It’s soul destroying

So Monica Lennon, Scottish Labour MSP, amendment on a not for profit, publicly owned, national energy company failed as we knew it would. I am not naive to not understand that political parties play these games with amendments, if they agree with it it will pass, it fits into their policy agenda it will pass, or if it costs nothing it will pass. At every other time it will come down to political parties and posturing and it will fail. That is the problem that I find so depressing about all of our politicians and all of our political parties.

The SNP voted against this amendment, to be expected after their initial betrayal to set an energy company up, but the so called Scottish Greens voted against also and that sends a clear message to all Green voters doesn’t it, once your feet are under the ministerial table your beliefs change.

This is where I get really pissed off with the whole thing and question why I even bother to vote. We elect politicians to run the country, maintain services, bring about appropriate change, find common ground, and to do what is in the best interests of the whole country, how often do any of them do that anymore? We have allowed not only allowed a political class to see election as a career, which is bad enough, but the standard of politician in Holyrood gets worse every single term , the standard falls. These so called educated representatives of the people live in a comfortable bubble for too many of them now. Michelle Ferns during the Deputy Leader of the Alba Party hustings said we need different voices in Holyrood, I have agreed with that for so long and yesterday highlighted how broken our politicians are. We need honest ordinary people in parliament, people with passion, people who care, people who have lived the same lives we have, not these middle class clowns who don’t know what cold is, hunger is, living in a flat is, not going more than 50 miles from their community their whole lives.

We need politicians who know what it is like to sit in the dark crying about how they are going to pay the bills, we need real people in our government, I wish I knew how to get them because most of our political parties are a middle class closed shops now with a membership embracing a cult leader or too unthinking for themselves they are as big a part of the problem, just look at the SNP now.

Scotland, and the UK, is facing a standard of living crisis, an energy crisis, a Brexit crisis, a food crisis, a poverty crisis, you just can’t make up the state the UK is in at all, and certainly not if you watch the mainstream news who just don’t report it. We are on our knees and millions face hunger and cold this winter, that is no understatement. A national energy company, not for profit, while taking time to set up would in the medium term make a huge difference to our society and to the poorest and most vulnerable in Scotland.

It won’t happen because our politicians do not have any honour or decency, they are not interested on doing what is best for Scotland or it’s people. They are only interested in themselves, their ignorant parties, and playing the middle class version of political risk with our lives, with our futures. As I have said before if independence is not about making Scotland a better place I want no part of it, votes like last nights just piss me off no end and make me angry, they make me wonder why I vote and why I bother when I don’t see real anger about these people infecting our parliament.

It’s all so soul destroying.

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21 Responses to It’s soul destroying

  1. larawanda2004 says:

    Well done both votes and those who gave the Greens their second vote. This is what you have landed people on the breadline with. Cold hunger and depravation. Give yourselves a coconut.

    • Lara

      Totally agree, so sick of virtually all of the politicians now, no wonder people don’t vote. Politicians don’t give a crap about doing what is right anymore, they don’t work in our best interests or have the country at heart. It even makes me question independence, what is the point if this is the best we get, a bunch of total assholes, excuse the language but really sick of the lot of them recently.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Wee Chid says:

    I think this is what the restriction of protest around parliaments is about. I believe they expect rioting when the shit starts to hit the fan. who could blame people.

    • Wee Chid

      It just all adds up doesn’t it. My older brother hates politics and very rarely votes, he just can’t stand them at all and sometimes I totally get that I really. They are all annoying the crap out of me just now, and the members of the various parties, has Scotland and the UK ever been as bad a state as it just now. I don’t even know if the 80’s were this bad, or at least as bad. There will be a tipping point at some point you would hope as it really can’t go on that we are as badly represented as we are right now.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        I do believe we are living in a uniquely stupid and shallow age – vacuous, virtue-signalling, empty – chock-full of empty vessel politicians. The decent ones are swamped by the suffocating stuffed suits. Experience counts for nothing, knowledge counts for nothing, research counts for nothing, due diligence counts for nothing, real ability counts for nothing. Just so long as you can sing the establishment song, you will go far, oh and maybe add a sprinkling of childhood trauma such as not being allowed to kick adults in the shins for not giving you all your own way at all times. Even the Tories and Labour had mavericks and people who were not line toe-ers, they had real bright sparks who could see through political opaqueness like looking through crystal. Now, you have had to be newly-hatched from the consensus-on-everything egg, blink out of Bambi just-be-kind-in-all-situations eyes and bleat like a wee lamb in chorus with the prevailing mantra whatever it might be, the bleating being more important than the mantra at any given time. Like you, Grumpy, just so sick at heart. I’m not even sure that there is a cure for terminal imbecility. It is now a life choice.

