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The majority of Glasgow Rangers fans followed the rules yesterday but there is a sizeable group of Rangers fans who bring shame on their club and on their city on a regular basis and while other clubs have issues from time to time they just don’t on this scale and enough is enough. I don’t want to go into the whole ignorant sectarian issues that are not helped by certain politicians, mainly on the Tory side of the fence, that plagues the so called big two Celtic and Rangers but enough is enough.

Go on twitter or social media and you will see the fighting, girls urinating in full view in the streets, Police Officers being attacked and property being destroyed and for what. These people are a stain on Glasgow, on their football club, and on Scotland and enough is enough. It is time for the Scottish Government and the Scottish Football Association to take action and I would suggest that Glasgow Rangers start next season on -15 points. That all clubs are warned that this behaviour results in a 15 point deduction, that any second offense see any club taken out of the Scottish and League Cups and if that does not deter then demotion to the lowest league. It is sad that these type of measures punish all the decent fans and the club themselves but enough is enough. I follow Dundee Football Club and when they are in the same league as the old firm I do not attend when the old firm visit Dens Park because it is just not worth it. I don’t want to listen to their songs, and I don’t want to experience the aggression that comes with a large section of their fans. Over the years it has mostly been fans of Glasgow Rangers and Celtic. Dundee FC and Dundee UTD share the same street, share the same small city, the same communities but thankfully the worst you will see at a Dundee Derby is a harsh word and occasional drunk stramash between two idiots broken up very very quickly. You don’t see mass brawls, you don’t see damage to the City.

It is time that these people get the message, when you display this behaviour decked out in the colours of your club then your club will pay a heavy price until you get the message that you either behave like human beings or you are not welcome.

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13 Responses to Comment: Glasgow Rangers

  1. Wee Chid says:

    I’d suggest they are stripped iff their title and relegated to the bottom of the bottom division – again, Either that or ban them from playing for at least five years – if not forever. If geuine fans don’t like it – start policing your community because this lot are alienating the majority of the country against you.

    • Wee Chid

      The Scottish Government and the SFA don’t have the guts to go that far but something has to be done as this is not the first time this club have shamed their city and Scotland. I am not from Glasgow so no real horse in this race but those scenes, wrapped around the unionist mantra were shocking, 3 girl’s filmed urinating in the street, are these people even human. I think enough is enough now to be honest and action has to be taken and it has to be taken against the club who have just not done enough to to condemn this behaviour. I would also send the clean up bill to Glasgow Rangers.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. duncanio says:

    A few days ago, in Kenmure Street Glasgow, we saw the best of Scotland.

    Yesterday, in the same city, we saw it at ts worst.

    Only two words are required to sum up this behaviour: Scotland’s Shame.

    • Duncanio

      Your correct but this has to stop as it is not the first time, they wrap themselves in British symbolism, sing truly disgusting songs, ignore all the rules, and trash their own city, and the Scottish Government and the SFA do nothing. It is time for at the very least points deductions for Rangers and in future any club whose fans behave like this. It was shocking some of the videos, attacking the police, each other, members of the public, damaging property, urinating in the street. Enough.

      Thanks for commenting.

      • duncanio says:

        The bigoted content of their ‘songs’ must surely now be outlawed under the newly passed Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act (and previous laws).

        Whilst the latter specified that age and (shortly) sex are to be added to the characteristics that must not be discriminated against, the act also reiterated that prejudice based on religion (along with disability, race, sexual orientation, and transgender identity) is not permissible. See

        However, I’m not holding my breath for any actual action on this.

        (PS I was born into a Presbyterian family but have self-identified as ‘of no faith’ since a teenager. So I have no axe to grind here – I’m just appalled at on-going behavior, and tolerance of it, anywhere in my country).

        • Duncanio

          They are certainly saying that action will be taken and I think they will have to identify at least some of those from yesterday and charge them, especially the 3 girls caught on camera doing the toilet in the street, not as bad as the violence but people are sadly used to the violence, but I think those 3 young women really shocked people by doing what they did. They even targeted Irish pubs and shops etc, this needs to be tackled head on I think now and it does mean the club get punished to make a point but let’s see if the SFA have the guts for that.

          Thanks for commenting.

  3. Derek Cameron says:

    This is a huge challenge that Holyrood must rise to while putting party politicking, and cheap point scoring ( even own goals by Tomkins and Fraser) to one side . Effectively a very hard exam question on fitness to govern.

