Imagine my surprise yesterday when my local MP, Chris Law, SNP MP Dundee West, suddenly erupted on twitter and it actually came up on my timeline. Of course this got me interested, what could all of this be about.? Here was me thinking that Chris had come up with some master plan for independence, maybe he had come up with a solution to Dundee’s appalling drug deaths record, our new position as Scotland’s area with the most crime, maybe an idea about our high levels of poverty, high levels of unemployment, high levels of poor educational attainment, shit maybe Chris Law has decided that after 6 years at Westminster he would actually start to be noticed for more than a waistcoat and ponytail. No, Chris Law, the invisible man, decided to have a go at the Alba Party and Kenny MacAskill, surprise surprise.

I have actually voted for Chris Law in the past and have always been unbelievably disappointed with his contribution to the independence debate, in fact I get an email every time he does something or asks a question at Westminster, it is fair to say that I don’t get all many to be honest. You see like far too many SNP MPs who we sent down to London to further the cause of Scottish independence they find they actually like it, similar to Sturgeon and the Party liking the short money, and they in my opinion become settlers and Chris Law MP definitely fits into that category for me.

Rightfully so this has been pointed out by a few people on twitter along with his record in his time  at Westminster and Chris doesn’t like it one little bit. Chris Law was very visible during the 2014 Indy Referendum to the extent that a lot of people worked very hard to get him elected, visible being the word. It would appear that Chris maybe likes Castles and Palaces better than Dundee West and independence.

Chris provided some meaningless hashtags to defend his position but  these demonstrate nothing to the issue of his 6 years  at Westminster or his complete lack of presence in the community or in Dundee West in my opinion. But don’t worry riding to the rescue was comfy slippers himself, yes serial blocker and potential Speaker of the House of Commons, Perth’s very own unionist MP Pete Wishart SNP, another one who in 20 years has done nothing to further the cause of independence and appears to like the London life, Pete Wishart the Murdo Fraser of the SNP.

The New SNP that has been put together by Sturgeon and her followers is a pale shadow of the SNP we all had so much hope in. Apart from Joanna Cherry name one who has had any real impact at Westminster, any who have furthered the cause of independence. Too many in the SNP Westminster Party have settled in, from being unknowns to most of us other than the recent sexual harassment stories involving a couple of them, you know the ones that Sturgeon doesn’t speak about because they don’t involve the innocent Alex Salmond, to Blackford and the now infamous ‘ Scotland will not be taken out of the EU against it’s will’ statement tell me what have any of them done or achieved for Scotland , sweet …….

The Scottish National Party are an embarrassment to Scotland now. I used to get pissed off when unionist MPs laughed and shouted at them when they spoke at Westminster, the sad reality is I laugh as well now, not the funny funny hee hee laugh many of us have but that embarrassing laugh we get when we know that we have made a huge mistake in voting for these people, these people who have taken us for mugs. Chris Law is not fit to lace the boots of Kenny MacAskill in any shape or form and I am just thankful we at least have the Alba Party, at least we have a slither of hope rather than the despair I feel every time someone in the SNP in Westminster opens their mouths.



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23 Responses to Settlers

  1. I think the real story here is how come you haven’t been blocked by Pete Wishart?! Took me no time at all. 🙂

    Roll on the next WM GE. I want to see the SNP decimated and the whole lot of these troughers booted out. I also can’t wait to hear their reasoning as to why they think we should vote for them in the first place.

    • Dave

      Oh he blocked me a long time ago, this was a screen shot from someone else’s twitter feed in his defence of Chris Law or trying to sing from the same sheet. I can’t stand Wishart for obvious reasons and Law has done nothing in 6 years to make Dundee a better place or move independence further forward. I suspect that they will ask for another mandate and will win it, maybe with reduced seats, hopefully we can get some Alba elected the more we can show the SNP for what they are now, the devolution party of Scotland. Donald Dwer would be proud.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. 100%Yes says:

    SNP has had nearly 100yrs as a party and been in Westminster for over 70yrs and the only thing there ever been able to unleash is Ian Blackford and great walking out. There isn’t any of these SNP MP wanting a referendum if they did they’d joined the Alba party. I have a funny felling this is where Scottish politics is heading these two political parties one wanting change and a referendum and the other just wanting to govern. The SNP doesn’t want the Alba Party showing them up at Westminster asking the question the SNP should have been asking since 1934. I though it was right to give the SNP a mandate so I voted for them against my own judgement but like my wife said let them hang themselves and they will because if 2026 comes and there hasn’t been any referendum then the Scots will know that the SNP are just taking their votes for granted and there no better than the Labour party which under Ms Sturgeon she makes the Labour party look electable. Thank you for these clipets its the first time any of these MP have spoken about Independence since we sent them to Westminster after 2014 its nice to see the Alba Party is having an effect.

