Both Votes SNP to No Votes SNP (is Sturgeon a Unionist Plant?)

Is First Minister Nicola Sturgeon a Unionist Plant? That is the question many are asking on social media this afternoon as she appears determined to destroy any chance of the SNP having a majority after the elections next week. She has announced today that she would instruct SNP MSPs to vote against any motion by the Alba Party to negotiate Scotland’s independence Sturgeon replied: “I don’t believe we should propose a referendum right at this moment. There you have it folks, the leader of the SNP, the party set up with the sole aim of achieving independence for Scotland is not going to propose a referendum on Scottish Independence. Obviously this is a real vote winner and here is some reaction on social media

Bob Costello is a lifelong campaigner for Scottish Independence and was instrumental in 2014 in getting the yes message out there in Dundee, using his own resources when the SNP failed to do so by refusing to use the Wee Blue Book which many credit as being the information that changed their minds, Bob made sure it got out there. Others are equally perplexed by today’s latest Sturgeon bombshell.
I have spoken in recent blogs about conversations I have been having with people who are SNP members and who have been getting increasingly frustrated and concerned by the actions of Sturgeon and the party in relation to this election and independence. Andrew Wilson below is not wrong is he with his tweet.  Surely this must get some both votes SNP advocates to wake up to what is going on around them in this election, you are being taken for mugs by the SNP and by Sturgeon, don’t fall for it.
I have tended to have a wee smile when people ask if Nicola Sturgeon is a long term unionist plant in the independence movement and party, we know that Westminster has done this before in the 70s so who is to say that they aren’t doing it now, is Sturgeon a Unionist Plant?

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18 Responses to Both Votes SNP to No Votes SNP (is Sturgeon a Unionist Plant?)

  1. 100%Yes says:

    She tried to jail Salmond now she trying to jail Scotland to the union indefinitely.

    • 100%YES

      I appreciate the question was a trap but every time she faces a difficult question, she lets more slip out, and none of it is good for the independence cause. I have been pointing out for weeks the folly of her strategy and todays Wings article shows the effect she is having on the polls, people’s eyes are being opened, I just hope it is not too late and we can get some Alba representation in the parliament before she destroys independence for good.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  2. duncanio says:

    For a while I thought she was just asleep at the wheel. But maybe she is just a sleeper.

    • Duncanio

      It is an interesting question because if she is not a plant then she is not very good at her job once the pressure is on and either way that means we have a serious problem but I do believe she is a liability now and the polls may be showing that now, of course it is all Alex Salmond’s fault.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


      • duncanio says:

        What I find particularly irritating is when she says – and I paraphrase – “Independence supporters need to persuade more people”.

        I want to scream at her something like “FFS!!! What are YOU doing to persuade more people!”

        A reverse John F Kennedy approach if you like.
        Nobody ever challenges on that.

        • Duncanio

          I just hardly listen to her now, I am just not all that interested and just keep an eye for when her mask slips. I find her to be untrustworthy and a horrible person, her smearing of Alex Salmond and Alba tells me all I need to know that my instincts the last few years about her motives were not far off the mark, she needs to go.

          Thanks for commenting.

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  3. Dave says:

    I’m not one for conspiracy theories, but all the evidence is there before our eyes.
    Any discrepancy at all and the other parties are usually over it like a rash, AS stitch up, missing money etc etc. The list goes on.
    The Murrels and Co, have probably been bought.
    Why else is nobody making a noise about the shenanigans apart from the grass roots?

    • Dave

      I am not either but since Alex Salmond put the pressure on regarding independence it does look like she is doing everything in her power to ensure it does not happen by her words and her actions, surely people have to wonder where all of this has come from so suddenly. I have spoken to some SNP members who have started to ask themselves questions the last few weeks and are seriously considering if they should remain members of the SNP and I think many will be asking themselves the same things. Interesting times indeed.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  4. says:

    She needs to go , she is wasting Scotland time .