    • Derek

      I agree and I would add the SFA. As I have suggested I would go with a serious points deduction for next season and clear rules for all clubs from now on, enough is enough. When I saw the videos, but in particular the three young women urinating in the street against the wall I was actually shocked, are these people human. This club have stained this country enough, I totally appreciate that it is a sizable minority, but the club have done very little to condemn this behaviour and in some ways encourage it by celebrating with the fans etc according to some so time to act. I am not holding my breath though that is for sure.

      Thanks for commenting.

  4. Step21 says:

    I’m not sure why anyone is shocked, we’ve seen this movie on repeat going back to the early days of the football club. A club born out of entitlement, the establishment club who harnessed anti Irish racism to their cause have been subdued of late after suffering the humiliation of liquidation and the threat of the loss of their “kulchur”. This is their valediction. “We’re back and here’s a wee reminder of what you missed”.

    The response of the establishment crown office was to arrest the catholic administrators, incarcerate them in dreadful conditions and humiliate them with renditions of the Billy Boys sung at them by high ranking police officers. Followed by a malicious prosecution now costing £100M in compensation. The establishment of football, the SFA, has been staffed by their blazers and blind eyes turned on request. UEFA have fined them in the past for singing anti Irish racist songs but the SFA consider it innocuous.

    Maybe Scottish society thought that we had moved on. Possibly we could have but the establishment decided in 2012 that football needed Rangers and invented the fiction of the new club being the same as the old to pander to the bruised ego’s and potential loss of income to other clubs. The weak “please behave” pleas of police and government and football club is music to their ears. They know that they can behave like this because up to date no-one has stood up to them nor does that look likely to change.

    The defining characteristics of this mob are rage and anger. Most club football fans would be joyous when their team wins a trophy. Who else goes out picking a fight after winning then fight amongst themselves and their surroundings when the target doesn’t appear? Very little of this is about football. The far right extremism that organises and facilitates this preys on the stupid. Real fans who follow the club for the football are embarrassed but notable Tory voices seem quite proud of the result and were actively encouraging them onto the streets after the humiliation of the home office immigration service the other day.

    Until the Scottish government find the backbone to include anti Irish racism as a hate crime rather than hide behind the sectarian cloak nothing will happen. Then the police would be duty bound to act rather than standing watching and listening to the bile and in some cases joining in.

    Will it be different next year? Only if they don’t win anything.

    • Step21

      The removal of the offensive behaviour at football act by the unionists helped by the Greens did not help, the law wasn’t the best but it sent a clear message. I really think the Police have to identify as many as they can and charge them, and I really do think the club need hammered but even this morning Humza Yusuf was saying the club had sent out warnings asking the fans not to meet up, not enough, but sure enough will let them off the hook. This government are only interested in going after bloggers and Alex Salmond, I am so sick of the SNP now and their agenda.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. Felix the Cat says:

    Sorry Bruce, I get why fans outwith the ‘Old Firm’ bubble see them as two cheeks of the same backside but nothing like this happened over the last decade of Celtic’s dominance. Police Scotland wouldn’t have let it for a start – they have no trouble kettling Celtic ultras in the Green Brigade but, when it’s the Vanguard or Union Bears, it’s more like providing a guard of honour. The old tropes about it being a minority or one side being as bad as the other are a cop out. There is a virulent form of bigotry and unionism flourishing at Ibrox and nobody in the Scottish Government or SFA wants to acknowledge it. Incidentally, I’ve personal experience of being abused on a visit to Dens by Dundee fans (a lot of comments about paedo priests upon seeing my grandson’s Celtic scarf). Maybe misguided ‘banter’ and not saying it’s a common occurrence but don’t fool yourself that this only happens in the West.

    • Felix

      I am no expert so totally happy to go with your experience and opinion, sorry you had to experience that at Dens Park, I only really hear Utd fans getting any sort of grief when at Dens and mostly just mildly offensive crap but that is not good either. I think Rangers should be hammered this time I really do as they have been the main culprits the last few years and Celtic fans as far as I know have been very well behaved. Rangers have a sizable minority that really are a huge problem now and we shouldn’t have to put up with it and certainly Glasgow shouldn’t, it is all very sad as life is too short for all that nonsense but it is what it is and we have to deal with it.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. The colours of the club seem to be the same as the British State flag. I’m sure that is just coincidence though.

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