Comment: Correct me if I’m wrong

There is a train of thought out there that implies that the agenda being pursued by the SNP is a kind of social pluralism. While at the same time, in particular, Alba supporters and certain alternative media bloggers are the worst kind of social conservatives for believing in both independence and certain historical structures like fairness, justice, decency etc.

The social plurists are very quick to decry the voices they don’t like and will call them names and through implication attempt to associate them with extreme social conservatism. However, there is a problem because by bringing in the Hate Crime Bill the alleged social pluralists are using the authoritative structures of the social conservatives via policy to silence the other opinions because they don’t like that opinion therefore going against their so called pluralism by excluding a group of people with an alternative voice.

That is the Scotland that we are seeing before us today and creating a divide in our country that at some point will be difficult to heal. While Alex Salmond, and Alba supporters and bloggers are decried upon for seeking common ground, and being open to all people tell me who has done more to split this country, Nicola Sturgeon, but she is treated like royalty and held up as some shining example to the extent being pictured holding children with a backdrop of lovely flowers is front page news.

If being an Alba supporter and a blogger gets me called a Scottish social conservative so be it, to be honest, I’ve been called worse by SNP members. It just seems like the New Scotland is not a welcome place anymore for the people who helped build the old one.

Houston we have a problem.

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21 Responses to Comment: Correct me if I’m wrong

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  2. dyebarrel says:

    Totally agree.Unfortunately, there are lots of people who do not draw conclusions from evidence

    • Dye

      Totally, this came about from a tweet to one of the bloggers from a so called journalist regarding the Prism show and it’s content. Just totally not self-aware and out of context as usual, just using the show to smear bloggers and Alba. I am so sick of these people now, what are they so afraid of. I did not engage in the discussion as I swore to myself that I was having a period where I do not engage with SNP/Green politicians or members and anyone from the media and I will stick to that for a while as so far it has made me less annoyed.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. panda paws says:

    As I’ve said before, there is nothing socially conservative about science. There is nothing progressive about cancel culture and there is nothing decent about misogyny.

    • Panda

      They are so quick to band about names, who cares. This came about from a tweet from a so called journalist to one of the bloggers which was basically a hit at bloggers and Alba. This so called journalist was equating bloggers with the Family Party because the Prism show highlighted a video about sexual health teaching in school and the graphic nature of the teaching material, total joke. So sick of these people now. I don’t engage with SNP/Green politicians or members just now, or journalists and to be honest I am far less annoyed when I don’t engage with them. Yeah saw that Wolffe was going, no surprises there, he has served his purpose for Sturgeon in ruining Salmond’s career and keeping the smearing going. If this is separated now it will tell us all what Surgeon’s agenda was.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. panda paws says:

    Ps James Wolfe the Lord Advocate and Alison Di Rollo, the Solicitor General are resigning. This would be a good time to separate powers and have separate people in charge of prosecutions and of advising the Scottish government. You know, like there was during Alex Salmond’s time as FM…

  5. scotsmanic0803 says:

    Funny how Nicola Sturgeon and her cabal hates men, but immediately will call on Big Daddy Authority to silence political opponents, or even those with whom they simply have a problem, when they didn’t like something they said. It’s pure female gossip shite, and a side effect of the contemporary he-said-she-said feminisation of politics. It’s not even ironic, it’s utterly disgusting and pathetic.

    • Scotmaniac

      The world has went gender reform mad and the silencing of free speech is very concerning now everywhere. I must admit the silencing in universities and the state Police more worried about stickers and Twitter is not good and it will create division in society. I also can’t think of a more divisive person than Nicola Sturgeon now, I find her more objectionable than I do Boris Johnson, the world has gone mad.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • scotsmanic0803 says:

        Oh, she’s definitely divisive. She’s like an angry 20th century woman trying to get along in the 21st century, pressing all her lifelong ideological buttons about the superiority (never mind equality) of women and minorities…and messing up very badly at it. Her persecution and prosecution of Alex Salmond was a move from the ‘Believe Women’ American movement of a few years ago, a logic-free manhater trap where a man is going to be found guilty of sexual assault, whether he is or not. A vile disgrace. Literally ALL she slavishly does, as she revels in her ‘Indulgent Auntie’ mode to the youngsters who have never know another FM but her, is slavishly copy the worst excesses of American intersectionalist ideology-cum-extremist-religion.

