The Gers

The Scottish government’s latest Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (Gers) report will be published on Wednesday morning. (BBC)

As the national day of the GERS arrives it is worth everyone reading this by Professor Richard Murphy before the predictable unionist onslaught of too wee, too poor, and too stupid hits social media, the unionist papers, and BBC Scotland. We won’t have Wings Over Scotland this year to make a little more sense of the distortion of the report when it arrives but we do need to be able to put it into context to avoid the depressing, sycophantic,  cringing unionist analysis designed to depress the shit out of all of us as we do our best to keep the issue of Scottish Independence alive and kicking.

Richard Murphy goes on to to point out that GERS (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) has many flaws. The main ones being –

First, GERS claims to First, GERS claims to “estimate the revenue raised in Scotland and the goods and services provided for the benefit of Scotland”. This is that this is estimated data. It’s not factual, the amount of VAT paid in Scotland is not known, and nor is the amount of corporation tax paid known. Nor is the amount of capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Secondly, there is the problem the figure for tax raised is that, supposedly, collected in Scotland, whilst the figure for expenditure is that incurred for Scotland. The expenditure for Scotland includes a great deal of money spent by the UK Government outside Scotland which it deems to be for the benefit of Scotland, but none of the tax paid as a result of that expenditure being incurred is ever credited to Scotland as a result. The consequence is that, inevitably, the figures for the deficit in England are flattered as a result, and those for Scotland are inflated.

Third is a hidden issue. This relates to the fact that a large amount of income that should, and would, be recorded in Scotland if it was to be an independent country is not recorded in Scotland because it is part of the United Kingdom. Much of this income that is missing from the records in the Scottish economy relates to rents, interest, insurance and other financial services products, representing expenditure by the people of Scotland for their benefit in Scotland but with the income recorded, most often, in London or the southeast of England where the companies to which the payment is made are located, meaning that the tax due is recorded as being paid there.

We also need to remember that the GERS figures have always been about politics and keeping Scotland down, maintaining Scotland’s Colonial status within the UK. It was intended, in part, to demonstrate to the public that devolved Scottish self-government was not a good thing for Scotland to even consider back in the day. What didn’t help also back in the day was that GERS figures were used by SNP ministers to suggest that Scotland’s economic position was relatively strong and that, with oil, we were potentially rich beyond ambition. That was an error by Alex Salmond that we have to accept the consequences of that even today but should not mean we have to accept the too wee, too poor, too stupid narrative in any shape or form or allow it to undermine our drive and passion for the independence cause that we all so desperately yearn for and fight for on a daily basis.

Another article worth reading on Grouse Beater from John Jappy also puts things into context and is worth remembering for the onslaught to come, as Grouse Beater notes

John Jappy had a Road to Damascus moment. He discovered his London masters were liars and crooks, the Labour party a gang of thieves, Tories, House Jocks urinating on people’s hopes, crawlers, coattail hangers-on and cap doffers siding with the power elite so they were offered preferential elevation. People such as the insipid Ian Lang, Lord Lang of Monkton, is one classic example, the man who boasts of introducing a voting system to Scotland ‘guaranteed to keep the SNP out of government’. (In the event, he need not have bothered. New SNP shows no inclination to recover universal freedoms.) Jappy told Scotland how we are duped and what we can do about it. The tragedy is, we ignore the John Jappys and allow the Ian Lang’s the power they crave.

When the GERS Report comes out tomorrow/today lets remember and share what both Professor Richard Murphy and John Jappy have shown us, let’s not get down beaten or depressed, let’s inform others of the truth of this report and try to demonstrate to them that the unionists are liars and they will do everything they can to keep you on your knees.

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10 Responses to The Gers

  1. ObairPheallaidh says:

    I see to remember that GERS was a once a year event in March. Now we are getting it twice a year! And the SNP have been playing along with it. Wild

    • Obair

      Not sure why it is allegedly coming out today, could be linked to the pandemic and the eye watering debt the UK now has and a lot of which will be passed onto Scotland no doubt.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. No doubt our “representatives” will defend us gallantly from the unionist onslaught.

    More likely they’ll just sit and cower as normal as the blows are rained down instead of picking up the metaphorical baseball bat and hitting back.

