Update on Section 30, Sober Reading Indeed

This makes for sober reading . It appears that the Court case in relation to the powers that Holyrood has to call an indepdence referendum has come to an end and what might also result in Martin Keating’s becoming bankrupt. The first really telling opinion Martin expresses is ‘Be under no illusion. The UK Government was not the stumbling block in this case. The Scottish Government (that’s the SNP to ensure no mistake) first tried to have the case struck out saying it was filed under the wrong process. When that didn’t work, they tried to have it moved to a different process so it could be struck out, which counsel classified as an abuse of process. They deliberately filed a motion which we had to prepare for and draft a response, only for them to drop it at the last minute’. 

The SNP are the party of independence but when you read this and consider what Martin is saying it does beggar the question about how true that is any more, Martin notes that ‘Simply put, the Scottish Government used your tax money to deliberately delay and deliberately undermine this case’. The SNP 11 point plan for me was all part of undermining this case and it wasn’t even a plan at all it was a bland statement that said nothing and planned nothing, as Wings Over Scotland noted, if anything it was a one point plan. It was designed to undermine the case and to shut up the louder voices in the independence community. It worked for many in the SNP that is for sure. Martin feels that given the actions of the SNP Government and James Wolffe acting on their behalf it became clear that ‘What it boils down to is that it’s not for we mere plebs to ask questions of Government’. Martin talks about the 11 point plan and referendum bill appearing miraculously the day before the court and comes to the conclusion that ‘The SNP could have easily tested the question in our case and passed that bill through parliament with a clause talking about the circumstances it would be used/activated’. 

I would also encourage you to read Independence within the UK on Jaggy Blog alongside the statement from Martin and ask you, how serious are the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon about independence? My answer is they are not and we are all being taken for fools by the leadership of the SNP and the Scottish Government. It would be so easy to just walk away now as many are considering if some blogs and social media are to be believed. I will leave the last word to martin though,

there’s nothing more offensive than the SNP leadership consistently saying on one hand that we need to convince the other side to vote yes, but yet their own records show that absolutely zero resources have been allocated to that task for years. The other thing that should be called out is the constant comment about being out and campaigning. Apart from the pandemic, the movement has been consistently campaigning since 2014. AUOB, SIM, Forward as One and others around the country holding rallies on a regular basis. What was absent was support from the upper echelons of the SNP. 

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17 Responses to Update on Section 30, Sober Reading Indeed

  1. Stu hutch says:

    Just a thought .we all are now aware that the murrells have the snp by the throat.It would not surprise me that the main reason for the snps actions has and always was that a referendem and independence is the soul reserve for nicola this is nicolas legacy .her place in scottish history. Martin was a roadblock to that .his court case if successful would relegate nicola to second place . As with AS being extinguished from snp history so martin is the latest casualty ,The murrells don’t just want the adulation for now they want the history books to show it was nicola alone that brought scotlands independence . I do think nicola wants an independent Scotland but only if it is through nicola .hence the wait till its almost certain to win if the murrells name is not on it .your not getting it .

    • Stu

      To be honest I have no idea what Nicola Sturgeon’s strategy is anymore as she does not articulate it at all and the actions of the SNP/Government suggest that they are soft on independence and may well be happy to accept something like Devo Max but a proper Devo Max. I also suspect many people in Scotland would be happy with that as suggested in Jaggy’s blog but to do what they did was nasty and there was no need to do that at all. They could have reached out to Martin and explained what the plan was, get him on board but they chose, as we know they have no issues with, to waste hundreds of thousands of pounds of tax payers money. I do think that the fact that Sturgeon is a control freak and that demonstrates a real lack of belief in herself and she has surrounded herself with people who won’t speak out, it is a mess of their own making and now they are trying to shut people, or the membership are, because they do not like to be challenged or asked any questions. Shambles.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Alan D says:

    The timescale seems intended so that the Tory government will be forced to challenge it in court just before the local elections next year. That would be quite a strategic masterstroke, if you’ve paid attention to what has been said about the possibility of unionist-controlled councils refusing to participate in an “illegal” referendum.

