Paranoid McDonald and Abject Failure

I don’t normally read anything that the SNP’s Stewart McDonald says, yes him of cybernat fame, and a total clown but Pa Brown pointed me to this article on Twitter and it really is an example of unionist SNP paranoia going bad, in some ways you have to feel for McDonald as he has bought into the unionist Westminster paranoia hook, line, and sinker. Apparently China, Russia, the YES Community, and anti-vaxcers could target “a second independence vote would be a target for disinformation operations and Scotland needs to make sure democracy is resilient“. McDonald is so concerned that he see the “rising tide of disinformation around culture war issues like trans rights and vaccines leaves him fearing violence on the streets”. There will be riots if this doesn’t stop, riots I tell you.

McDonald wants a new UK strategy on countering dis-information because he is a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, he wants to involve all arms of the state from MI5 to schools and the NHS. Earlier this month anti-vaccine demonstrators tried to storm the offices of the UK’s medicines regulator, and according to McDonald “it’s the most violent yet”. More violence wow. Scotland has been targeted by a number of foreign states, even by Iran, and just to be clear, the Alex Salmond Show on Russia Today, however, lends “legitimacy and credibility” to Kremlin propaganda. It’s Alex Salmond, Leader of the Alba Party, fault, he opened the door to all of this. He doesn’t miss the bloggers either when he says “that some online disinformation actors “got high on their own supply … Some started off quite well – you think, ‘this is a good asset’ – then they become off the wall.”

McDonald has a solution to this problem, he wants to send lying unionist “vetted” journalists into schools explaining how the media works and teaching skills to check facts and sources. He is an avowed supporter of “the mainstream media –and I don’t use ‘mainstream’ as a slur, I like my media mainstream”.  You can’t make this up can you?

McDonald has lost the plot completely, the man really needs to be voted out and brought back from London for his own mental health if this article is anything to go by, the man is all over the place.

Another thing that caught my eye, and something I get a bit grief about for pointing it out, is the abject failure of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Government in many policy areas over the last 5 years and how their record is actually really bad but they are protected by the unionist mainstream media that McDonald trusts so much because the SNP are no longer a threat to the union. The list of failure is a long one indeed, throw in Sturgeon’s handling of Covid-19, independence, the Harassment Enquiry, the various court cases from Alex Salmond, to Mark Hurst, to fighting against the question if the Scottish Government are legally able to call a referendum, to the jailing of Craig Murray for daring to report the Alex Salmond defence case and you see a picture of a First Minister if she was thought to not be an asset to Queen and Country would have been hounded out of office a long time ago for failure and incompetence, but what do I know, I am just an Alba blogger now seemingly ( I think that is supposed to be an insult ). I am one of those McDonald would hate I suppose.

The SNP really are losing the plot big time now, the pressure of paranoia and failure appears to be getting to them, but all is well, we will not be taken out of the EU against our will and there will be referendum in 2021.

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18 Responses to Paranoid McDonald and Abject Failure

  1. ObairPheallaidh says:

    He is sleekit and a bam. Not a great combination. We have no representation and no protection.
    He is being found out and doesn’t like the idea of losing his wages and statusbut even I am susprised that he is willing to go the length of sending in unionist propagandists into our schools in order to protect his lifestyle..

    • Obair

      McDonald is a drone, always has been, I also suspect he is unionist as he has bought into the whole Westminster thing really well like Wishart. I just can’t take anything he says seriously, that article is all over the place, it’s Russia, China, Iran, YESSERS, bloggers, Alex Salmond, wow he doesn’t miss does he lol.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • llornamac says:

        Gethins was the same when he was the defense spokesman…..I used to cringe at every speech he made. Totally licking the ass of the establishment and spouting their mantras!

        • llornamac

          I don’t even get why the SNP even take part in any of these committees anyway to be honest, the Scottish Committee fair enough but the rest of them, I don’t see why we give then legitimacy at all by attending, let alone taking part. It just sucks the Scottish MP into foreign travel, feeling like they are important, all part of the British game that too many Scottish MPs have been following for for years and McDonald has fallen right into it and sadly like Hosie seems to enjoy it all a little too much.

          Thanks for commenting.

      • ObairPheallaidh says:

        Aye, I shouldn’t take these characters too seriously. He’s not far off a British nationalist Tory. I wonder if the members in south Glasgow are pating attention. Maybe they are content with the hate crime bill and the GRA.

  2. Wee Chid says:

    I wonder how many of these establishment lackies were put into the SNP as sleepers some time ago and now think they have so much power they don’t need to hide their real loyalties any longer?

  3. duncanio says:

    I read the comments in the Herald from the guy who likes to dress up in British Army fatigues.

    MacDonald is completely unhinged.

  4. Penguin says:

    We know that Putin supported cameron in 2014 and spoke out against Scottish Independence. We all saw it so why does this sad little pervert claim that black is white?
    Why did he not say a word against Russia until he had his trip to Ukraine paid for by their Neo-Nazi regime.
    How many pictures of him with **** **** were taken on that trip and how many Picoseconds did it take for MI5 to get their hands on them?

    • Penguin

      He is certainly not coming across well in that article that is for sure, he is coming across as pretty out there if you ask me. To be honest Scotland is not a target for these people, they have enough problems of their own and the UK is insignificant now either way, McDonald needs some help.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. larawanda2004 says:

    Oh so true Bruce you couldn’t make it up. Unfortunately this is the Scotland we are living in. A F.M who has completely lost the plot, and her “ministers” are quickly following suit. White jackets and padded cells are the norm for this lot of nut cases. Saor Alba. We will be FREE.

    • Lara

      You are not wrong. McDonald has lost the plot and Sturgeon with the worst record of any FM since devolution is protected by the unionist media, definitely can’t make it up can you.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Cubby says:

    The SNP need a pest control company to rid it of all the British State employees and yellow devolutionalists.

    We also need all the SNP members who actually want independence to wake up to the fact that Sturgeon will not deliver independence because she doesn’t want it. Wishful thinking and fingers crossed by people like Isabel is just useless.

  7. It seems that only strong-willed true Scots can resist the sweet temptations offered in WM ie loads of cash (enough to buy a castle for one particular SNP member) plus mixing with the so-called aristocracy. They really are poor souls when they can’t hold on to their belief in Scotland, their own country, but instead bow down before those they consider to be their English overlords. Of course, Sturgeon shows them the way by toadying to royalty.

  8. SoupCruncher says:

    This is an attack on the confidence of Scotlands Yes community, an attempt to cause confusion and fear. The guys a muppet, that’s obvious, but the WOKENP, will lap it up. I mean people who believe a person can change gender and sex at will, can surely believe any old pish.

    • SC

      I don’t have any time for him after the whole cybernat thing from both Robertson and himself but he does seem to have taken to Westminster all to well doesn’t he, bought and sold.

      Thanks for commenting.

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