    • Dave

      Well the info is coming out right now and so far what we are being told is that Scotland’s public spending deficit more than doubled to £36.3bn last year as spending increased and revenues fell due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

      Total spending by the Scottish and UK governments and other public bodies rose to £99.2bn as Scotland went into lockdown.

      Income from taxes fell to £62.8bn, leaving a gap between spending and revenue equating to 22.4% of GDP.

      The deficit for the UK as a whole over the same period was 14.2% of GDP.

      Scotland’s figure for the previous year – before the onset of the pandemic – was £15.1bn, or 8.6% of GDP.

      Get ready for the onslaught that is about the erupt and I bet the SNP do little to defend Scotland and will just take it with a statement from Blackford.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. larawanda2004 says:

    Great Bruce beat the lying unionst to the post. Onwards. Saor Alba.

  4. jancowanrocketmailcom says:

    It’s so difficult to accept that characters like Ian (Iain) Lang are/were Scots. What strange brain allows its owner to virtually sleep with the enemy? The obvious answer is “cash”. Some people are even willing to sell their souls, let alone their country, for money and “status”. History shows that if it weren’t for a number of those unnatural creatures, Scotland would still be an independent country. And now, with the creation of the NEW SNP they are comfortably embedded within our community.
    Our great hope is the ALBA PARTY. Let’s give them all the support we possibly can and encourage many SNP politicians to see the light and join the TRUE INDEPENDENCE ALBA PARTY.

    • Jan

      Totally, that we still have those bought and sold for English gold after 300 years is a stain on Scotland , these people have no shame at all. Traitors in my opinion end of. The report is coming out now so get ready for the onslaught.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Ian says:

    The GERS report is only one side of the coin. It’s highly relevant that GERS only relates to Government finances. The national finances, reported as the Trade or Current Account figures, are more important since these show a nations ‘ability to pay it’s way in the world’. According to the Financial Times the UK has had a current account deficit since 1984, that it is proportionally the largest of all the G7 nations and that this is only being financed by foreign inflows of money to buy UK assets. So much for ‘take back control’.

    Until a year or so ago the UK Revenue & Customs produced a quarterly report on ‘regional’ UK trade exports & imports. For years this showed that only Scotland had a significantly higher level of exports than imports. That report is no longer published and has been replaced by a much weaker version (hiding goods news about Scotland again?), but even this does still show that Scotland is still the only part of the UK with a significant positive balance of trade. This fact isn’t mentioned at all in the summary, but clearly shows on the main graph. Previous reports also showed that in Scotland, exports were growing faster and imports were falling faster than anywhere else in the UK.

    Click to access RTS_Q4_2020.pdf

    Worth remembering this when the GERS nonsense starts to be shouted about again. GERS is a bluff and it’s time this was called by politicians. I hope Alba are doing some serious work to that end. The SNP sure as hell won’t.

    The above positive view for an independent Scotland only increases when you drill into some details. Taking just one example, according to Which, ‘ On 1 October you could be waking up to a whopping energy bill increase, thanks to today’s announcement that the energy price cap on some deals is increasing by £139 per year. The rise is mainly due to high wholesale gas prices. These have risen by more than 50% since February according to energy regulator Ofgem, which sets the cap’.

    With renewable energy being the cheapest source of electricity in the UK, and with Scotland generating the majority of it’s electricity from renewable sources, the only explanation for an increase in price is the fact that while last year Scotland used fossil fuel sources for 13% of it’s electricity generation, England used fossil fuels for 49%. Scotland will therefore soon pay more for electricity because of rising prices of the fossil fuels needed by electricity generators in England. To add insult to injury, even though Scotland also exports a significant amount of our cheaper electricity to rUK, we will shortly pay even more than we should.

    The headlines shouldn’t be ‘electricity prices to increase’, but ‘why are electricity prices increasing in Scotland when the cost of electricity generation in Scotland is falling’.

    • Ian

      Thanks for sharing all of that information for everyone to see. I will check out the links, I know that GERS is just a lot of bollocks and the onslaught will have started now as the details are starting to come out now on the BBC. I hope the SNP are aggressive this time regarding this report but I doubt they will and we will have to hope that Alba are ready to take this on today and get on the front foot from the off, as a member I want to see them take no crap from anyone regarding GERS today.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. Stan Wilson says:

    A link to one of WOS’s many debates about GERS.

    #AlbaRising #DissolveTheUnion before it’s too late.

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