    • 100%YES

      Alex Salmond used to wind up Thatcher no end and was thrown out of the Chamber a few times for refusing to give way, especially around budgets and the Council Tax, but I can’t think many more than him to be honest over the years. The SNP are just the Scottish Labour of old now, they are a devolution party end of, Donald Dewar would be proud. This year was the first year I never gave the party a vote at all so you are not alone, many of us trusted them, gave them our support, only to be let down in the worst possible ways. I don’t know if Alba will make inroads but certainly I will be supporting them or ISP if there is no Alba candidate and that is what we will have to do and I think over time Alba will grow as people get disillusioned.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. peeliewallie says:

    Brilliant description of Pete Wishart.

  4. nallyanders says:

    Like yourself GSM I used to feel quite outraged at the conduct of the Tories every time Ian Blackford rose to speak, but now I get it.
    The spluttering faux outrage is embarrassing.
    Says nothing real, does nothing. No threat whatsoever – no wonder they laugh.

    • Nallyanders

      I cringe when pretty much all of them speak now apart from Joanna Cherry, they are an embarrassment. When you see them you might as well be looking at Scottish Labour of old.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Bill says:

    Couldn’t agree more the pony tail man was indeed visible back in the day. Not so much after he and Pete settled in. In fact was Wishart not wanting to become the new Speaker recently? They are all an embarrassment now.

    • Bill

      I just don’t see any profile locally at all, not saying he is not a nice guy, he may well be doing some work but as far as I can see he has done nothing for independence or for Dundee. They all look too comfy now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. panda paws says:

    Have to say Phillipa Whitford is good too. Not perfect, who is but she has spoken well on health and on Palestine. Of course they are there to speak about indy but I get her not waiting to attract the TRAs as Joanna did. Douglas Chapman resigned as SNP treasurer so has some backbone. There might be others I’ve overlooked. But my MP Kirsten Oswald and Kirsty Blackman, Alyn Smith, John Nicolson, Stewart MacDonald and Mhairi Black (who I had such high hopes for once) disgrace the indy movement.

    Too many have settled in not up. The SNP are trading on the name, folk voted for them for indy not for a 50 year old accountant with autistic twins to face being sent to jail. Not in my name. Like you didn’t vote for them for the first time in nearly 40 years and won’t be voting for them until the entrists and Sturrells are GONE replaced by folk that want to deliver indy.

    • Panda Paws

      I don’t doubt there are maybe 3 good ones but if they can’t put themselves out there for indy then why are they there other than to settle in, it is not good enough and I have lost all respect for them playing the game by British rules.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • bettyboop says:

        Agreed. Still trying to run on their “walk out” (I can’t even remember why they did) – they walked right back!!!

  7. AnneDon says:

    I’d already decided that May was the last time I would vote SNP. If we are still part of this rancid union in the 2024 General Election, we will have three fewer seats, and my wonderful MP, Joanna Cherry, is one of those whose seats will disappear. Somehow, I can’t see her gaining another seat with the current cabal in charge of the party.

    I can’t believe how far the SNP have fallen in so little time. Inflexible, authoritarian and strategically and tactically inept. What a woeful combination.

  8. xsticks says:

    When I saw him tweeting to Jennifer Robertson that was the final straw for me. He either knows what she did and condones it or he doesn’t know which makes him a fool. Either way I’m done with him. Charlatan.

  9. kurikat says:

    54yrs I voted SNP, was a member from the time Alex Took over, treaded the concrete to deliver leaflets, left the aorta in 2018, should have done so in 2015, as that was when I became very aware that Sturgeon was NOT who we had all thought her to be. A die hard INDEPENDENTISTA who when handed 56MPs while also having a majority government in Holyrood. Could not even get one extra power out of WM. I gave her the benefit of my doubt that come the 2016 election she would maybe go for it, after all, 56MPS!!! A majority in HR!!! Yet NADA, Give me a mandate for another referendum, we did. By 2017 people like me, had seen through her, hence losing the 21MPs. What WAS the point in voting SNP. May wouldn’t touch the SNP with a barge pole but was happy to give a BILLION of tax payers money to the DUP..

    All of this rubbish about, “we will hold all the cards if a hung Parliament”. The message was clear, YOONS will never allow Scots to benefit from being at WM, They would rather work with terrorist.. And still we sat there, doing NOTHING, but coming out with the deftest of slogans..

    I knew I was finished with the SNP, but I kept hanging on hoping I got Sturgeon wrong, & she had a PLAN.. Well she did as it goes, the plan was to stitch up Alex Salmond to make sure he could never return to politics as HE was her main threat. NOT WESTMINSTER… The lengths they went to to try to jail that man, a man she actually said was the closest person to her outside her own family.
    Yet so disappointed was she he was not sent down, that she took every opportunity to blacken his character even more. She tried to make out he wanted her to cover up for him, then she mentioned his gambling, it was ANYTHING she could come up with to turn people off.. And the media who had already been paid £3Million of Scots tax payers money, played along.

    Nobody is perfect. But Alex Salmond is a Saint in comparison to STURGEON..

    She & her clique of liars will be caught out one day, I hope that day is nigh.

