The stupidity of Scots no longer surprises me!

The UK consumer pays by far the most for their energy in the EU. It should come as no surprise really as we pay the most in the EU for most things, not because things must cost more as soon as they arrive here but because of Rip off Britain, and the fact that we put up with it on a daily basis. That’s why it amazes me that Nicola Sturgeon remains the most popular politician in Scotland with a plus 14 rating with Alex Salmond the least popular, especially after her betrayal on a Scottish energy company .  Data from the latest Scottish House Condition Survey shows that 613,000 households (24.6%) were living in fuel poverty in 2019.

We can all see how much we are paying for energy now as winter approaches, not just energy of course, look at the prices of food now and how much more you are spending, but in the case of the poor, how much more they are going to be going cold or not eating this winter. It should be classed as a crime, yet the stupidity of my fellow Scots just does not surprise me anymore. All of our politicians have failed on this but especially the SNP, who are also presiding over a now consistent fall in support for independence due to their lack of action on that front in the last 6 years. While the SNP scrap the Scottish Energy Company idea which was supposed to bring affordable energy prices to the poorest and most vulnerable the Alba Party continue to be attacked but how many people know that we have policies such as

Introduce a fuel poverty package with regular monitoring of an indicator of fuel poverty, a major programme to reinsulate houses to keep bills low, a review of the Energy Company Obligation to include more households, incentivise and if necessary punish landlords to make them improve energy efficiency and the establishment of a Scottish Fuel Poverty Fund to help out those in acute need.

Scottish voters need to wake up quickly to what is around them and get off the cult bandwagon around Nicola Sturgeon. We have some of the highest and worst outcomes for Covid-19 in the world, we have some of the highest child poverty levels in the western world at 24%, Scotland has the highest rate of persistent pensioner poverty in the UK with the number of older people struggling to make ends meet equivalent to the population of Dundee. We have increasing levels of food poverty and poverty in general.

I am sorry to keep banging on about this but enough is enough, wake up FFS.

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12 Responses to The stupidity of Scots no longer surprises me!

  1. Ian says:

    It’s well known that renewable electricity costs have fallen hugely over the last 10 years. Figures in a 2020 report from the US show that electricity generated from wind power 2020 had become the cheapest.

    Trying to get information about electricity costs in Scotland has proved to be pointless. A month ago I asked the Energy Statistics Dept of the Scottish Government to provide “some information over the past 10 years on the cost per kWhr of renewable power generation in Scotland”. The reply I got was “I am afraid we do not have data to answer your question”.

    If such basic information isn’t available, it makes you wonder what the basis was for the smug commitment from Sturgeon in 2017 to establish a Scottish Energy company within a few years. The fact that this commitment has now been dropped just makes it an even more pathetic case of mismanagement. The combination of grandstanding and amateurism has no place in the push for independence and even less so in an independent Scotland.

    Meanwhile the price of electricity in Scotland is set to spike due to the rising cost of fossil fuels, which Scotland seemingly doesn’t use at all to generate electricity. I’d ask the Energy Dept of the Scottish Government why this price increase is happening, but there really doesn’t seem to be much point, a sad reflection on the current political state of Scotland.

    • Ian

      I was listening to a podcast about energy increases this morning and they were blaming Asia, lack of wind, domestic bills cap, shipping, and how crap the UK infrastructure is basically. I am no expert but the general feeling was that yes people are going to be plunged into fuel poverty at even higher numbers, that it is looking like a bad winter this year although too early to really tell, yeah it’s crap basically.

      Thanks for the information and commenting.

  2. Brian says:

    why won’t people wake up to this?
    Not a rhetorical question. What’s your opinion Bruce?

    • Brian

      I really think it is a mix of things. I think too many people in Scotland are politically illiterate, I think too many take no interest because they were never taught to, the media keep them thick, and then those who are doing fine and don’t really give a shit. Most people don’t care until it hurts them, it’s like Sturgeon getting away with the state Scotland is in right now, people won’t see how bad she is until they have to start using services again, or a family member gets ill and there is no bed in the hospital etc. Just look at the state of our cities, people blame there council but the Scottish Government have underfunded councils for years now to pursue there own agenda but again people don’t see, it’s sad.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • Ian says:

      For my 10 cents worth, I don’t think the reality of the difference in standard of living between Scotland/UK and Northern Europe is widely understood and that’s understandable. Even though I am reasonably well aware of figures about the economy of Scotland/UK & Northern Europe, it’s only when I go abroad that the huge gap in standard of living becomes real. Even though I have lived/worked in several other countries, still each time I go to Northern Europe, that’s when the difference in standard of living really hits me. Better public transport, roads, houses, hospitals (having a sprained ankle treated in Germany was simply incomparably better than having had a broken arm treated in a Scottish hospital, mainly due to much better facilities & equipment). For me it’s always a pleasant experience going abroad, although coming back isn’t so great since then, the differences in standard of living for a second time become even more evident. This just seems to show that apart from going abroad, it is hard to get across just how much wealthier and better off all round Scotland could be if it got away from a fossilised and ‘elitist’ UK.