    • Pauline

      I agree and have thought that for a while now, I just hope that she hasn’t decided that her number is up she takes it all down with her but recent actions are forcing people to ask is she a plant? Maybe, before I laughed at that, not so much now.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  5. I don’t think she’s a plant. I think she’s comfortable in her role with cash rolling into her and hubby’s bank accounts and Westminster paying the SNP all that lovely short money. You’d have to look at all the rest of her spineless, toothless MPs and MSPs and ask if they’re all plants as well if that was the case. I think they’ve all just got a wee bit too used to it. Also, MI5 or whoever would’ve had to get her in place under the beady eye of Alex Salmond and I’d say that was highly unlikely.

    Maybe a better question would be: has she been got at? Talk of superinjunctions to keep stuff out the news does make you wonder. Buying someone’s silence in return for kicking indy down the road a bit seems highly plausible. (And THAT is why all the accusations against Alex Salmond were complete and utter drivel – if anyone would’ve been such a target it would’ve been him.)

    • Dave

      I would never know how they go about that stuff anyway but nothing would surprise me with Sturgeon now but you are more than likely correct. I think they all see devolution as a comfy wee middle class life, all they have to do is keep banging on about 60% in the polls and keep stringing people along. No matter what the polls say there has never been a better time to act than the last couple of years, but it all feels too late now due to the incompetence of Sturgeon. You also can’t win a referendum unless you fight one, yeah we might lose again but we keep going because is just. The SNP should be shouting from the roof tops that every election is an independence election but they don’t and that tells me all I need to know. Sturgeon is not serious about independence and will try to finish anyone who is.

      Thanks for commenting.

      Sent from my iPhone

  6. panda paws says:

    I don’t know if Sturgeon was a long term sleeper for the secret services. I do know that if the rumours about her and Murrell’s marriage and the super interdicts are correct, that the secret services will have enough Kompromat on her to ensure that Scotland remains chained to the Union forever with her at the helm.

    She needs to go but has she ruined the SNP so much that there is no saving it? Let’s hope her fellow Glacialist and Kompromat laden chosen successor Angus Robertson loses next week. I think Bonnie Prince Bob will pull enough votes along with the Greens that he will lose. Okay that means the Tories winning but they already held the seat anyway.

    • Panda Paws

      Yeah who knows about Sturgeon, not a sleeper but a fun question to wind up her followers. I also hope that one paper grows a pair and reports the actual truth about a lot of things, I don’t know much of it but have heard a little and it would change people’s perceptions of the Murrells if it ever came out but I agree I think the SNP are over in the medium term and Alba may well be the vehicle that people flock to and I also hope Robertson is no where near elected office again, I have always had doubts about him.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  7. scrandoonyeah says:

    I think she will do a runner soon after the election and before her reputation starts to disintegrate and her loyal fans start to turn on her.
    When Alba establish a foothold (I’m predicting ten seats) in the parliament that will be the catalyst for change. The charge has been that the SNP MSP’S are and have been mealy mouthed in keeping their traps shut of any criticism of Sturgeon.
    In the new parliament they will have another home to go to (Alba) you will see a few defections in the first couple of months and once the penny drops that the power dynamics are changing you will see more and more defections.
    When that momentum builds she will be gone.

    • Scran

      I hope you are correct because it will be so sad if the legacy that Salmond left the SNP with is blown because of cowardice or worse being in the pocket of the yoons. I think Sturgeon will go before the end of the next term, preferably sooner than that as she is toxic now. I know many people have faith in her but I have heard so many people saying they are not voting SNP this time and going Alba only because of Sturgeon and her behaviour so it will be really interesting to see the result after next Thursday although it could be the following Monday before we know the result but fingers crossed a foot hold for Alba and Alex Salmond back in the parliament.

      Thanks for commenting. Bruce


  8. 100%Yes says:

    A wee letter from the leader of Alba to the SNP leader.

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