Where is the proof?

Very serious allegations, so where is the proof? I saw this last night and thought wow even this might be a new low even for the SNP. According to the Herald a leaked report from within the SNP claims that A FACTION of the SNP who left to join Alba have been branded as destabilising agitators and blamed for racist abuse, a series of leaked reports reveal. The documents, obtained by The Herald on Sunday, reference members of the “split away party” as being responsible for abuse against BAME SNP members, particularly online. They have also been accused of disrupting the party and launching attacks from within, before some left to join Alba in March this year.

I started to doubt the veracity of the article when I read that the reports had been written by and were submitted by the party’s BAME convener Graeme Campbell and national secretary Stewart Stevenson prior to the party conference last weekend. Apparently they were under “significant attack” from within for the first time in decades, following its conference in 2020. Stevenson goes on to claim “The National Executive Committee of the party, for a few months, was no longer a safe place to debate options for action. Distorted posts on social media appeared from within NEC even while meetings were in progress. “A small faction bombarded the national secretary with ‘complaints’, in some cases very large numbers from particular individuals over a very short period of time.”

There was a small faction as Wings Over Scotland pointed out in The Fix and they aren’t the members who left to join the Alba Party, talk about re-writing history folks. It is also worth reading what you didn’t hear, there is a nasty element within the SNP and a certain Mr Campbell is right in the centre and to be fair to people who are being blamed in this article as Wings pointed out about the SNP NEC

So let’s just recap what actually happened:

– the SNP rode roughshod over several established procedures and rules in order to pass a motion they’d been advised against by a QC on the grounds that it was probably illegal.

– ignoring that advice is highly likely to cost the party a six-figure sum of money that it really doesn’t have to spare, and wreak absolute havoc with its election campaign.

– if enacted, the policy would effectively bar disabled people from any chance of getting an SNP list seat in all of Scotland’s most populated regions.

– if enacted the policy would effectively bar BAME people from any chance of getting an SNP list seat in all of the other regions (except South Scotland, where we suspect the BAME population is very close to nil).

– if enacted the policy would allow people who weren’t actually disabled or BAME at all to self-identify as such and steal list places/seats from real disabled or BAME people.

– if enacted the policy could let a white person, who hadn’t received a SINGLE vote from members, to be parachuted into the top list spot in a region and be counted as a black person.

– if enacted the policy would actually bar transgender people from any chance of getting an SNP list seat in ANY of Scotland’s regions (unless they were also BAME or disabled). Sounds a bit transphobic, frankly.

Ironic that Graeme Campbell, the SNP’s BAME convener, wrote in an internal review that there had been “severe racist hostility” against “prominent” black and minority ethnic party members over the past two years, but “particularly in late 2020 as what became the split away party developed”. Self-aware not at all.

One Alba party source told The Herald on Sunday that the SNP were “very keen” to blame the new party but should instead concentrate on their own problems. They said: “It’s clear from all these reports that the SNP are trying to paint Alba as the bogeyman, and blame former members who have now joined Alba for their own mistakes and failings without any evidence to back up these claims.


“Instead of trying to blame Alba, the SNP would do better to concentrate on their own problems and failures, including the woeful lack of progress on securing independence.”

A member of Common Weal at the time commented “There was no attempt to destabilise the SNP, or attack its leadership, by launching a campaign for election to the NEC. That was not the intention. People were frustrated by what was happening from within the party.

“Nicola Sturgeon was thought to be trying to consolidate too much power and only allow a small number of her close allies to set the direction the party would move in.

“There were many of us who felt that our concerns and views, about issues like gender recognition act reform but also on the timeline for another referendum, were not being listened to.

“That is why we decided to try and effect change from within. When Alex Salmond launched Alba, it was a natural fit for some people who had been unhappy with the SNP leadership and the lack of progress they were making on independence, and so it makes sense that some people left.

“To suggest there had been an attempt to organise NEC membership deliberately to try and attack the party, our own party at the time, is just nonsense.”