        This is happening round the world, too, which genuinely does make me wonder how much American interference is going on in our politics, and those of other countries. I mean, some of it is kids (and older ‘useful idiots’ trying to be ‘down with the kids’ to pretend they’re not old fuddy-duddys) picking up this braindead shite on social media and pretending to be American cos they think that failed state is ‘cool,’ but there are darker undertones to it all. It’s something that bear some future scrutiny, because it’s being so purposefully divisive. And as long as mentally unbalanced people like Nicola Sturgeon think they’re on the side of ‘right,’ they have a mandate to dictate to all of us from ‘on high’ until kingdom come. Which is a frightening and boring prospect at the same time.

        • Scotmania

          It’s certainly worrying times for all of us who hold a different opinion, I certainly can’t even think the Tories of ever coming up with something this bad. It could lead to something bad happening, someone being wrongly accused and taking their own life or something horrible like that. I must admit that I have zero faith in Nicola Sturgeon now and those whom she has surrounded herself with, there is something rotten at the heart of Scottish politics right now and you would hope that it makes people sit up and take notice but sadly too many are blinded by the hype. Total shambles and we should all be worried about the direction Scotland is going in.

          Thanks for commenting.

          • scotsmanic0803 says:

            ‘I certainly can’t even think the Tories of ever coming up with something this bad.’

            Nope. The Tories were the ones who came up with this stuff. Then they rolled back on it, after the SNP (and New Labour) had bitten down hard on the bait. They totally played the opposition parties for suckers. They invented some legislation, then put the kibosh on it, knowing full well the damage it would do, and how unpopular it would be, especially with their own supporters. This served two purposes:

            1) It meant they could pretend they were listening to their supporters in not going forward with legislation they themselves came up with, and

            2) It meant they could sucker the homosexual-infused opposition parties into deeply damaging, anti-scientific, nonsensical positions lifted wholesale from America.

            You have to hand it to the Tory vermin, they played a blinder, sucked the bleeding hearts right in, messed them right up.


            • Scotmaniac

              I will have a look at the link thanks. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Tories are rolling back a little as some EU countries are now on gender reform as more and more people have started to see it for what it means and they are not so sure about it. I have been called a transphobe for asking what rights trans people don’t have now that they would like or believe they should have and when I get an answer it really comes down to self id instantly and access to women’s spaces. Now I am not a woman so I can’t appreciate how they feel but at the very least the discussion should involve a very wide ranging discussion over a long period with women to find common ground but that doesn’t appear to have happened. Having a consultation on the Government website knowing that 99% of population won’t know anything about it is not good enough. As the issue becomes wider known it will create an even bigger divide. A bit of a mess.

              Thanks for commenting.

  6. Step21 says:

    The problem that the New SNP have is that they have finally been rumbled by a cohort that can damage them. Their own former members.

    Since 2014 they have hidden and continue to hide their real agenda behind the cloak of independence. When everyone was in the same tent a lid was kept on self criticism and instead directed towards the anti Tory narrative.

    The Salmond stitch up and it’s wider repercussions together with the gender issues have split the movement. Alba is now the independence antithesis of the SNP and it’s supporters and bloggers are pointing out the uncomfortable truths surrounding the SNP. The NewSNP will use whatever unscrupulous means it can to denigrate Alba in order to survive. Unionist attacks can always be fenced off by proclaiming project fear but attacks by former colleagues and members are of an entirely different nature.