    As someone else said here in the responses, I want to see the SNP destroyed as a party, there are NO good people left in it, only Sturgeons little YES people. And greedy self centered careerists. I want to see STURGEON up in court for liable, & for corruption, & for the theft of peoples money. I want to see her and her cabal all end up in Jail. I am sure Peter will be able to self ID to join her..

    I joined the ALBA Party in the first hour of Alex Announcing it, & right up until the last minute of picking up my pen in the booth to mark my X for the SNP as Alex asked of us. I could not do it, I could NOT give that woman or that party another vote.

    I felt so good walking out of that booth knowing I spoilt my first vote.., then it was like 2014 all over again when the results started to come in, only this time, it wasn’t the YOONS winning, it was HER it was that party, and ALBA did not even get one seat. NOT ONE.. Alex Salmond who had done so much for this country, put his job on the line to give us a referendum. A man who gave a salary to charity who gave proceedings of books to charity, who was highly respected in his own part of the country. Yet Could not win a seat?
    What has happened to this country, Where were the almost 200,000 marchers for INDY in Edinburgh..
    They allowed STURGEON & her alphabetty’s with the backing of what they KNOW was never a decent MSM in Scotland. To do the dirty so that STURGEON could survive another term.

    And now the Scottish women are paying a very hefty price for that win.. I am shamed of this country, I only hope that next year we see a huge turn out to support and get ALBAs message across to the people that if they want their roads sorted out, their schools sorted out, & homes built. Then vote ALBA into your local councils..

    • KuriKat

      I left the party in early 2016 as soon as Sturgeon brought in ASL and consolidated power in the executive and herself, that was the end for me. But the writing was on the wall from the year before once Alex Salmond had left, you could see the change in the language, the people around her. It then just follows your timeline that I can’t add anything to other than I remember seeing her on BBC News at 10.00 talking at the Brexit Rally and that was then I really started to change my opinion of her, could go to an independence rally but LGBT and Brexit in London, yeah all good. She has taken the whole country for mugs and delivered little, if anything we are further away from indy than we have ever been because of her.

      Thanks for commenting.

    • bettyboop says:

      The first time it really hit me that we were going nowhere was when I walked into the foyer of the SEC for conference to be confronted with dozens of hanging banners saying “HOPE”. Honestly, my shoulders sagged and immediately thought “hopeless”. I gave it until this year, had hoped that we had managed to get some influence from decent folk being elected to NEC but they’ve mostly been bullied out.

      I didn’t walk out of the polling booth feeling good and right up to the last moment I did not know what I would do and I took my time over it. In the end, with a very heavy heart, I did what Alex S had asked us to do; I really wish I hadn’t.

  10. Step21 says:

    I must admit that I’d never heard of Law until recently when someone mentioned that he lives in a castle. My MP is Nicolson another SNP premature twitter ejaculator whose contribution to independence would be measured on a nano scale, if it registers at all.

    The Alba MP’s policy of attempting to find Westminster coalition to either gain some more devolved power or make necessary amendments to existing powers rather than sit around doing SFA will hopefully embarrass them into doing something. If not they will look monumentally stupid if a measly 2 MP’s can achieve more in months than the rest of them (Cherry exempt) have managed, in the case of some, in 20 years.

    • Step21

      I cannot stand Nicholson, never have, careerist all the way and would not look out of site in any of the unionist parties. Wishart, Robertson, Nicholson, Smith would all sit fine in the Tory Party. But Law, for all his visibility in 2014 has done nothing to move the cause of independence forward one inch, none of them have and they should be ashamed, played us all for fools.

      Thanks for commenting.

  11. Molly's Mum says:

    I was your absolute Sturgeon fan girl when she took over from Alex although I never saw why Alex thought he had to resign after Indyref, he took us within 6% of independence and if he’d been FM in 2016 there would have been no chance of him blowing the second chance which Nicola got handed on a plate

    Now it’s mandate after mandate after mandate with nothing to show for it, NS and her pals tried to get Alex jailed on a bunch of lies and if you don’t believe that people can change sex just by wishing it, you had better fear the knock on the door

    The SNP have gone from being my passion to being hated with a passion in my house, I will never vote for them again while they are led by the Nicola Clique and her husband
    As I say on Twitter, if she ever proves me wrong and gets us our independence, I will apologise personally to her but ah’m no’ expecting tae be grovelling ony time soon

    She’s had six years and she’s done sweet nada

    • Molly

      I was never a huge fan to be honest, even when she was deputy all those years ago I was expressing concerns in my early blogs but I never thought she would take us all for mugs and hoped for the best, little did I know. The Alex Salmond case was the final straw for me as far as ever voting for the party again, never ever will they get a vote from me and the fact that I despise Sturgeon more than Johnson says it all for me, she is turning Scotland into a MeToo Police state where if you are a blogger or hold certain opinions when you see the Police you think they are coming for you, she has destroyed Scotland and I would even rather have unionists in control right now than her and I have no guilt or shame in saying that, she is destroying Scotland with her little bunch of sycophants and gender warriors.

      Thanks for commenting.

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