The Never Ending Gravy Train

Michelle Thomson, a former MP, said she did not think there will be a referendum by 2023 and the SNP should instead use the next UK general election to “shift the dial”.

Ms Thomson said: “I don’t believe for a minute that Boris is going to give us a referendum. It’s not in his interests to do so. “Scotland is so asset rich, he’d be a numpty to let us go.” (let us go, the SNP mindset)

None of us will be surprised by these comments from Michelle Thomson SNP MSP and they did not go down well with some on social media so I have done this short blog for those of you who are not on social media.

While there is some truth to the comment regarding Boris Johnson I am more inclined to see this as certain people, comfy slippers anyone, being happy to just keep milking the tax payer tit for another five years while the cult bow down and tell the Sturgeon how wonderful she is if she wins a majority of seats yet again at Westminster. Can’t wait for more Blackford platitudes until the sun sets. Michelle also says that the “SNP and the wider Yes movement have a “great deal” of work to do around issues such as currency and a central bank”. It’s not the YES community that have been sitting on their bank accounts for the last 6 years is it.

The most accurate thing Michelle says though is “There’s a great deal of work to be done, because if there were to be an independence referendum tomorrow, as it stands at the moment, without those worked-through answers, we would fail.” I’ve been saying that for a long time and whose fault is it? The SNP that is who, the question we need to be asking SNP members is, You Alba Yet? If not, you’re part of the problem and a Boris Johnson and Sturgeon foot soldier.

Chris McEleny, general secretary of the Alba Party, said the suggestion “that the next UK general election should be used to seek yet another mandate for an independence referendum simply won’t wash with the independence movement”. Chris is correct of course but unless the cult change tact that is exactly what is going to happen, an SNP win in a 23/24 general election is not a mandate for independence it is a mandate for greater enrichment of middle classness for those elected and increased pension contributions by us for comfy slippers Wishart if he were, no matter how unlikely, to win in Perth again.

The sad thing is I am not all that bothered by what Michelle has said at all as it was what many of us have known for a long time and we don’t expect anything less from the SNP any more, they are a devolution party which means they might as well be unionists.

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14 Responses to The Never Ending Gravy Train

  1. nallyanders says:

    Fair play to Michelle Thomson for actually saying what all of us already know.
    I’m sure she’ll have made a few enemies within the SNP higherarchy.
    Will the cultists finally wake up though?
    I have my doubts.

    • Nally

      Yeah true enough. It never bothered me all that much as I expect it now but it’s good to get it out there for those not on social media or buying papers. Sadly we are pension stuffers now for too many in the SNP now, a cash cow.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. I’m not getting this. She’s said that we should use the next GE to “strengthen the mandate”, but she’s also said that Boris won’t ever give us another referendum! So WTF are we voting SNP for? To keep these parasites in the style to which they’ve become all too well accustomed???

    In 2015 I stayed up and laughed my head off at the demise of Curran, Murphy, Alexander, Davidson, etc. I never believed that a few years on I’d be relishing the day I’d get to do the same for Black, Wishart, Blackford, Nicholson and all the rest of the impostors. Roll on that day.

    • Dave

      I am in the same boat, looking forward to the same lot losing their seats as they have betrayed us all and I have had enough of them now. I will vote Alba and hope that the SNP members who are not in the cult see the light, because they are basically the middle class pension mandate party now, milking the tax payer cow for all it’s worth.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. larawanda2004 says:

    Goo morning Bruce. Your last sentence is very true, only I wouldn’t say they might as well be unionists They are unionists. When they won 56 seats in 2015 do you remember her mantra I vow to make Scotland stronger in Westminster. That election campaign had five different leaflets . I know I delivered thousand of them. What us SNP supporters at the time didn’t see was that wasn’t the aim of the SNP movement . The aim was to get free of Westminster. We couldn’t see the wood for the trees. All that merchandise with her sprawled all over it. That was the beginning of the Sturgeon cult. Hundreds of thousands of pounds was spent on everything from bags, diaries, hand warmers, umbrellas. Tee shirts, frizbies, with that name on it even a helicopter. The envy of counties desperate to have their freedom, fifty-six M.Ps!!! and what did the Queen bee do with it O.
    So her plan to be the supreme leader started then. She has had no intension of EVER securing Independence for Scotland, it was all a well laid out plan years ago. When oh when will the cult followers ever see through her and her compy slipper traitors.

