Who Actually Cares What Labour Think (it’s time to decide which side you’re on)

So SIR Keir Starmer, British Labour Party Leader, has completely ruled out a coalition with the SNP to get him into Downing Street, either “going into or coming out of” a general election. The idea that British Labour are going to be any sort of challenge to the Conservative in 23/24 is laughable at best. Keir Starmer has an approval rating of -29, the saviour of the Labour Party has the same rating as Jeremy Corbyn after the same period in charge with only 19% of Labour supporters believing he is doing a good job.

The simple reality is Keir Starmer makes Ed Miliband look presidential. I don’t even know what Labour stand for anymore, do they have any policies other than getting piles sitting on the fence, and does anyone even care anymore. The class politics of old in England are gone, English politics is now defined by Brexit despite class based inequalities still being a huge issue in England, and Scotland. In the last General Election more so called working class voters voted Tory than Labour. Like the SNP and it’s obsession with gender politics and it’s witch hunt against anyone who disagrees Labour have the same issues with anti-Semitism and throwing out members who are actually socialists in the party.

The Conservatives don’t represent working people, their politics attack the most vulnerable and weakest at every turn, yet Labour have no alternative policies to offer anyone and have failed to offer an alternative in England to the narrow minded view that foreigners are the cause of all of their problems.  In Scotland we pretty much have the same ne0-liberal politics of the SNP and in England the right wing politics of the Tories and no one has any idea what Labour stand for, talk about both countries being stuck between a rock and a crap place.

Every indication is that the Tories will go for an early general election in 2023 and they will win. That will have given Scotland potentially 18 years of Tory Governments that it did not vote for yet the narrative was both votes SNP which we all know gave the unionists enough seats in Edinburgh to block the aspirations of at least 50% of the Scottish people for as long as they want with Scottish Labour happy to support the Tory narrative knowing that Nicola Sturgeon and the (British) Scottish National Party are now soft on independence . In Scotland we face more years of ‘ now is not the time ‘ for a referendum on Scottish independence with an SNP Government in Scotland who show no desire to actually hold a referendum on Scottish independence anyway. Starmer saying he will not work with the SNP just entrenches that position even more and means that Scottish independence supporters need to have a serious think about the next few years because a vote for the SNP will increasingly look like a vote for the Tories. 

We are at a cross roads now in Scotland as far as our constitutional future is concerned, the choices we face in the next two years are possibly the most important that we will face since the referendum in 2014. The Tories are going to win in 23/24, there is little doubt about that now, even if Labour were to somehow get close to winning a general election they will do everything in their power to ensure that Scotland remains a colony of England in all but name and the question that many in the YES community need to ask themselves is, are the (British) SNP the answer to that problem, Labour are not and in my opinion neither are the BSNP.

We had better hope that enough BSNP members see the light soon and at the very least give the Alba Party a fair hearing, a hearing based on politics and our situation,  not on gender and the on-going vilification of Alex Salmond led by Sturgeon and BSNP because let’s be very honest here, blind devotion to Nicola Sturgeon and the shift to the right of voters in England with Starmer dumbing down on his anti-Scottish narrative means we face never ending Tory rule.  YES supporting voters who currently vote BSNP need to put aside their ignorance and hatred  or we might as well give up now and accept Tory rule for the rest of many of our lives.

Time to decide which side you actually stand on. 




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6 Responses to Who Actually Cares What Labour Think (it’s time to decide which side you’re on)

  1. Ian says:

    Seven years now of going nowhere, or maybe backwards considering what the SNP Government has done with judicial controls, and still the elephant in the room isn’t being widely discussed – what are the options to gain independence. Yesterday the SNP got another ‘piss off’ reply from Westminster to a meeting that shouldn’t have even needed to be requested. How many formal slaps in the face has the SNP now had from Westminster – 3, 4, 5?, yet I still don’t see any acceptance that the S30 is clearly well into the rigor mortis stage. Not even Mary Shelley could resurrect it now.

