We Move Forward

There have been a lot of positive and negative comments now that Wings Over Scotland has decided to move on to pastures new, personally I wish Stuart all the best and feel he has been vital to the cause of independence over the years as I have said in previous blogs. Social media has a lot of SNP members rejoicing in the isles and that tells you all you  need to know about where they stand on the issue of holding unionists to account, they are unionists, they are hoping they are no longer going to be held to account. The official unionists are delighted as well as it means they believe they won’t be challenged like the SNP and their world will go back to normal. They control the power, they make the decisions, the small people are back in their box and all is well with the world, well if you ignore the poverty, empty shelves, lack of fuel, higher prices, failing services like health, education, economy etc.

Some people have been commenting on how we have lost a vital resource, we will struggle now, where do we go from here. The answer is actually easy, we go forward together, we go forward like the women and men who have fought for independence since 1707 to the 70’s when there were only a few thousand of them, we don’t give up, we don’t give the unionists or the New SNP an easy ride, we keep going until the end and we try to inspire the next generation to keep going, it is a cause we are fighting for not a fad like gender issues, or playing around with toilets.  

If I have one criticism of Stuart’s final article is that while he deservedly moves on to a new chapter in his life he was not alone in his battles, he was not alone on social media, he inspired many and the new media community will continue, it will continue to challenge, it will continue to fight, it will continue to put the arguments for the return of Scottish Sovereignty forward daily and it will not stop. Barrhead Boy, Yours For Scotland, Grouse Beater , Scot Goes Pop, Random Public Journal, , Pete Bell, Munquin’s New Republic, the Alba Party, All Under One Banner We go on, we move forward, and while we are not liked, while many of the New SNP or the cult don’t want to hear what we have to say, don’t want to be challenged like the real unionists, can’t bare being questioned like Labour, and live in denial like the Tories, they really don’t matter like the Liberals, because we move forward.

Stuart says “there is no “independence movement” any more, just an independence industry. It provides a very lucrative living for perhaps a couple of hundred people – SNP MPs, MSPs, party staff and apparatchiks, special advisers, quango heads and favoured civil servants lavishly rewarded for their personal loyalty to Nicola Sturgeon despite track records of incompetence, bungling and impropriety that have cost taxpayers a vast fortune”. He is not totally wrong as we know but as I have noted above we are not finished, we will never be finished, some of us will come and go over the years, when someone drops out of new media a new and exciting voice will appear to take their place. That is the nature of things and we will move forward together, not the New SNP, not the cult, but those of us who are serious will keep going as long and as best we can, independence is not something we discard because it gets tougher when we hoped it would get easier by this point, we are fighting the British, the New SNP, the cultists, it was never going to be easy, but it is just.

Stuart goes on to say that “The SNP, and in practice the wider Yes movement, is now firmly under the thumb of Sturgeon and her tiny closed cabal”. No we are not, if we were they wouldn’t hate us as much, they wouldn’t be using the State arms to try to silence us, Craig Murray would not be sitting in jail, I wouldn’t be getting the levels of abuse I get from mostly SNP types via email and direct messages. Stuart is correct when he says “The pivotal Altamont moment for the Yes movement, it seems beyond any reasonable argument, was the failed fit-up of Alex Salmond on false charges of sexual harassment. In embarking on a desperately-escalating attempt to silence her predecessor, motivated by baseless paranoia, Sturgeon revealed her true self: a power-crazed careerist prepared to throw under the bus anything and anyone that might conceivably ever threaten her grip on the keys to Bute House”. I thank Stuart for showing many of us the real Sturgeon, he unmasked one of the greatest obstacles to our independence, he allowed us to see that the enemy within was as challenging as the enemy in front of us and you know what, that is fine too because we are not giving up, we are not going away, we are standing up as best we can and we will continue to fight as best we can with what we have, to give up now would be the greatest shame and we will win.

5000 people at least marched in Edinburgh at the weekend, in a pandemic, and yes while 40,000 went to a football match and many go to night clubs those 5000 did more than we know, they made a statement to the old and the new SNP unionists, they are not going away and neither should the new media. We may not have the resources, we may not be trained journalists, most of us don’t have inside links and contacts to feed us information but we will do our best, we will challenge when we can, we will argue for our independence, we will fight and we will not let down all of those who came before us and if need be we will leave something for those who come after us.