  3. duncanio says:

    It is precisely the disillusion that you are experiencing right now that will kill this parliament and devolution.

    Given that the latter had now evolved into a talking shop and a place for half-wits to further their careers perhaps that is no bad thing.

    But we must not let this kill off our ambition for full self-government. By definition this will be different from the current British sub-assembly at Holyrood. Priorities will be different among truly Scottish parties as they will be forced to recognise that the people are sovereign and they will have to act in the people’s interests not in their own. Otherwise they will get booted out. That’s the fundamentals of democracy – people power.

    Do not let these useless devolutionists and careerists contaminate our hopes for statehood.

    We deserve better than this. We can do better. We must.

    • Duncanio

      I don’t disagree at all, but some weeks I just wonder what the point is I really do. These people have no clue at all, I know I need to get far more fussy about the candidates that get put up as I am at the point I am not going to vote for careerists any more, I have had enough of them all I really have. They had a chance to do something different, make a difference and make Scotland a slightly better place and while I did not expect anything different it is just so depressing that the games they play make life harder for people, it is all so sad really. I won’t give up on independence, I always said to myself I would give it to 2026 or something and then that will be me, enjoy my later life and just chill if I am not starving and suffering from fuel poverty.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. panda paws says:

    “This is where I get really pissed off with the whole thing and question why I even bother to vote.”

    The reason to vote now is to get these shysters out and elect people like Michelle Ferns or Caroline McAllister. They know the sharp end, but people need to be informed about how the SNP are taking them for a ride.

    • Panda

      Totally. Hopefully the Alba candidates in the council next year will be good as there is where I want to place my vote as I have pretty much had enough of the drones now. Holyrood just disgusts me now, totally lost it’s way now. Even if Labour were the Government would it be any different, I don’t think it would anymore they are all so bad.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. eva comrie says:

    you’re right ; this is indeed soul-destroying. My home town has a population of about 5,400; beautiful scenery, brand new cycle paths, new housing schemes, a couple of huge parks and bang in the middle a foodbank. I applaud the efforts of the good people who set up and run it, but I could greet. Daily at work and at home I see folk hungry, cold, depressed, and I wonder how that can be – we did what we were told and have an SNP Council, MSP and MP. Yet poverty in Scotland is increasing, before furlough ends. The answer is to stick with the Union meantime as want and deprivation overcome so many more, so unnecessarily ????? Despair doesn’t come close.

    • Eva

      It really, I feel so let down by all of them at Holyrood. There is little or no vision and certainly no fight to make things better. I joined Alba as the last chance saloon for myself but we are up against everyone in Scotland to get that foot in the door because the drones we have now will do everything they can to protect themselves and the people be damned. I am sick of all of them now and I totally get why people don’t vote. They had a chance to put aside their party nonsense and do something right and they just can’t do it, they betray us all all the time and it is a joke. It doesn’t matter which party is in power at Holyrood right now they are all the same.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Ian says:

    I think the rot largely starts with fee paying private schools. From the financial advantages given to these schools by being given a charity status, to the creation of an educational privilage and insular mentality among those that attend private schools that leads to an inevitable disconnect from the real world being established very early on. It basically comes down to whether a nation wants, from a young age, for people to have a signifant degree of equality of educational opportunity, or prefers to allow from an early age, the lifelong educational privilages that money can buy, regardless of whether this is to the detriment of the country as a whole.

    Finland chose the former – ‘After centuries of occupation and living under constant Soviet menace in the post-war years, Finland enacted its educational revolution in 1972. It abolished a British-style hierarchy with fee-paying schools and grammar schools and set up a universal free comprehensive system. This placed stress on social equality and teacher excellence.The result has been placement among the top nations in world rankings’.

    ‘Experts say Finland, a land of high social mobility, achieved its miracle rise from mediocre to the elite in school performance through its stress on equality and the focus on helping underperforming children. “People in Finland have a deep sense of shared responsibility about the importance not only of one’s own life, but of the well-being of others”.