    Until the question of how independence can be gained becomes the central issue, all the why’s, when’s etc are basically a waste of time. This should of course be done by the politicians who would be expected to take Scotland through the entire process of independence, from gaining the right to make a decision about seeking independence, and then onwards if that is what is established, through the negotiations with Westminster and onto running Scotland as an independent nation, at least in the early years. Right now I can’t even imagine this scenario due to a lack of political seriousness about clarifying even just the first step – the options of how to seek independence under the assumption that Westminster will never again agree to allow a S30.

    The Treaty of Union, United Nations, International Law, other factors? If the answer to the ‘how’ is within these options, then it’s about time they became centre stage, otherwise it’s just more of the current never neverland. However if the ‘how’ question can be positively clarified, then ‘why’ would become the central issue and the answers to that should make independence inevitable given the wealth of material that has been produced since 2014, and of course not forgetting the unintended help that Westminster has provided via the Brexit chaos and Covid health indifference / financial corruption.

    Compared with out neighbours, the UK has been declining economically and socially for decades, at the very least since the 1970’s when only North Sea oil bailed it out. The only question for Scotland is whether it wants to be part of the inevitable ongoing decline of the UK (now speeded up thanks to Brexit) by being part of it, or to become like all our smallish sized neighbours from Iceland to Austria that are independent and have, and have had for decades, a standard of living far above the UK’s. But to do that the question of ‘how’ to gain independence needs to be answered.


    For starters try ‘GDP per Capita PPP 1990 – 2019’ for UK, Iceland, Denmark, Austria, Sweden & Finland, or with as many others as you like. The outcome is the same, with the UK most often consistently the worst.

    Then try ‘Gini Income Inequality 2003 – 2015’

    • Ian

      You are not wrong in anything you say and you have to wonder what will it take for people to wake up, while I will never give up some days I feel like it, too many Scots are politically illiterate and cowards. The only people that seem to not know that Britain is over are the brit nats and the blind, you just can’t make this up anymore and when you look at the next 7 years at least it is Tory rule yet many in the SNP would prefer that so they can worship Sturgeon while plain refusing to see the state Scotland will continue to be in under the Tories and the British Scottish National Party.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Angry Weegie says:

    The current SNP seems to consist of five groups.

    There’s the gender politics lot who really don’t care about independence one way or another, who joined the party as it gave them the best chance to be able to legally piss on women.

    There’s the devolution lot who’re quite happy with things as they are. They joined the party as it gave them the best chance to get a well paid career and they don’t want to risk losing it.

    There’s the really want independence lot, quite small now as most have left, either to join Alba or just to give up. They joined the party (of independence) as they believed it was the sure route to an independent Scotland. Those still left in the party are so dissolutioned they just don’t know what to do now.

    There’s the too feart to try lot, who would like independence, but only if it comes with a written guarantee that they’ll get everything they personally want and they’ll be at least £50 a year better off.

    And there’s by far the biggest lot, the canny be arsed lot, who joined the party in a rare moment of excitement or because their mate told them to, but who have virtually zero interest in politics, in independence, or anything really, except who scored the winning goal or where the next pint is coming from.

    Unfortunately, those running the party and making all the decisions are in the first two groups and, unless that changes, we have no chance of independence. So, perhaps, we should be concentrating our efforts on finding a way of getting rid of Sturgeon, her cabal and every current elected member as they’re all either in the first two groups or they don’t have the guts to fight for independence.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    The worrying thing for me is, he beleives that Scotland will still be in this union at the next Westminster election, for gods sake what is it going to take to get out of this union. He can rum up as much bull as he likes no one wants to vote Labour north or south of the border the party is dying and they have no idea how to revive it orther than taking nonsense, good luck mate I don’t think for a minute you’ll make the next Westminster election.

    • 100%YES

      I don’t see how Labour get back in England, Scotland they are finished so a vote for the SNP now is a vote for the union and for the Tories for sure. I think the SNP will up the independence rhetoric but will do little and hope that is enough to placate people, it will the cult followers but it won’t many others and the issue or concern might be they stop voting full stop due to being sickened.

      Thanks for commenting.

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