      I suspect that it may take a real economic crisis in the UK with a huge and on-going reduction in the standard of living in most folk’s everyday lives for the penny to drop. Maybe Brexit will do it. Maybe just the UK’s economic decline over the past 50 years will finally reach a tipping point from which a clearly lower standard of living becomes self evident and austerity becomes the norm (as if it isn’t already).

      If I had one wish though, it would be for Scotland to have the high quality politicians that it will need to gain independence and then manage Scotland as an independent nation. Massive groundswell support for independence is great to have, but without the political means to implement it, it won’t happen and being dragged down for years to come by being part of the UK seems all too possible. It’s the supposedly independence supporting politicians that have let Scotland down so badly. We need real independence minded politicians to start doing the heavy lifting that for too many years now has been left for others to try to do. I hope the SNP increasingly become seen as imposters and reach their own tipping point, with widespread support moving to get behind those whose actions rather than words will determine if Scotland becomes independent.

  3. wullie says:

    Im sure our elected representatives of all parties have been aware of the huge difference in electricity prices for decades. I do not think any of them past or present give a damn about anyone in Scotland to busy stuffing their faces on subsidised food while thousands go without. And stuffing their bank accounts with public money. One thing, I bet these new fire alarm regulations that they are forcing on us won’t affect their pockets. NAW. Our elected representatives will no doubt charge it to the public via their expenses.
    And as Ian says above, travel a bit and you will be shocked to discover how awful a shithole the UK is. Having been to China a few times, if I were younger I would certainly try to go and live there permanently, Oh and please don’t give me the they don’t have democracy crap,I have travelled from one end of that country to the other. I have never met such cheerful, pleasant, helpful happy people in my life. The powers that be in the west certainly do not want you to see the standard of living that exists in China far superior to Scotland.
    Each time I return home from China I feel as if I have walked back into the Stone Age .
    Once the pandemic is over I will go back to China, at least in my lifetime I will have experienced a civilised society.

    • Wullie

      I don’t anything about China so opinion either way to be honest, intent to just focus on Scotland and the UK and not comment on other countries. I’ve also lived abroad and been able to travel so I am aware of the standards in other countries and yes we are fed crap. Our standard of living, public services, NHS is lower than most places I have been to and that is one of the issues, the fact that so many Scots are ignorant t and too many happy to stay that way. It is depressing when it could be so different, we could start to make change that at least the next generation can benefit from but we have cowards for politicians and cowards for too many voters.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Black Rab says:

    As long as people can pay down their mortgages on poor quality new builds (no cellars or converted lofts) and make payments on less quality than they used to be white german cars they’re happy.

    Ask them what’s the most commonly occurring element in the universe?

    How is North Sea oil split between the UK?

    Where is Macduff?

    The ancient capital of Scotland?

    Name a living Scottish artist?

    A dead one?

    An English living artist?

    A dead one?

    A famous dead Scottish scientist?

    Half of 99?

    The Capital of New York state?

    Spell vacuum?

    You will wonder how some of these people got through primary school. Teachers couldn’t tell you who John Dewey is.

    It is little wonder that Scotland is in the position it is in. You get the government you deserve, and the environment they create.

    A people that elect corrupt politicians are not victims, but accomplices.
    George Orwell

  5. twathater says:

    Unfortunately every one of the comments are correct , but that is what is so sickening and frustrating , the problem ALWAYS is how to get the message out , the MSM and broadcast media collude and misinform for the political parties and politicians , the MSM are supposed to hold all governments to account they are supposed to be investigative journalists and reporters instead they are bought and paid for shills
    Everyone with a brain knows why Sturgeon has binned the energy company plan , as usual she has been got at whether it is through incentives or threats the energy companies and their shareholders would lose big time

    A guy called Breeks comments on WOS about a second chamber in Holyrood I am totally supportive of that with 100 NORMAL WORKING PEOPLE serving 6 months to a year overseeing politicians and their parties with the ability to expose ANY disreputable policies or actions that impacts on Scottish citizens
    They would decide the level of salary and the benefits awarded with that salary , no more subsidised meals , pay their own TV licence , no second home allowance or furniture packages and quite a few other things

    I would limit a period of government to 3 years to ensure arseholes like sturgeon can only do limited damage and politicians can only serve for two terms to stop the current career political bandwagon
    I am so sick of the current crop of parasitical traitors and collaborators perched in Holyrood and that is including the SNP scum we desperately need a clear out and start again

    • TH

      Totally agree about the second chamber being made up of the public but I would make it three years as it would take time to get into it and understand all of the processes and I would also have it that legislation must be approved by the second chamber or changed not rode over by the politicians but it is so sad that we are so far away from that place just now because our politicians are not serious about our situation.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. twathater says:

    Bruce I agree with the 3 year period for a second chamber and the bit that ALL policies , laws and bills should HAVE to gain agreement from the second chamber before progressing , we have to get back to the dog wagging the tail not the other way about which it is currently

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