Deluded and Cowardly

I think Anas Sarwar, Scottish Labour Leader, has been on the happy pills today in the Morning Star. Sarwar has allegedly ‘told’ Labour HQ that

 “We have got to build a credible alternative to the SNP and the Tories. It has to be a positive, outward-looking, unified and authentic message to voters”.“I’ve said directly to Labour MPs and to the shadow cabinet that the first red wall to fall was in Scotland, not the north of England. “Unless they recognise that, until we get Labour back on the pitch again in Scotland, credible again, there is no route back to a UK Labour government”. 

There is a problem though, well there are lot’s of problems for Labour not least of which they actually lost seats in the May Holyrood elections, but that the official opposition in England right now is Manchester United Striker Marcus Rashford and not Labour Leader Keir Starmer (of the Sir kind). In a week when the Tories have paved the way for the total privatisation of the English NHS, when their right wing immigration policy, and the stupidity of people like Priti Patel and their attitude to taking the knee being ‘gesture politics’ resulting in scenes of the booing of national anthems and scenes of violence at Wembley, as well as, the disgusting abuse of young black football players on social media, violent attacks on their own fans, as well as, the Italian fans, when we see the hostile environment for asylum seekers, the ending of the weekly Universal Credit uplift which will result in extreme poverty for millions where is Labour, where is Keir Starmer, where is the opposition? 

There is a poison at the heart of the UK right now, that poison is Boris Johnson and people like Priti Patel, the abject failure of Keir Starmer and the Labour Party to be any sort of opposition to this horror show at Westminster is a disgrace and a scandal and I do not leave the SNP out either. I can accept that the media in the UK are covering up the right wing populist, and dangerous, actions of this Tory nightmare in the English Parliament, a scandal in and of it’self, which also makes it very difficult for people to see what is actually going on in England, and in the UK right now, the inaction of the SNP just makes it even worse.

Anas Sarwar is deluded if he really believes that Labour are the answer to anything in the UK, or in Scotland anymore, Labour are the past and a huge part of the problem. The Labour Party are cowards, and are complicit in this nightmare that is the UK right now, their silence on a wide variety of issues makes them complicit, the SNP’s lack of action at Westminster, and their cowardice in not being willing to push ahead with at the very least a debate on Scottish Indepdence makes them complicit in this nightmare, they are every bit the cowards that the Labour are right now as well.

The Labour Party in Scotland need to break away and start to put Scotland first, they need to stop this ‘ we are international socialists’ bullshit, they are as British Unionist as the Tory Party and stand side by side with Johnson and Patel by their lack of action, but sadly the inaction of the SNP at Westminster and Holyrood makes them exactly the same in my eyes and I really don’t care what President Nicola’s fans say. The SNP need to be out of Westminster end of, the longer they are there they embolden the hate narrative of the Tories and the inaction of the Labour Party, they are complicit.

What will it take for Sarwar to wake up, what will it take for Sturgeon to wake up, what will take for the $%&*”% & SNP members and the voters to wake up. When England is looking to a young, talented, socially conscious Marcus Rashford for it’s moral compass while the so called media and opposition politicians do nothing is nothing short of a scandal of epic proportions. I cannot for the life of me remember a time where our politics have been so broken, when our hope in Scotland of a better life and future to be at such a low ebb, when the party in Government in Scotland give justification to this nightmare by their cowardice and failure to act.

Sarwar and Sturgeon both need to wake up and see the reality of life in Scotland, and in the UK right now, they need to stop playing games, stop courting the rich, stop being afraid to act, stop being cowards, avoiding the difficult discussions and choices,  and start doing what is right. Scotland is broken but can saved, England and the UK is broken and can’t, certainly not by the Labour Party. It’s time to stand up and be counted or it is over for all of us as far as ever realising the dream of a progressive, inclusive, open and transparent independent Scotland is concerned.

Sarwar and Sturgeon are guilty of betrayal of every one of us and I really don’t care if people don’t agree with me on this, anger doesn’t even describe how I feel about the state of the country right now, not just at the politicians, but at the voters too whose ignorance and blind devotion to a seriously flawed Nicola Sturgeon are holding us back, whose ignorance and devotion will be the end of the independence cause and result in perpetual membership of this never ending nightmare.

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10 Responses to Deluded and Cowardly

  1. Labour are finished up here. It might take a while but eventually the SNP will be too. That’s the inevitable result of taking an electorate for granted. Who’ll come in and fill the void though – that’s the question. There’s no obvious answer either so we just have to trundle along.

    I wonder if there’s anyone who was in that sell-out crowd at the Hydro cheering wee non-sticky Nicky all these years ago that maybe regrets it just a wee bit? I confess I had faith at one time as well. Never in my worst nightmares did I imagine what she’d turn out to be though.

    • Dave

      I had faith too but that was gone within a year of Sturgeon taking over and I left the party. I think Alba can make some inroads but they won’t make enough as the cult will either not vote or go back to where they came, which I assume was Labour in many cases, we will then just have a lot of dead parties and Alba/ISP. It is all just a mess just now and uninspiring to say the least.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Iain Lawson’s blog was a depressing read today too! I’ve no idea how this can all be fixed or even if it can. On the one side are the true believers happily drinking the Nicool-aid and on the other are the rest of us just shaking oor heids.

        • Dave

          I have hope in the folks that read the new media blogs and write them, I have hope in Alba. I’ll admit we have taken a few steps back and I may not see a referendum any time soon but not going to give up, to do that is to let the unionists and Sturgeon unionists to win, no way. Keep the faith, at the very very least it gives us something to do around politics.

          Thanks for commenting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    The greens
    The SNP
    The Labour Party
    The Concervative and Unionist Party
    The Libdems
    Haven’t qiute got it, no one is interested in any of these parties governing Scotland under the control of Westminster. Its the constitutional question that wants addressing and while all of the above are ignoring that simply fact, her comes the Alba Party to address the void being left out of Scottish politics and the constitutional question isn’t going away for any of these parties above.

    • 100%YES

      I have faith in Alba to keep the cause alive, they may never win an election and govern but they are the flame that we need and that is why I joined the party, I have to have hope or concede that the unionists and Sturgeon have won, not doing that ever.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Black Rab says:

    I’m not the sharpest tool in the tool box but even I, have recognised, and for a long time, the charade of the political class on these shores, and like you, Grumpy, I am more than angry. These people are slowly but surely draining the possibility of living a decent and meaningful life in this country for it’s nationals.
    It appears that people need their noses rubbed and stuck in shite, bigger and even more foul than the shite that they endure daily before they get the message that they are surplus to the machinations of the likes of Sturgeon, Sarwar, their coteries, and the rest of the so called political class in the UK.
    Damn them all to hell.

  5. nallyanders says:

    That’s the great betrayal though. The trust that I once had in our SNP politians and parliament to be better and more committed to building up Scotland has completely vanished.
    It’s been a bitter pill to swallow.
    In the main, what’s the difference between Labour and Tory, nothing at all. Just the British establishment working at its best.

    • Nally
      Totally agree, average governance while doing nothing towards independence is nothing near good enough. They are more worried about their jobs and pensions than they are about making Scotland independent, they played us all for a long time but too many still refuse to see.

      Thanks for commenting.

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