    That view is now unimaginable here. While Scotland’s privately educated politicians are nowhere near the level of prominence that they are in Westminster, even without that educational bias, the degree of public indifference (sociopathy) in Scotland’s politicans once elected seems to be inherent in far too many of them them. To help counter that, rather than have an oath or affirmation to royalty, or the ‘gentlemanly ettiquette’ nonsense that prevails in parliament, it would be good if politicians were always under a legal oath when speaking in public and any serious lies dealt with by a jury in a court. Likewise that 98.8% of SNP members at their annual conference support a motion to establish an energy company, but then have the SNP MSP’s ten days later vote 59-0 against it is just twilight zone stuff.

    • Ian

      Private education, just one of the methods used to maintain the establishment and for them to bring in the ones they want to do their bidding for them while the rest scrape by like they have for a thousand years. Finland certainly sounds like the model we should be adopting but we won’t of course, people are so beaten down by life in this country right now it is so depressing. Yesterday I never expected anything different but wondered if just once they could do something right and just but no same old rubbish every time which is should destroying, would make no difference who is power now in Scotland it really wouldn’t, they are bloody awful and no wonder people don’t vote large numbers anymore in Scotland even though there is a little more interest in it compared to the rest of the UK. I am just at the point now where I despise most of them to be honest and have no faith in any, sad but true.

      Thanks for commenting and sharing the information as always.

  7. nallyanders says:

    Great article and great comments. Thank you.
    What we have is clear indication that Holyrood has turned into a mini Westminster, with the same political partisan games being played. NS says she’s happy to work across parties, what happened here? Voting against her own manifesto commitments. They are in an impervious bubble.
    We were supposed to be better than this.

    • Nally

      I agree and it is all very sad, would there be any difference if the unionists were in Government, I don’t think so. It is bad enough that indepdence is all but on the back burner right now without the crap government and stupid games as well, really getting sick of all of them now and we really need to figure out a way to get different and better people in Holyrood because this bunch are a joke.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. Black Rab says:

    Unfortunately the UK is populated with ignorant selfish people, our politicians only reflect that. The political class also are also the propertied class. We breed ignorant selfish people. The English ruling cohort are the manufacturers. People imitate the language and manner of the boss. People see that lies work. They see that gangsterism works best. Monkey see, monkey do.
    Politicians, according to the american comedian, George Carlin, now deceased, that politicians don’t come from outer space, are born with special membranes that come from a different reality, they come from the same schools, communities, churches and streets that we came from, the same business’s and universities and they are elected by us. Is this the best we can do, is this the best we have to offer, is this the shinning bright people of conscience, is this the best we can produce? Garbage in, garbage out. If you have selfish ignorant citizens, your going to get selfish ignorant leaders and politicians. So, maybe it’s not the politicians who suck around here, it’s the public. Where are the other bright people of conscience who might make a difference, they don’t give a f**k they say, they don’t even give 2 f**ks. They’re too busy watching English football and discussing 2nd and 3rd choice 2nd division goalkeepers who play for 3rd rate football teams. They’re too busy waiting for things to get back to normal. How do you expect people to become politically literate when they couldn’t answer the questions I posted last night?
    We can only work our way towards being independent from the English ruling cohort. Until then, there will be no change.

    • Rab

      It’s both, it is the private educated establishment entitled pricks that we have been putting up with for hundred’s of years and the politically illiterate and middle classes who don’t give a crap in different ways, and it is all very sad. They play their games like yesterday when they could have come together for the common good but they won’t, they sit in their little bubble not giving a shit about poor folks or how we can be different, be a better country, a more just country. They sicken me they really do and I have had enough, we have got to find a way to get other people in Holyrood, different voices before it is too late.

      Thanks for commenting.

  9. says:

    The Scottish Parliament is used for political point scoring , they don’t care about the effect their voting has or their policies . They disgust me .

  10. twathater says:

    Your post and other bloggers similar posts just highlight and expose the Shithole that Holyrood has become , NO ONE IS ANSWERABLE to US the people who pay for these amoral incompetent parasites
    It is good to see Eva Comrie commenting I would like to see more engagement like this to let proposed politicians see the REAL anger of the voting public and to let them know that we are NOT STUPID and are not willing to accept any new politicians or political parties who are not willing to FIGHT for Scotland and Scots

  11. Black Rab says:

    Duncanio said that the disillusion you are going through is the experience that will eventually destroy the union that you despise, or, words to that point. He is right. We all must go through a similar experience. People do not enjoy their noses rubbed in shite. That experience will come their way. They then have a choice. Choose shite and have your nose rubbed in it. People will eventually only be faced with the choice to choose between life or death. That’s when you win. Either that, or people choose death.

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