I’ll just leave this here for SNP members














I’ll just leave this here for members of the Scottish National Party to have a wee think about before it is no longer news. Tell me, are you a member led party? Do you really believe the current crop of SNP MSPs have Scotland’s best interests at heart? Do you think they believe in party democracy? Do you think they take your opinion seriously, or do they just want your money and your blind devotion? Tell me, do you think they really want independence or just a nice little middle class job and pension?

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20 Responses to I’ll just leave this here for SNP members

  1. No , Bruce , it has been obvious for a long time that Nicola Sturgeon sees and treats the membership as cannon fodder to further her agenda which is certainly not independence. To confirm that , Michelle Thompson confirmed the other day that the next Westminster election will yes again be used to collect yet another carrot fed mandate. I honestly despair of what is left of the SNP membership I simply cannot understand their thought train.

    • Bob

      Yeah, another tax payer funded pension pot mandate for the middle class and very comfortable SNP at Westminster while the sheep should follow and not say anything, you can’t make it up anymore this party have fallen so quickly.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    “There are significant worries about energy inflation and food inflation over the winter months, and those threaten to plunge more and more already low-income families into poverty.”

    This is a quote from the FM in the Scottish Parliament yesterday as she ‘blasts’ (The National’s favourite overused adjective when SNP politicos have a go at Johnson and his cronies) the Tories whilst deflecting from her own inaction and about-turn.


    • Duncanio

      They are all to blame, all the unionists and I include the SNP as that as well now. This winter is going to be hard for most people in Scotland and I include myself. I won’t starve and I won’t go cold but I will have to budget like I haven’t before and it will be a tight squeeze to keep everything as it is. They are all disgusting but esp Sturgeon, we elected her to make things better and to get independence and she has failed badly at both, Scotland is a shambles right now and I despise them for what they have done.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. Can’t set up a National Energy Company AND get men into women’s bogs at the same time. Has to be one or the other and the latter is clearly the greater priority.

    • Dave

      So true, the transgender warriors come before old Bessie sitting in the house freezing this winter that is for sure, Sturgeon’ very own winter payment. Despise her now and the SNP for what they have done to Scotland.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. 100%Yes says:

    I was at conference was she announced it, just like the bottle bank or deposit scheme. The New SNP are big on ideas but have no leader in which to follows these ideas through and the MSP will put Sturgeon before party and country. If you love Scotland get out of the New SNP and unionist party.

    • 100%YES

      They have failed across the board, most of their policies haven’t been met and most departments are a shambles from education to health and all because Sturgeon felt it was more important to try and destroy Alex Salmond in case he came back and to allow men into women’s toilets and changing rooms, she is a total failure and a clown with one of the worst Covid records in the world yet the cult bow down and so as they are told, they deserve what they have coming.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. larawanda2004 says:

    Will they now see the light? Well done Bruce keep exposing this shower of Charlatan’s for what they are greedy traitors to Scotland and her people. Saor Alba , WE WILL BE FREE.

    • Lara

      Some might see the light and I have no problem rubbing their noses in it because I am not as good a man as Alex Salmond who doesn’t want us to keep attacking their them, oh I will keep attacking them and their record and I won’t let up until they change the record that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. lorncal says:

    I agree, 100%. We are utterly bereft of real, statesman/woman-like leadership right across the board in the West, not just in Scotland. These people can’t see further than the end of their noses or want to. Everyone with sense said, when Thatcher privatization of every public utility and transport, etc., took place that oodles of cash would be siphoned off by the private sector, and the utility/service in question would be left to sink when it had been sufficiently stripped of its assets – down to the bare bone, in most cases. The whole point of the private sector is to make profits. The next to tumble completely will be the care sector when care homes become unprofitable. In time, everything that was sold off at bargain basement prices to ‘the pals’ will crash and require to be rescued in some form. That was eminently predictable from the early 1980s onwards. Yet, working-class people still vote Tory, Labour is now Tory Lite, as are the Lib Dems, and the SNP is not far behind, so, basically, it’s a clean sweep of the board for greed and lack of imagination. The first step is to accept that there are those in our society who are amoral b******s who would sell their own children for the right price, then do something about them, as was done in the past with tax laws, restrictions on taking money out of the UK/Scotland, on maximum profit levels, and so on. There really is not any other way to corral these people who would destroy an entire society for their own ideological self-interest: which, distilled down to its most basic component, means their self-seeking greed.

