The choice is simple. If no progress on independence has been made when the next UK election happens, in 2024 at the latest, and if it isn’t a plebiscite election, then don’t vote. It won’t affect the result in any way, but a low turnout would send a clear message about how Scotland views the UK Parliament. Most of all though it would deprive the SNP of some serious money and force the SNP MP’s to utilise their skills elsewhere. I think the BBC Light Entertainment dept would be the obvious first choice for them.

    With the decades long inevitable UK economic crisis now happening and no North Sea oil to bail them out this time, changes may take place much sooner than expected. Being in the UK was always the strongest reason for independence. Maybe now the blinkers will come off the doubters when being in the UK starts to affect them personally, not to mention the future for theirs kids and grandkids.

    Most of all though, we need a strong alternative to the SNP. Maybe the Council elections in May will be the start of that.

    • Ian

      You are not wrong in your assessment at all. I will go Alba as I did last May, I only voted on the list as I had already made up my mind that the SNP would never see a vote from myself again, they had let us down one too many times. I do agree though, there is no point in them being in Westminster as far as having any sort of impact on the UK debate at all. They just think they do and they love the life, or some appear to anyway like McDonald, Wishart etc. Living in the big smoke, I wonder what they have been up to though if they are only holding the Tories to account now, great work if you can get it eh.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. nallyanders says:

    Got to hand it to the New SNP. The one thing they do really well, is leak documents.
    Independence “Entering a new phase” ? Are we, aye.
    Of course is Liz Lloyd not head of ‘Strategic Policy’ these days?

  5. Black Rab says:

    SNP intentionally misses the ferry again. All on here have moved to a new phase of independence some time ago………………….the new phase is called ” DumpThe Treacherous Treasonous Sturgeon and her/she/it SNP Arse Suckers”. Job done. You will find our voting intentions scattered around Romanian and Polish ship building yards and you can go on an all expenses one way trip to Palookaville, because that’s where you belong. I’m being too kind.

  6. lorncal says:

    “… Pamela Nash from Scotland in Union did cheer me up though with the most stupid statement, I know and this alongside Ian Blackford, when she said that “Constituents don’t sent their MPs to Parliament to campaign for their pet projects”, she does know that these MPs are supposed to be fighting for Scottish Independence, well allegedly anyway… ”

    I do think that some Unionists do vote SNP because they’re a steady ship (translation: they will never bring in independence). They certainly don’t vote for them to advance independence – and, unfortunately, these are the type of voters that the leadership of the SNP courts, not the ones who do vote for independence and who are treated with utter contempt.

    Unionists who vote SNP for reasons other than independence never apply the same criteria to the other parties. Working-class people in England voted Tory to get Brexit, urged on by Nigel Farage, whose sole reason for driving UKIP was to put pressure on the Tories, many of who did not believe in Brexit, to deliver. UKIP’s popularity in the English working-class heartlands hit Labour and the Lib Dems hard, but propelled the Tories into power for another term. That was when the SNP should have led the troops away from Westminster and promised a plebiscitary election on the back of it, and taken the Treaty to the UN, first having won the election and declared independence, as was perfectly legitimate and constitutional. Why didn’t they?

    They have behaved exactly like Labour – which has now decided to go a step further into political oblivion with Keir Starmer with his ‘all things to all men but not women’ stance, much like Nicola Sturgeon with her hate crime/trans suicide pact. The Lib Dems with Ed Davey are right up there, too, and the Greens might have extricated themselves in England, with a vote based on reality and sanity, but I wouldn’t go banking on it

    You would almost think that these politicians actually wanted to destroy their parties in their desperation to pander and fawn to people who, themselves, want to see the parties brought to heel in everything except as vehicles for their pet insanities. It is a sad day, indeed, when all you can say is that the Tories are as right-wing as ever (in common with Labour, the Lib Dems and the Greens who only pretend to be left of centre while allowing their hard left to dominate, opening the door for the Tories as per) but at least the Tories don’t go p*****g off half their electorate – which will backfire spectacularly on the fawners and panderers as the Tories cement their rule and continue to make life worse for the majority (wee spoiler: not the trans lobby). If you actually wanted to destroy all the parties bar the Tories, you couldn’t do better than introduce the trans issue as a left-wing initiative (really as authoritarian as any right-wing policy). What a coup.

    • Lorncal

      Don’t disagree at all. Starmer is a joke, he is not sincere and Labour are back to being Tory light but more incompetent, I can’t stand him and can’t believe that anyone could ever trust him given he has given up every pledge he was elected leader on. Like some SNP members, I just don’t get why the real people remain in these parties anymore as they are just a trough for votes and fees, sit down and shut up, we’ll call you when we have some leaflets to deliver, total joke. I will keep voting Alba now and will give the party a real go as a member. It won’t be easy but they are the only party that have policies that I support now so not rocket science, I hope others can look past the hate and bile directed at Alba and see what the party stands for but again it won’t be easy at all. The SNP I would love to prove me wrong but I can’t see it. All the parties have got themselves into a mess with the Gender debate apart from the Gender warrior Sturgeon, I don’t know anyone against trans rights but I know a lot who are against self ID without proper medical support and the risk to women’s rights, and of course that makes them transphobes, you just can’t make it up. While countries like Germany, Spain, England are rejecting self-ID Scotland embraces it when there needs to be far more discussion with women and the transgender community, Sturgeon has taken Scotland backwards in my opinion, sooner she is gone the better and takes her crap inner incompetent circle with her.

      Thanks for commenting.

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