Scottish National Labour Parties, where the abuse appears rife

“I suspect I won’t be a member of parliament for much longer, but while I am I will still try to be an independent and thoughtful voice, and I will always fight for Scotland to be the kind of country, regardless of whether you are a unionist or a nationalist, where everyone, everyone, has equal rights, and everyone has free speech.” The damning words of Joanna Cherry SNP MP in the Herald today. This was followed by Rose Duffield Labour MP who said today in the Times “LGBT+ Labour now seem to hate my guts and I feared they’d have a massive go at me at conference,” Duffield said. “The people who threaten me I don’t think are actually likely to harm me. They just say it often and very loudly.” 

The SNP and the Labour Party are infected by increasingly militant transgender activists and yet Nicola Sturgeon and Keir Starmer are conspicuous by their absence, in Nicola Sturgeon’s case she will do a tearful video if the young wing threaten to leave the party but remain quiet when members bully and threaten one of her own MP’s, in fact an SNP Parliamentarian was quoted as saying at the time Joanna Cherry received threats against her and was then sacked from the front bench at Westminster that ‘It’s been well known that Jo and Nicola have not been getting on well for a long time,’ they said. ‘Ian Blackford was the willing stooge to wield the knife. There is no way this would have happened without Nicola Sturgeon. Not a chance.’ (Daily Mail) At least Starmer sent a text to Duffield, couldn’t call no, but a text is fine.

We have all seen the gender warriors from both parties on social media, and when women decide to fight back to defend their rights with peaceful protest they get arrested for displaying ribbons or find that the Scottish Government make it a criminal offence to protest outside Holyrood, the people’s parliament, so called.

The High Court in England ruled, in the Maya Forstater case that her “gender-critical beliefs” fell under the Equalities Act, and were a genuine and important philosophical position that deserved to be protected and that the right of individuals to free speech, even in areas that are hotly contested, has been upheld in law. Remember when Scottish Law was so enlightened, now we jail journalists.

The Gender Reform Act has caused more trouble in the last few years yet will be forced through by politicians, especially Nicola Sturgeon, against the wishes of the majority of voters if a YouGuv poll in July is to be believed that found 47% were against the changes. Now of course Transgender men and women need to be protected against discrimination and abuse, I don’t know anyone who would disagree with that, but that has to apply to those who are critical of the whole debate as their voices are equally valid in the debate, as are their concerns. Some women argue that enabling individuals to change their gender in law by a process of self-declaration would have profound implications for the safeguarding of children, women and vulnerable adults. This is not because transgender people as such represent a safeguarding threat. (The Guardian), they are entitled to that view and should not face threats and require Police protection for holding them.

Joanna Cherry MP is one of the most effective and talented that I think I have ever seen coming from Scotland. I am often very critical of the standard of MP we send to Westminster, Wishart and Law anyone, but in Joanna Cherry we genuinely have a decent human being representing our interests, when Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP should be protecting her their silence emboldens the haters and the gender warriors. Something is seriously broken in the SNP and Labour Parties, something is seriously wrong when MPs feel the way they do and the concerns of women can be ignored or at worst result in imprisonment.

Joanna Cherry is concerned she will be de-selected at the next General Election, she probably will be and we could lose someone who actually makes a difference. Why Joanna remains a member of the SNP Westminster Party is beyond me to be honest, she would be better, and safer, as an independent, or better yet join the Alba Party. That is for her to decide, but I do know that this debate is toxic, is not needed in my opinion at this time, and probably puts women and the transgender community at greater risk, and why, because of the gender warriors and people like Nicola Sturgeon and Keir Starmer.

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13 Responses to Scottish National Labour Parties, where the abuse appears rife

  1. When I saw the words “I suspect I won’t be a member of parliament for much longer,” I thought at first it was because independence will soon be on its way. Then reality dawned.

    This GRA stuff is one hell of a big stick the SNP have handed the MSM to beat them with and they can expect it to be wielded when the time is deemed right.

    I wrote on Twitter one night that women were adult human females and that only they could get pregnant, give birth and subsequently breastfeed. Apparently that makes me a transphobic bigot as many men have given birth. Every day’s a school day eh? Heaven help the teachers tasked with teaching biology in Scotland’s schools nowadays. Social & Health as well. We used to be done and dusted with that in one 40-minute period a week. No doubt the poor wee sods are at it from Monday morning to Thursday afternoon trying to wrap their heads round all that delusional crap.

    • Dave

      I’ve had the same online from the gender warriors. The SNP have made huge mistakes on this and it will haunt them at the next elections or it certainly should given the division it has caused and they should be ashamed that a lot of it has come from their members and elected reps. They are a disgrace and Sturgeon will go down as one of the most woke in history, she needs to go now before she really does kill off independence, she is a horrible person now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. panda paws says:

    She’s right to assume that she would be deselected. It happened to Joan McApline who received the highest % of membership votes of any list candidate in Scotland (including the dear leader) and lost her seat because they placed a disabled candidate first (who was already an MSP). So Joan is now unemployed. Obviously Joanna Cherry is an excellent QC and would be welcomed back to chambers but the loss of such an intellect to parliament should not be underestimated.