    The SNP have effectively captured policy making by validating selectively chosen funded lobby groups to “inform” them about social progression and pay lip service to listening to other mainstream voices. You can see that in a nutshell as Swinney attempts to defend the new sex education materials. It’s his job to listen to the “progressive” pressure he invites from “wider” society. Even the national parent representative group, the National Parent Forum, is a “partnership” funded by the Scottish Government. Just look at its twitter feed @parentforumscot to get an idea of the sycophancy.

    They shut out opposition either by denying them the opportunity to debate or making bad law to cancel debate. When was the last time the SNP membership got to participate in policy making or had a debate on policy?

    Alba and the bloggers are exposing the NewSNP playbook. Expect push back. The day that they stop denigrating you is the day to worry.

    • Step21
      Don’t disagree with a single word you have said. They don’t like the truth being pointed out to them so they go on the attack which says a lot more about them than us. They have blown it big time and even they can now see that Sturgeon has played them for fools, they are getting desperate so they have to make us the villains. That is ok but they shouldn’t get upset when we look at them closely and write about it, challenge them. They are a woke party that for me have run out of ideas and are on that downward slope now.

      Thanks for commenting.

  7. Grouse Beater says:

    The term ‘social conservative’ is a contemporary spin on ‘tartan Tory’ and just as meaningless, another slogan calculated to save folk having to think. It implies a plodder, a risk averse person. Any individual advocating self-governance, the realignment of national institutions,the establishment of foreign policy and reaffirmation of moral values inscribed in a constitution – is a radical!

    • GB
      Totally agree, the loyalists are getting desperate now to be honest. The SNP are the establishment and the can is getting kicked down the road so all they have is to abuse the people who got the party this far. I just don’t engage with them anymore but will blog about them. It all feels like a party out of ideas and on the way down, Sturgeon has blown it big time in my opinion.

      Thanks for commenting.

  8. Alan D says:

    Where would you place Alba on this?

    • Alan

      Looking at the Alba manifesto I would think left of centre to be honest, probably around the same place as the SNP but a little further in given Alba differences around some policies.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • Alan D says:

        I’d agree with that. Unfortunately, that means the only unique propositions Alba were offering are:
        Faster indy
        Salmond’s persona
        Anti-trans rights

        You don’t believe they will, but if/when the SNP gets IndyRef2 rolling, the first of those is nullified. Salmond’s not the winner he used to be, more of an anchor. And that leaves Alba with the stance against trans rights. Maybe the somewhat pro-Brexit EFTA-instead-of-EU position(which is a meaningless distinction as we’d probably join EFTA as a preliminary to rejoining the EU anyway).

        Social conservatives? It hurts because it’s true. I’ll grant that your variety of conservatism, hankering back to the early 2010s ain’t that bad, compared to Brexiteers’ rose-tinted nostalgia for the 60s or 19th century.

        But it’s out of sync with the Scottish people, particularly younger voters.

        • Alan

          I haven’t read anything from Alba that is anti-trans rights, in fact I think they asked transgender men/women to point out what rights they did not have now that they thought they should have and to enter into a conversation with women about how both sides felt in a safe environment and with mutual respect. Won’t say that all people associating with Alba as members shared that view but as far I know that was the offer. The main difference with EFTA is that you are not a member of the customs union so make all your own trade deals but accept most of the rules of the EU but maintain membership of the single market with a membership fee, I think that would appeal to many people to be honest. Alex Salmond I suspect will become a President of Alba or something similar and guide the development of the party, no bad thing as he is by far Scotland’s greatest politician. The thing with younger voters, as we know from our own youth, they tend to ignore the lessons and the wisdom learned from our generation and I would live in hope we can change that, all generations have a role to play and we need to find a way to work together and find common ground. I have been a professional youth worker for 30 years within various educational settings and once you build a relationship you can find that common ground and mutual respect but it takes both sides. I also hope there is an Indy 2 and you come on and do a guest post and point out where I have been wrong all along and I will welcome it with open arms as I do you putting the alternative view, it is valued and appreciated even if we don’t agree.

          Thanks for commenting.

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