    • Lorncal

      Totally agree, we elect politicians with no shame now who represent themselves and their vested interests the people be damned. I am slowly getting sick of the lot of them apart from the few like Kenny M Neil Hanvey, so few with any decency left now at all. Thatcher will be spinning, she won and put poor people back in their place for generations, the plan worked out well for the Tories and you are right, they are all Tories now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. I just can’t understand how anyone can remain in the SNP now-a-days. There’s no comparison between the SNP and Sturgeon’s Neutered Party. Those who remain surely cannot care for Scotland’s future. We’ll have to use every ounce of energy to return to 2014 determination. BUT WE CAN DO IT!.

    • Jan

      You’re correct, if we are going to win any future vote it will the yes movement it won’t be the SNP that is for sure. I have said repeatedly over the last few years that we should keep the SNP well away from the yes community in any referendum, they will taint it and we will lose, they can do their own thing it is the real people that will win it.

      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting.

  8. Ian says:

    As the energy crisis bites, along with a daily and increasingly harsh real world post-brexit, it needs to be constantly repeated that these were both caused by the SNP’s lack of action on independence. They’ll try to blame others but the consequences were foreseeable and inevitable.

    As for the SNP’s now abandoned 2017 claims about creating a low cost renewable energy company, that was a sham as long as Scotland was in a UK where energy is a reserved matter –

    “The way that the energy market works,” Jackson said, “is that the vast majority of renewable generation is sold to energy companies on a contract which pegs the price against the market price of electricity – and the market price of electricity is defined by the gas price… All the contracts for renewables are pegged to that price. What that means is that consumers don’t get to see the benefit of lower renewable costs.”

    “Ten years ago the renewables industry warned that the Big Six were heavily prioritising investments in gas (and also lobbying to have gas seen as “green”, or crucial to the energy transition). One result of this has been to keep the falling costs of renewables away from household energy bills.”


    • Ian

      I don’t have your knowledge on energy at all. I did hear today the SNP plan was to purchase a small energy company then use it to provide lower cost energy to people in receipt of benefits only, don’t know if that could have worked or even been legal but it would have been something. This winter has the potential to be bad for many but I wonder if that might start to shift opinion on Sturgeon.

      Thanks for sharing.

  9. Black Rab says:

    People who lack vision cannot see any further than their own noses. What the f**k are they doing in politics. They are in politics as it’s a nice earner for the lame character and intellect they have. It attracts the meek, it’s where the meek get ahead, get promoted, get to be in the news. They twist rhetoric until it has no meaning. They do this as they imagine this is grown up politics. They think this is grown up talk. It’s shite, and they are shite.
    If any people, anywhere on the planet want to live in a society where they can thrive, we first need to learn how to drag people like Sturgeon, Wishart and Thomson out of office by their f*****g ankles, before their small minded day dreams of greed and position causes irreparable damage to Scotland, if they haven’t already.
    Thomson wants to buy your ex council home. Sturgeon wants to sell you shite. They are all so full of crap they should all be on speakers corner with Pishart talking shite endlessly.

    Please, stop voting for these people and people like them. It’ll only do you harm.

    • Rab

      Other than a revolution the best we can do is try to continue to educate people as best we can, keep the pressure on the SNP who are basically Scottish Labour but they will fall faster. If Johnson calls a GE in 23 then def no referendum and it’s over for the SNP but the danger is people not voting rather than going for Alba or ISP. We do need to focus the minds but it is hard , I like your ideas but then we would all be in a Sturgeon state prison lol.

      Thanks for commenting.

  10. Cubby says:

    Great blog Bruce. I don’t think you are the least bit grumpy. Just telling the truth.

    None of these SNP MSPs will rebel. You just had to watch them during the Parliamentary Inquiry in to the actions of Sturgeon and her gang in persecuting Salmond.

    No more voting SNP for me.

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