    If she’s had enough of being an MP fair enough but if she wants to continue she needs to detect to Alba or stand as an independent. I don’t think the SNP can win that seat whether she stands against them or not but they’d rather sacrifice the seat than have her, the idiots.

    • Panda

      I think she might just give up being an MP and in this case it would actually be a loss. Be good if she joined Alba though even ad a member to advise the party and provide guidance, that would be brilliant. If she stands again she could win but possibly not but I am not up on what that seat looks like but if were her I would get out of the SNP as soon as.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. nallyanders says:

    Excellent article Bruce, nailed it as does Mandy Rhodes from the Holyrood mag.
    I started a career in Engineering in the late seventies, now retired I can honestly say I haven’t seen this level of misogyny since those early days.
    As far a Labour goes, who can forget the tolerance of the Pedophile Information Exchange right at the heart of the ‘left’, (back in the seventies and eighties) . As such, it’s no surprise the Trans cult has been fully embraced.
    We all thought the SNP was too sensible to swallow all this nonsense. This government is basically embedding queer theory in Scottish schools. I will never forgive Nicola Sturgeon for targeting our children.

    • Nally

      I lust admit I don’t get the need to change GRA legislation at all, they could do things like remove the costs etc but self id for myself is a mistake for everyone and there will be court cases, and something horrible will happen by someone who self id’s and who is not trans either way and everyone gets hurt, I hope I am wrong but I am not so sure I am. I’ve also never seen the level of hate by the transgender warriors ever before, we have been going on about orange walks this weekend but even they have never been as bad as far as I know but thankfully I don’t live on the west coast but Labour and the SNP have brought this on themselves and it is so very sad that two good female politicians are being threatened and bullied within their own parties for holding an opinion and their leaders do nothing to protect them, you would think that would be enough to drive out the decent members.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. larawanda2004 says:

    Thanks again Bruce for telling it as it is. We, Scotland so need Joanna Cherry her treatment by the vicious SNP leadership is nothing short of criminal. I sincerely hope she joins Alba the sooner the better. Saor Alba we will be free.

  5. lorncal says:

    Grumpy: the end game is not just access to female spaces: it is also access to ALL female RIGHTS in every public (and, eventually, private) sphere. Part of that will be the chopping down of laws around consent (basically, ALL prohibitive sexual laws that stand at present): if children under 13 can consent to puberty blockers and surgery (see Keira Bell appeal overturning ruling on age of consent, etc.) they can also consent to sex with adults. That is what a great part of this stuff is about. It is certainly not all trans people, not at all, and we need to remember that. What is the case, however, is that, with self-ID, straight men with fetishes and paraphilia (usually centring around female anatomy, bodily functions and clothing), and dangerous, predatory men, will have carte blanche. The sharpest intend that no female should be in parliament, no female should be in any job above floor level and no female should be running services for females.

    Politicians (many of them; not the ones who know perfectly well what this is really about – men’s sexual rights/men’s rights), doctors, judges, lawyers, health professionals, the police…everyone…is being gaslighted. Some know they are and approve because they, themselves are in favour of opening up to queer theory or they have trans gender children or because large global corporations are donating to their coffers in exchange for favours in the future when Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Prosthetics, Big Insurance, etc. are ready to make a killing – essentially, Stonewall are their lobbyists on site.

    To even begin to believe that our political parties are in the dark about all this is to be naive to the point of imbecility, no matter how many philosophers you have read or purport to understand. Don’t forget the creationists who can, simultaneously, believe that the earth is only a few thousand years old but who are perfectly happy to avail themselves, on behalf of their privileged offspring, to lucrative science and biology degrees: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Scotland, in particular, is noted for its dichotomy across the board, as given voice by RLS and Burns, to name but two of our famous sons.

    • Lorncal

      I don’t disagree that this legislation is dangerous and Ill thought out as to the potential ramifications of it and for Sturgeon to say that concerns as you have expressed are not valid is shameful. We are now seeing a so claim from the SNP, unsupported by evidence, that the people who left to join Alba are racists is just another nail in that parties coffin. Sturgeon has a lot to answer for she really does. She has virtually destroyed the Indy movement, the why is what I just can’t get my head around.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • lorncal says:

        grumpy: it is a mystery to me, too. I have looked at it every which way and the answer still eludes me. Her absolutely fundamental duty was to her party principles on which she had been elected: to achieve independence. In the pursuit of that goal, all necessary work around it should have been mandated. Nothing has been done. Nothing at all in the seven years since 2014 – no groundwork, no statistics, no finding every feasible route out of the Union at our disposal, no matter how difficult. Saying that the pandemic took up so much of her time is probably right, and that day-to-day governing takes up time and energy. However, you don’t do it all yourself or appoint ministers to do this sort of work: you ask for the expertise and co-operation of people right across the board, experts and lay people together.