    If the Tories let it pass, it passes and the election is constitutionally irrelevant(as it should be). If they challenge it, they’ve created a situation where the SNP vote may turn out almost as highly as it did earlier this month, but in a local election. If the unionists can’t keep up, they’ll see a further blow-out removing obstacles to holding an “illegal” referendum.

    • Alan

      The problem is I can’t see the legislation being in place for next year as there has been no preparation in the last 5 years and Nicola Sturgeon has admitted that herself. I suspect that the Tories will change the Scotland Act to make it illegal for the Scottish Government to hold a referendum on anything without Westminster approval and they will move on that soon, late at night, when no one is in the chamber and the public don’t notice and then it will be too late. That would leave Scotland waiting until 26 and a plebiscite and again we know that Sturgeon doesn’t have the nerve for that. I believe that Sturgeon is not passionate about independence and wants to wait until the conditions are perfect, they will never be perfect. I hope I am wrong as always, and time will tell, but if they don’t move I think the SNP will lose members and a lot of them, rumours are the party is below 50,000 now if social media is to be believed.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. 100%Yes says:

    We have all been conned by the SNP and its leadership, Salmond was conned. What more can anyone say its depressing. We all tried and get the message out there about the SNP and its leadership and what do we get in return abuse. I can’t wait to know what Martin has up his sleeve. Thanks for this Bruce.

    • 100%YES

      I certainly feel conned and will keep blogging as I see it but there are other opinion’s like Alans on the blog which I think are worthy of consideration also. Time will tell and all we can do is try our best to say we are watching and blog on the things that we are interested in. It is sad that much of my time is taken up by the SNP as so few people are aware of the actions rather than the words and I really need to find the time to get back into the unionists at some point as they are all as bad as each other now in so many ways.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Techno Sausage 1.0 says:

    What’s clear is that us voters didn’t have a chance to test the waters which surely goes against the mantra of a sovereign people. I don’t see how that helps NS case in the long run but if the choice has been made to use the WM reaction to passing a bill to further motivate people to the cause I can see some logic. As mentioned above though Martin should have been engaged with not as a thorn but as a weapon. David ( nee Martin ) v Goliath would have also swung people to the cause. What’s clear though is that there is a split in the movement, until that is reconciled I fear our collective voice is weak.

    The party is irrelevant post indie, that’s the greatest problem for the leadership to grapple. We need leaders who lead and unify support

    • Techno

      I suppose Westminster going to court might bring more people to the side of YES but I don’t think they will do that because they are not stupid and have hundreds of years of doing this. I suspect they will change the Scotland Act knowing that at least 50% of the population will thank them if they even hear about it. If there is to be a referendum then it needs to be sorted now and force Westminster into Court before they change the law, at least make them look bad and ensure that people know the union is not voluntary but forced by law, that will send an even bigger message but the SNP, in my opinion, will bottle it, they will leave too late and all we will get is the standard Blackford soundbite.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Doug says:

    Is it left to the rest of us to begin forms of civil disobedience? Or will the SNP leadership just use such action as yet another excuse to postpone indyref2? Something’s got to give. The SNP must not be allowed to betray Scotland.

    • Doug

      We just need to keep letting them know that we are watching and we are not stupid, they don’t deliver then hopefully enough people will take their vote to a party who will. I voted Alba in the elections and I will stay with them now. I don’t think we have to go for civil disobedience right now, let the dust settle and see what the SNP do, my bet it will be little but time will tell.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. 100%Yes says:

    Did anyone watch Ian Blackford on Politics Live he was actually saying the BBC needed to be public funded and its was doing a excellent job. If you haven’t watched it don’t bother it’ll make you sick.