This is really desperate stuff from the SNP and is all about their own internal and impending wider problems within the yes movement when they fail to deliver on their promises. This also shows how much they fear the Alba Party and what we are bringing to the debate, the SNP is a party in trouble and out of ideas, a party riven with division and a leadership determined to place the blame at anyone but themselves, this is a party that is suffering from death of a thousand cuts and I for one won’t miss them if they implode.





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20 Responses to Where is the proof?

  1. Once again Bruce, spot on. The SNP are a shambles and this has been a gradual process that can be traced back to when Nicola Sturgeon took over. Not only is the SNP a shambles but the Scottish government is a shambles. The woman is way out of her depth and we are suffering for it, She needs to go and go quickly.

    • Bob

      Totally agree, Sturgeon for me just appears full of hate now, her facial expressions, her manner, her words, it’s all dictatorship and how dare you question me. It all smacks of someone who is ill if you like and the membership of the SNP sit on the sidelines until told to bow before their glorious leader. Throw in the fact that she has managed to make Scotland as bad as it ever has been under the unionists is an achievement in and of itself. She has appointed ministers that couldn’t run a jumble sale and then just hides when it all goes wrong. I look around Dundee and I see a City that is a mess, on it’s knees in so many ways and grasping at anything that even smacks of a job but with no clear vision, the same as Scotland, and people are going to stop voting or worse return to the unionists because of Sturgeon and the SNP. They have betrayed us all, what a joke we are now.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Bruce I have been in Croatia , a country that was involved in a long and bloody war not that long ago. When I walk along the streets I see a country at peace with itself and streets that clean you could year your dinner off them whereas Dundee’s is an utter mess and more like a third world country

        • Bob

          Totally agree, I cannot believe Dundee just now. I know the council are fighting to keep people employed,I work for the council but if the City becomes a dump that is how people will treat it and they will just act like it as well.

          Enjoy your break sounds nice.

    • Cubby says:

      Full credit to you Bob. You were one of the very earliest to identify what Sturgeon is.

      If only Salmond hadn’t resigned in 2014.

      • Yes if only, but could it be the case that perhaps if he had stayed on, it would be as a wounded man? Perhaps it had taken an era of Sturgeon to see the true way to independence and it is not through a referendum but through a mandated election. If by chance it is to be another referendum then it must be only born Scots who are allowed to decide and that will never happen through a referendum agreed through a section 30.

  2. larawanda2004 says:

    Well done the brave person who exposed the SNP party for what it is. A dictatorship. Thanks Bruce

    • Lara

      Totally, the ones who leaked the information to Wings deserve medals, they have shown those of willing to see the true Sturgeon and SNP, and it is not nice at all yet they blame Alba, Salmond, YES supporters. They are going to fall and fall hard and it won’t take as long as they think it will, Sturgeon looks like she is on the edge now and has lost it big time, to be honest when I hear her I think there is something not right any more with her mental health.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. anandprasad says:

    New SNP dictionary.
    Leak = Press Release

  4. 100%Yes says:

    I have stated this more than once, the Yes side and the No side are being played against each other in order to sell more papers. Me personally I can’t understand why anyone wants to run out and buy someone else’s opinion (don’t take offence) but papers are just full of hate and lies they never bring a society together but instead cause divides. Lets just look at this for a moment, the Alba Party is new and making ground and it’s the only party who are saying we’ll have an alternative to a section 30 order and is actively campaigning now to have a referendum and its leader has already taken us to the point of being Independent. Now from the opposition point of view SNP, MSM or even the British state are entirely opposed to the Alba Party and the more dirty laundry that can be flung at its leader and the Party even from Sturgeon very own newspaper the better. The National isn’t interested in Independence and why would it be, if we were Independent today what would be the point of buying The National when all it talks about is Independence without actually criticizing why we aren’t Independent now or making moves towards Independence. Its only my opinion it doesn’t matter who says what or when it’s said the Alba Party members are loyal to the cause of Independence no matter what, and who wouldn’t be afraid of a membership like that who’s loyal to the core. The SNP is in big trouble and it doesn’t take a genius to realize that come Dec 2023 if Sturgeon and her small mob of friends like Mike Russell don’t delivery a referendum then that party is in big trouble and we all know that the Gold Standard will never happen and people will see through Sturgeon and her mob as being liars and will flee that party with a vengeance, from what I understand the New SNP are losing membership like there is no tomorrow. I was loyal to the SNP all my life, as it happens the SNP wheren’t loyal to me.