    • Lara

      Would there be any difference if we elected yoons, none at all. The SNP are a joke as far as I am concerned now and I despise how much they have played all of us. Middle class poor to average at best politicians. I watched PMQs yesterday and Kirsten Oswald was bloody awful, reading from a script that had been prepared ahead of time and sticking to it, a monkey could do that. I really could not care less if they lost as we end up with yoons as independence ain’t happening anytime soon anyway, maybe a dose of unionist government will wake up the mindless followers.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Cubby says:

    It is truly astonishing the level of loyalty to Sturgeon even though there is a mountain of evidence that tells you she will not deliver independence and does not want to try. There is also a mountain of evidence that she tried to send Salmond to jail. Whether or not she is in the employ of the British State doesn’t really matter that much because the end result is the same. Sturgeon is destroying the SNP and attempting to do the same to the yes movement.

    • Cubby

      Totally agree, plus their record in government gets worse by the week. Failed manifesto promise after promise, poverty rising, education a mess, health a mess, the ferries, state Police force, end of freedom of speech and women’s rights but it’s ok the transgender community can self identify with no need for any proof what so ever. Sturgeon is a failure across the board and has own version of jockholme syndrome supporters, you couldn’t make it up.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Hammackunt 6.0 says:

    The fact is the SNP haven’t done a single bit of work an independent country needs, add to this their abject failure to answer the question that lost us the last indyref, our chances of winning their neverendum is about the same as finding Shergar in a tin of Tesco’s meatballs.
    All I see from them is the same old tired whinge and zero progress towards indy. ‘Independence’ to the SNP is just a word they use to win votes, nothing more. They are content to be colonial governors for eternity. If we Scots want to be an independent nation then the SNP need to be removed from office as they are now a barrier to independence. The sooner the rest of Scotland understand this the sooner we can make progress. Until that day comes we will always be Scotlandshire and nothing more.

    • Ham

      I agree with much of what you say, I think they will remain in office as many people won’t vote for a unionist party but I can see enough people not voting to reduce their seats in the next elections for Holyrood, council elections I think are a little different as local issues and a good councillor, even a unionist one, will get votes from people who would normally vote SNP but you are correct they have done nothing in the last 6 years other than start to govern badly.

      Tanks for commenting.

  6. Ian says:

    Most of the SNP MP’s & MSP’s would have to look ‘independence’ up in a dictionary to find out what it meant. I think the whole SNP switch from creating a Scottish publicly owned energy company to establishing an energy ‘agency’ stinks of creating a revolving door for those that find the SNP workload too strenuous and the pay too low. Just another gravy train. That they do this when energy is clearly in crisis, only shows their utter contempt for everyone, not least their members who so massively recently voted for an energy company. Are they really content just to be ignored? Maybe if we had the SNP membership numbers that they trumpeted so much about back in the day, then we’d have a much clearer idea of the answer. The silence on this does say a lot though.

    • Ian

      I think they are a joke of a party now whose only interests are in themselves to be honest and their cushy life. How else can we interpret their recent lack of action and very poor governance other than they are now the establishment in Scotland and we never elected them to become that, we elected them to get independence or at least fight for it. I despise them as much as I did Scottish Labour when they were in power and it is their fault because I haven’t changed, I want independence and social justice, have since I was 14.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Black Rab says:

    Thomson. F**k wit. Coining it in and talking shite while Scotland’s people suffer.

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