    • 100%YES

      No but I might now lol. Love a bit of Blackford to get the blood circulating, I know very little about him but he is good for the banter factor.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Ken says:

    l admire Martin’s dedication to the cause, his case has highlighted a narcissistic tendency amongst some in the snp leadership. The Scottish Govts actions prove that politics is a blood sport & their willingness to sacrifice whomever & whatever to get their way is their preferred method of controlling the agenda. Of course there is a caveat to such tactics, fail to deliver and the people will reject you. Labour & Liberals are still learning that lesson the hard way. Nicola & her cohorts should heed the warnings & deliver a referendum within this parliament as stated during the recent election otherwise the party will be cast aside & others will stand up & be counted. Whether it’s by an S30 a court case or a plebiscite the people can see the folly of brexit & it’s impact on the economy & their lives. We can achieve independence with or without the snp in the long run, l’d prefer sooner with the snp on board but if need be l’ll cast them aside knowing independence can be obtained with a peoples movement in the future.

    The Covid pandemic & it’s economic cost is being used as a means to delay the inevitable by WM, it also gives them wiggle room for any tactics they intend to employ that undermines independence.
    Nicola should realise time is not on her side…tick tock tick tock….

    • Ken

      They could have saved Martin a lot of time and money by just including him in the debate, it is so sad that while politicians can work together they mostly don’t. This just showed me that the SNP are ruthless now as a party and are becoming a party to despise than to support. I am finished with the SNP now, I left the party in 2016 but what they tried to do to Alex Salmond was the final straw for myself, not counting the mandates etc. I won’t ever vote for them again and will go with Alba and hopefully they can build up a base and be around for the longer term as more and more people will leave the SNP as time goes on and they pursue their agenda which does not really include and urgency for independence in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. Step21 says:

    If the SNP had backed Keating’s case it would have established whether the Scottish parliament was competent to hold a referendum. The referendum could then have been held at the time of the SNP’s choosing. It need not follow immediately. So the reason for not doing so is not logical to anyone outside of the leadership. They would have got kudos from the grassroots and a unity of purpose. It’s no wonder folk resort to conspiracy theories.

    Another point raised by Tompkins the Tory was that he thought given the result of a referendum is indicative rather than absolute ( like Brexit) the court could indeed rule in Holyrood’s favour. His solution was to change the law via Westminster to prevent secession.

    The SNP have lost impetus by not acting while Brexit and covid were responsible for increased support. Now with the vaccination success and Sturgeon’s poor showing on the awkward independence questions playing in the opposite direction those gains have been lost.

    Gove has said that they will not fight a referendum bill in the courts, so the SNP won’t get a rise out of them if they advance it before next year’s council elections. Sturgeon has publicly said nothing is happening until the covid/ recovery is over. Johnston has invited Sturgeon to crisis talks on the union post election.

    “In a letter shared by No 10, the prime minister congratulated Ms Sturgeon on her re-election and said: “I would like to invite you to join me, UK Government colleagues and others at a summit meeting to discuss our shared challenges and how we can work together in the coming months and years to overcome them.

    “We will all have our own perspectives and ideas — and we will not always agree — but I am confident that by learning from each other we will be able to build back better, in the interests of the people we serve”.

    So the Tories clearly have a plan to forestall. Perhaps akin to Labour’s independence within the UK. Who knows? Something is afoot and Jaggy Blog’s predictions may not be far off the money.

    • Step

      The Tories will change the Scotland Act to try and trap Scotland for as long as they can and Sturgeon and the SNP will do nothing about it other than make grand statements and ask for more mandates. Indepdence is on the back burner now until enough people have been let down enough to dump the party and go elsewhere with their vote, Alba would be my hope but I always encourage people to vote for what they believe. What they done with the court case should make every single member of the SNP take notice and stop looking at Sturgeon through rose tinted specks, she hasn’t even handled Covid that much better than Johnson just communicated it better but even now most people have a wee sigh when she appears at the briefing, I stopped watching them last year as it was just groundhog day.

      Thanks for commenting.

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