    • 100%YES

      Don’t disagree but I think we have to keep at it to at the very least inform those that take little interest in what is being done by the likes of Sturgeon and the rest of the politicians in Scotland/UK. At the end of the day it comes down to us, more people need to vote, they need to understand that they do have power and they need to use it. We have lost that in Scotland now, we have lost the will to fight and I often think the establishment and the wealthy have won, yeah we had a wee period in the early 1900’s when we made moves, in the 70’s we tried to make a better Britain but we lost. The wealthy re-grouped, they went away and they plotted and they planned. They knew they had to destroy to get things back to where they feel they should be so they destroyed the industrial base and the unions, they knew that they had to get poor people back to being afraid of where the next meal comes from, how they pay the bills, so we accept what we are given no matter how little. They went even further by bringing in laws that redefine what people are while closing down free speech so that if you decide to fight back they can put you in prison and especially if you are deemed not part of their fixed system, people like Judge Dorian will silence you. We need to wake up very quickly because we might as well be living in a dictatorships now for all the shit we put with. It is not too late but it will be soon.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • 100%Yes says:

        Bruce, I come here and to other bloggers to get my news and information, if it wasn’t for our bloggers I wouldn’t have a clue whats happerning with Scottish politics so thank you for provided the service we should expect from the the MSM.

        • 100%YES

          I just blog on things that I find interesting and most of what I find comes from social media and unconventional sites that are good at finding stories that have been hidden away but it is a joke that we have to go to these lengths to get some decent news in this country.

          Thanks for commenting.

  5. Cubby says:

    Bruce, this is an SNP leadership that was happy to smear Salmond and then try to lock him up for many many years. They ain’t going to baulk at smearing Alba party members.

    They are not going to deliver independence so they have to get rid of any other possible party options for people to vote for. Smear Salmond and smear the party that is what they will continue to do.

    • Cubby

      You are correct but I think Alba will ride it out and the media will be forced to give the party some coverage as the membership grows and people see the party is here to stay. I don’t expect it to be easy, I don’t even expect to take more than a couple of council seats next year at best but we all have to start somewhere and so far I think the party is doing well.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Black Rab says:

    Tricky Nicky must have earned herself a nice pad in Malibu by now surely. Lady Dorian can come and visit. Nice.

  7. David Holden says:

    Mr Campbell going on about being under” significant attack” is a bit melodramatic. There was an attempt to regain some democratic control of the NEC and it was partially successful with a lot of like minded people networking and nominating candidates they could believe in then voting for them. The results did not sit well with the SNP leadership cabal so all those that did not fit were side lined , refused access to the accounts etc so a lot of them left the party myself included. Alba did not exist at this point and many again like myself have not joined it or any other party. I would have left sooner but the siren voices of stay in and reform the party from within won so we tried and got shafted. It seems the SNP would still like our cash as long we sit at the back and pipe down. As for Mr Campbell he has more parties than Tupperware and am sure he will move seamlessly on when his current meal ticket expires.

    • David

      I left the SNP in 2016 when Sturgeon brought in AWS and consolidated the power of the leadership, I had enough at that point of how undemocratic it was all becoming and my concerns being ignored. I only joined Alba in June after a long think as I never thought I would ever join a party again. I never joined because of Alex Salmond, that actually played no part in it really, it came down to policy and the people I saw who were joining and how focussed and determined they were for independence. So far it has gone well and the new NEC is very representative and honest from what I can see. The party also has very democratic structures although maybe a couple need to be challenged in the future and people I have spoken to are actually fine with that and supportive so so far so good. The SNP are just lost now and even if Sturgeon was to go they will just put a drone in her place, I think they will pay a price on their recent record and all the GRA / Hate Crime agenda.

      Thanks for taking the time to read the blog and share your opinion, it’s how we all learn so thanks.

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