        I don’t think that the GRA reform or the hate crime legislation or the inactivity around independence are the worst of it: the pressure is building and nothing is being done to relieve it, and, eventually, it is going to blow because it always does in these situations. It could be tomorrow or next year, but it will blow. I have read, and listened to, Unionists for years, and I wonder that they learned nothing from Northern Ireland as they threaten us with partition and dismemberment if we don’t toe the line, as if Scotland is theirs to slice and dice as they choose. I think Scotland is still simmering – just – and not yet at the point of boiling over, but it will come if the pressure for change is not released soon. All these identity politics is no more than a symptom of a far deeper malaise in our body politic.

        Politicians are notoriously and wilfully blind when it comes to actually predicting when and where it will all blow, and they stumble around in the dark, blinking and bleating and blaming everyone and everything but themselves when the fruits of their neglect finally ripen and fall from the tree. I don’t believe I have ever witnessed a political and social time so bereft of leadership and statesmanship right across the West. I don’t believe that we are in a unique situation because this vacuous homage to self-indulgent virtue-signalling nothingness is prevalent right across the West. In the early 20th century, it was empire-building and collapsing empires; then came recession, economic collapse and fascism; we appear to be in a third phase which seems to be a culmination of extreme left/left insanity allied to extreme right/right authoritarianism. The one enables the other, and always has, and neither is politically continent. Possibly, fort eh West, we will enter an era of totalitarian excess or disappear into the abyss of our own rear ends for many years, with all the ramifications that will have on unstable parts of the world.

        • Lorncal

          The SNP are tired, out of ideas, and too comfortable with a leader who has decided that she can do whatever she wants, as badly as she wants, in the knowledge that the membership of her party are neutered and she has been able to place her pals in the positions she needs them while the rest cower in fear. Scottish Labour all over and it will all fall down, not due to Alba, or even the lack of movement on independence or GRA, it will fall down because the country is on it’s knees, services getting worse by the day, the economy a mess and the fact the SNP have failed year after after year while Sturgeon has been more interested in her private vendettas and MeeToo agenda. It is just a matter of time where enough people won’t vote to make a difference, maybe next year if the council elections go ahead.

          You are right about the politicians the world over. I often think the wealthy or super wealthy and establishment have won the war. People have power but are so apathetic and afraid to lose what little they have we are allowing the wealthy and the politicians to take away what little we have gained over the years, they are doing enough to make sure that enough people don’t starve while making it very difficult to receive help that the poorest have to spend all their time doing that rather than organising and fighting back, but I also believe there comes a tipping point where people decide they have had enough and it can’t come soon enough for myself, I am sick of how much we put up with now and how much we just accept it. I am sick of being told what I can and cannot say, or the words I can use. I am sick of the gender warriors, the middle classes who sit on their hands, I’m sick of the right wing nut jobs who attack their own doing the bidding of the likes of the Tories, we really need to wake up and soon.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • lorncal says:

            grumpy: agreed, but something will trigger that tipping point. I think it might well be the GRA reform because women are deserting Labour and the Lib Dems (in England) in droves now (and the SNP, Labour and the Lib Dems, and even Greens, in Scotland) cancelling newspaper subscriptions where not even lip service is paid to their human rights anymore. Even in the heyday of 60s and 70s feminism, I could find little trace of this wholesale shift in women’s actual and voluntary participation in politics, and I have never witnessed this level of rage – anger doesn’t cover it – in females before. It is seething and bubbling and spilling – and will spill over. It is a river of rage out there that has grown into a torrent. For the first time ever, women are organizing en masse in ways that have never been seen before and they will take no prisoners.

            I listened to Lib Dem, Christine Jardine, on Woman’s Hour today. That little speech won’t be forgotten in a hurray, made even as the shade of a murdered female MP, like Banquo’s ghost, rose up to lend the lie to the glib assertions of ‘no harm to females’ from some deeply disturbed men, some of who want to self-ID into women’s spaces and rights.

            The SNP will be swept away in the torrent of rage and outrage. Sorry, I’ve taken up too much of your thread. Have said my piece.

            • Lorncal

              Well I must admit my Mum always says don’t get women really angry because it is a train you won’t stop so I am no expert other than at 82 years old I still wouldn’t mess with my Mum if she decides to go for it and if these parties are losing members and votes then they deserve everything they get, they have betrayed women and the rest of us, esp the SNP and their selective blame game. I would never have imagined for one minute that I would get to the point where I despise the SNP as much as I do right now under Sturgeon, many of us put our faith into them to make Scotland better, fairer, progressive, and look what they have done turned us into an authoritarian joke.

              Thanks for commenting.

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