All the best Stuart for the future, it will be my turn in the future possibly as well to move on, but right now we are still here, we are never going away, and new media together will keep a light on, no matter how small that light is it will stay on and to the unionists and the new unionists in the SNP don’t get comfortable because we are going no where, we will still be standing when you have left to infect some other party, when Sturgeon and her invisible (husband) and cult followers have moved on after milking the tax payer for all their worth, we will still be here. You see there are times when holding your head high matters, when your self-respect matters, it might not to Sturgeon and her gender and anti-woman crusade, maybe Sturgeon is a unionist plant, maybe she always has been if some are to believed but Sturgeon will go down in history as a failure, the rest of us who keep going will go down as patriots who never gave up, I know what side of history I am going to be on. So as Barrhead Boy says “welcome to Through a Scottish Prism, the programme that is unapologetically pro Scottish Independence, and anti-Westminster rule” that is what new media is folks and Together we will move forward and tackle our greatest challenges.




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16 Responses to We Move Forward

  1. ngataki5 says:

    Very well said Bruce, we are not going to go away; we are here to stay! And with people like yourself, Roddy, Iain, Gareth, Craig and of course Alba, who are just going to get stronger when the scales finally fall from the eyes of the SNP supporters, we will eventually win.

    • NG

      All we can do is keep going , encourage others to blog, express their opinion, keep the momentum going and keep challenging all of the unionists. It is not going away even if we take a step back we will move forward at the same time.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    Well said Bruce. What a rallying cry. The only thing worse than the situation we are in would be to let the NuSNP and its leadership grinds us down and give up. As long as a hundred of us remain…

    • Panda

      Totally, they don’t get to win no matter what happens. I would rather be a unionist than let the cult of Sturgeon have the last say, no way do these people get to do that.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. larawanda2004 says:

    Another great article Bruce saying as it is. As you stated Stuart is a great loss to the independence movement , but there will be others who will take up the banner. We will be FREE. Saor Alba.

    • Lara

      The rest of us are not in his league due his skills, training, sources etc but we will keep going and do the best we can to hold people to account and keep the pressure on, it is better than nothing and hopefully others will start to blog, epxress themselves etc.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. AnneDon says:

    Thanks for that article. I read Wings of Scotland since discovering it around 2012, and I’ve been aghast at the attacks the Rev Stu has suffered for trying to tell the truths that no-one wanted to hear. I felt the article yesterday was very downbeat. It was obviously written from his personal point of view, and he is entitled to his feelings – probably only Alex Salmond and Craig Murray have suffered as much for their support for independence. However, I did feel it was unnecessarily pessimistic and your article is a counterbalance to that.

    I was on the march on Saturday. The SNP apparatchiks in Edinburgh Council did their best to sabotage it, and after the jailing of Manny Singh, the organisers were wary of going too far. However, what we need to do is to get people on the streets. New SNP have rightly recognised AUOB marches as the only time that happens, so they have set out to scupper them. We have to fight that.

    Incidentally, I didn’t see any SNP banners at that demo on Saturday, a definite first for me. I can’t believe how Sturgeon has destroyed the unity of our movement. We have to fight that as well.

    • Anne

      Sturgeon is the past she just doesn’t know it yet. We will miss Stuart and all of his talents but we will keep going and keep holding people to account as best we can. I am not stressed about the numbers at the marches to be honest, I think people are tired and Covid is still a disaster in Scotland so it will pick up as long as we don’t give up and keep going, hold the cult to account and not let them think they have won just because WoS has gone, we will keep going, Stuart was one man.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. nallyanders says:

    Fighting talk Bruce. Love it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    he was the prime example of an echo chamber and did not believe in the art of persuasion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Point to one person he convinced to vote yes by being abusive and rude.

      It was never challenged as anyoen reasonable ignored him and did not take any of it seriously.

      amazing how he now accepts that unionists were correct all along about the SNP – you cannot say vote SNP vote SNP up until 2020 then try to wash your hands of it all as he did.

      No loss, inneffective and very unchristian for a man of the cloth.

      • Anon

        He convinced a lot through his journalism and the wee blue book, most people who came around through his work have never been on social media so wouldn’t have known that he had his moments.

        Thanks for commenting.

  7. scrandoonyeah says:

    Independence is for Life.

    Unionism under sturgeon’s leadership is a

    Life sentence.

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